The Gift of Forgiveness


Forgiveness is not a demand. It's your own choice to make. When you see forgiveness as a demand to fulfil to receive from God or live happily with other people, you will not be happy for the rest of your life here on earth. Do you know why? Because there are many people out there, ready to make you angry, and if you have that erroneous belief about forgiveness, how will your life be? You are walking beautifully outside but on the inside of you is full of hurt, depression, bitterness, worry about what society say or think about you. How sad! This is not God’s will for you. You can't even pray, smile at God in your private place because, by your own doctrine and belief, your conscience shuts you off because of your own idea. How can a believer who has the Spirit of Christ, the source of all joy, be living this kind of empty and miserable life? Are you buying the happiness which is supposed to be yours freely in Christ?

You are told to forgive to live happily. How is this possible? Your husband hurts you, your boss hurts you, out there, your friends make you mad, and you have to make sure you forgive all these people for you to experience peace. What a miserable life! That is the easiest way to kill a person slowly. Many believers are dead inside, yet they fake the smile outside because they are tired of this kind of denominational doctrine. They are forced to forgive and have more faith so God can hear them and answer their prayers. What kind of god is that who has no feelings for his own people? That's not the God of the Bible. Your Father in heaven loves you, and He has no problem with you. He desires to talk to you, hug you, and kiss you. You are not experiencing His love because what you’ve been taught about God is erroneous, and since you can not live beyond your own philosophy, those false doctrines shut you off from experiencing His love. Those teachings hinder you from receiving from God your father because unbelief is nothing but wrong knowledge.

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