Nature is wise and contains everything we need to renew our energy, access physical well-being of the body, mind, spirit, and even the environment.

Our ancestors knew how to use the land and access healing through plants, herbs, and spices. Connecting modern life with ancient ancestral knowledge teaches us how to reclaim this knowledge to attract love, prosperity, health, cleaning, and protection.

You will find recipes and guidance to make your teas, restorative baths and other rituals such as blowing and purifying the environment with incense.

In this e-book, I will teach you how to use these Elements intentionally and practically to rebalance and elevate your energy, heal memories, and release emotions.

Open your heart, prepare your tea, and enjoy the journey.


Tea to activate courage;

Tea for concentration;

Love tea;

Tea to relieve anxiety;

Stress-busting tea;

Tea to combat insomnia;

Energy release bath;

Herb bath;

What herb to choose for the bath;

Energy cleansing bath;

Self-esteem bath;

Bath to attract peace;

Bath to let go of the past and create a protection aura;

Bath to attract prosperity;

Bath for creativity;

How to use the power of fire;

How to use the power of the earth;

How to use the power of air;

Powerful Incense

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