The Perfect Wedding Speech


With so many things that you have to prepare for a wedding, there is always a possibility of

forgetting a detail. Dress for the bride? Check. Floral arrangements to be used as the

centrepieces for tables? Check. Speeches? Well, you have forgotten about that, haven’t you!

Speeches are one of the most important parts of a wedding reception. During these moments,

the couple, their parents, the best man as well as the maid of honour will give a speech about

how they feel about the wedding. For couples, speeches are a time for them to celebrate their

love and reaffirm their feelings for one another. For their loved ones, it is a time for them to give

their best wishes and to congratulate the couple on their marriage. As the contents of speeches

can be quite personal, they often tug on the heart strings of guests as well as the couple

themselves. Of course, besides touching speeches, there are also different types of speeches

that people can deliver.

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