Spiritual-Business series: Pillars in Business: Productive Talking

A Life-changing book rendition inspired by true experiences. This short story Productive Talking will motivate and inspire you to see how spirituality intertwines in the business world. How you choose your words, tone and actions. What choices will you make because of distractions or temptations? Having the choice to see the bigger picture and choose the path toward your bigger picture.

Introducing a new author Joy L. Brite! She created a Spiritual-Business series called ‘Pillars in Business.’ The first edition: ‘The Leader Within.’ Now she is on a roll with her second edition: ‘Productive Talking.’ She shares how dysfunctional it can be in the business world and how you do make a difference. If you ask yourself if you are able to change one thing in your life wether it is in your personal life or work life, Will you?

This book is intended to be an easy read in one’s busy life and a huge impact to inspire those who want to reach their true potential. This Spiritual-Business series brings a twist to self-improvement.

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    Joy Brite
    1 Hotmarter Year

    Hello! I am Joy 😃 I have been writing since age 7. Once I stop holding myself back just in One Year I just finished my third book! I thought of the Spiritual-Business series while I was being a workaholic. Then I started realizing how I was giving life to the deadly behaviors and how I can make a difference using the seven virtues of life in the business world. Once I owned my name Joy that was my dedicated decision to truly become the true creation of JOY! To walk my path with God and to allow myself to express the gifts that he has given me to share with the world through INSPIRATION!

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