Subliminal audio to Attract Women + Masculine combo [Short Version] Harem Combo


This subliminal program contains coded claims to quickly attract women , be an alpha male , produce androstenol , pheromones and many more benefits

If your goal is to attract women into your life to find a partner or form a relationship, this subliminal program is for you

It also contains all the masculine combo affirmations, please to read all the benefits you can visit our youtube or instagram channel

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at:

- Contains frequencies to manifest miracles in your life

- Frequencies for positive transformation and inner peace

- With biodecoding

- Hemi-Sync technology

- Contains various techniques

This is the short version

If you wish the 1 hour version you can find it here at hotmart, you can also request it by contacting us


♚ Drink water to hydrate your mind

♚ Don't obsess over results

♚ Trust and have faith

♚ Visualization is powerful

♚ Listen at a comfortable volume

♚ Be patient and constant

♚ Use headphones for better assimilation

♚ Version 3 listens and 1 listen

♚ It is not necessary to speak English

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