What to expect?

If you find there is something special about Bossa Nova: it´s swing, it´s coolness, some kind of a magic spell, this course is for you!

If you have to learn a Bossa Nova song, at any instrument, I will teach you in a very understandable way, the basics of the rhythm by singing the main percussion patterns so you can apply them to any other instruments, including the voice! Of course!

I will teach you step by step how to play (and sing) the principal rhythm patterns of Bossa Nova. You will dive in the stile and incorporate it´s particular accents. In order to feel comfortable with the rhythm and sound fine, even to Brazilian audience.


To whom is addressed this course

• People interested by the rhythm of Bossa Nova.

In playing and/or singing it. On the course we will exercise the rhythm patterns by singing them, imitating the sound of the percussion instruments with our voice. This develops the musicality itself, independently of the instrument you originally play.

• Singers (professional or not) persons with no music training or amateurs

• Musicians (professional or not)


•Build a strong sense of rhythm with the language of Bossa Nova

•Feel self-sufficiency, confidence to perform Bossa Nova

•Learn Bossa Nova patterns and reproduce the instruments by singing or playing them: Surdo, Ganzá and Tamborim (different from Tambourine)

•Learn to sing oriented by the “Up Beats”, typical to the style of Bossa Nova. Getting the rhythm accent of Bossa Nova.

•Sing Bossa Nova´ standards and at the same time accompany yourself on light percussion instruments

•Learn the path to be free with the melodic rhythm as João Gilberto does

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Voz em Construção
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Técnica vocal que funciona!

Se você ama cantar você está no lugar certo!

Wagner Barbosa é preparador vocal e professor de canto há mais de 15 anos com certificações e experiência nacional e internacional.


• Professor Certificado Método IVA - Nível MENTOR;

• Foi professor certificado do método Speech Level Singing até 2014 – Nível 2;

• Representante do método SLS na América Latina - 2014;

• Pós Graduando Especialista em Voz e Coaching pelo CEV (Centro de Estudos da Voz)

• Formado em violão popular – ULM (EMESP);

• Pós Graduado Especialista em Música Brasileira – FAP - PR;


• Co-produtor da Cerimônia de Encerramento das Olimpíadas Rio2016.

• 5 vezes professor do European Vocal Camp, maior encontro de cantores da Europa.

• Tem trabalhado com Produtores do nível de:

Alê Siqueira (3 Grammy, 2 billboard entre outros prêmios)

Kassin (4 Grammy entre muitos outros prêmios)

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