Teaching English to Young Learners - Child Development and Language Acquisition

Course Overview


Schools are lowering the age of English education to the primary school level, and students are starting their journey into English at younger ages. This turns out to be a a great challenge for teachers all over the world. As a result , there is a growing need for teacher education programs that focus on the early years.

This course is designed to help English language teaching professionals on:

- understanding the concepts of child development;

- preparing lesson that suit learner needs and characteristcs;

- selecting and developing activities that are appropriate suit learner interests, as well as their cognitive and social-emotional development;

- developing specific language skills as well as life skills;

- assessing young learners' progress;


Module 1 - Child Development

An overview of the stages of development and language acquisition

Module 2: Foundations of TEYL

Learning a Foreign Language

The characteristics of YLs

Successful Teaching

Module 3: Contextualizing a Lesson

Using thematic lessons and learning through play

Module 4: Classroom Management

Strategies and tools to incorporate routines to keep learners engaged

Module 5: Teaching Listening and Speaking

Selecting Strategies and resources to teach effectively

Module 6: Teaching Reading and Writing

Selecting Strategies and resources to teach effectively

Module 7: Storytelling

Providing a meaningful context through stories

Module 8: Assessment

Assessing YLs appropriately and effectively


Teaching CLIL: A content integrated learning approach to language


This is a blended self-paced course.

The content will be available for 28 weeks in the LMS;

Extra resources and activities will be available on learning platform

12 Live sessions will be delivered live via Zoom according to the course schedule;


Slides and worksheets will be provided free of charge.

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