Study Guide - Volume 1 (Electric and Acoustic Guitar)


Study Guide - Volume 1 ūüéľ

Explore in this Study Guide - Volume 1 meticulously crafted exercises designed to enhance your skills, turning theory into engaging and rewarding practice. This edition serves as the perfect complement to our "Music Theory for Beginners - Volume 1," providing a seamless transition from solid theoretical knowledge to effective practice. It's time to breathe life into what you've learned and reap the rewards of this unique musical experience.

It's worth noting that if you already have a grasp of the initial concepts of music theory and are simply looking to improve your practical skills on the electric or acoustic guitar, this guide is also tailored to your interests. Our exercises offer an enticing challenge and a unique opportunity to elevate your technique.

What you'll find in the 70 pages of this material:

These 69 pages are filled with numerous carefully crafted exercises to apply the learned content, serving as a guide and roadmap for your studies. In addition to technical refinement, with an emphasis on aspects like fingering and picking, you'll find comprehensive coverage of other topics presented in the theoretical volume. This includes exercises dedicated to chords, power chords, barre chords, triads, among others.

Important: This eBook does not focus on the theoretical approach to the mentioned content.

Why this eBook is for you:

This eBook is a valuable resource for those looking to know where to begin applying everything they already know. Often, having theoretical knowledge can make it challenging to apply and establish a study routine to improve skills. This guide acts as a practical roadmap, brimming with exercises to incorporate into your daily practice, facilitating consistent development of your musical abilities.

This eBook is for musicians who want a study guide and to practice their initial musical skills.

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