The Hypertrophy Formula


This is the step-by-step guide for you to transform your body once and for all.

If you are overweight, you will learn how to lose weight first, with an easy diet without many restrictions, and then begin the process of gaining muscle mass.

If you are already thin, you can start on the hypertrophy diet now.

With the Hypertrophy Formula, you will have a shortcut to achieving your goals quickly and easily.

You won't need to go through all the difficulties I went through, because I've already learned the right way, and I've gathered all the most important information you need to know, here in this very complete and detailed product.

In the Hypertrophy Formula, you will receive:

- 1 1,400cal diet for weight loss

- 1 1,600cal diet for weight loss

- 1 1,800cal weight maintenance diet

- 1 2,000cal Diet for Hypertrophy

- 1 2,200cal Diet for Hypertrophy

- 1 2,500cal Diet for Hypertrophy

- 1 2,800cal Diet for Hypertrophy

- 1 3,000cal Diet for Hypertrophy

- Complete Shopping List with everything you need to start your diet.

- Ebook with 200+ recipes to help with your process

- Important guidance so you know how to get started, and what to do if you have difficulty continuing the process.

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