🐕The New Pet Parent Book is an educational guide designed to provide new pet parents with the knowledge necessary to give your pet companion the best care. Compiling the most common questions new pet parents have when they welcome a dog to their life for the first time, this book will tell you everything you need to know and leave you confident that you are doing the right thing. Written by an experienced veterinarian and fellow pet owner, The New Pet Parent Book provides the reader with friendly, honest, accurate, and non-biased advice, just as if you were talking to your veterinarian as a family friend🐕

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Table of contents :

-Chapter 1; Why do you need to read this book

-Chapter 2: Ok, I made a decision; I'm getting a dog! Now what?

-Factors to Consider

-Where do I find a dog? (Find a puppy, Rescue a dog)

-Basic Equipment

-Bringing a Puppy Home / Rescue Dog

-Chapter Three: Nutrition and Exercise

-Basic Nutritional Facts, Types of Food (manufactured, home-cooked, raw diets), Supplements


-Chapter Four: Vaccinations

-What is a Vaccine, Vaccination Protocols

-Chapter Five: Reproduction

-Basic Facts, Contraceptive Methods, Neutering

-Chapter Six: Fleas, Worms, and Other Bugs

-Fleas, Ticks

-Lyme disease in dogs and humans

-The Importance of De-worming Your Dog

-Chapter Seven: Common ailments, emergencies, and

behavioural issues

-Sore Eyes, Ear and Skin Disease, Gastrointestinal Problems, Dental Disease, Lameness, Urinary and Anal Sac disease

-Common emergencies

-Usual Behaviours and Behavioural Issues

-Pet Insurance

-Chapter Eight: Grooming

-How Often Do I Need to Wash My Dog?

-Shampoos, Ear Cleaning, Brushing, Nail Clipping, Accessories

-Chapter Nine: Life Stages and Behaviour

-Puppy Stage, Adolescence, Adulthood, Senior Years

-Time to Say Goodbye

-Chapter Ten: Happy Life Together

-The Human-Animal Bond

-Canine Heroes

-Chapter Eleven: Final Words

-Addendum: Caring for your dog in the COVID-19 world

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Cristina Diaz-Madronero
2 Hotmarter Years

⛑Veterinarian & Dermatologist 🩺 🇬🇧🇪🇸

📙Author of “The New Pet Parent Book”-A simple guide to help your dog thrive 🐶🐾


❇️Available in www.amazon.com and co.uk

❇️E-book: https://go.hotmart.com/Q41227660K?dp=1

⛑Passionate about educating new pet parents (and seasoned ones) on how best to help their dog thrive and live a happy life, become responsible pet parents, and creating wonderful together memories as a family 🐕

📚 As a life-long student, my aim is sharing my experiences as a pet parent, with additional insight as a veterinary professional, to help animal lovers all over the world 🌎 🐾🌲🌿

📍 Liverpool UK 🇬🇧

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