The Secret Science - Papus and Friends - With a Practical Martinism Supplement written by the translator


One of the most representative books of Martinism in its modernization in the 19th century. The quality and depth of the texts are impressive and should form part of the basis of study for any Martinist, whether he is a member of an order, a member of a group, or even if he prefers to conduct his mystical asceticism alone. In any case, it should become a book of constant research and reading, because each time we read it, we unveil one more of the many veils that hide this Ancient Tradition deposited in the depths of our soul. Furthermore, in the first part of this book, the translator, a practicing Martinist himself, brings interesting practical content widely discussed in its benefits and obstacles, as well as numerous tips and advice on applied Martinist ethics.

The participation of great names in Western occultism such as Papus, Stanislas de Guaita, Julien Lejay, Eugène Nus, Albert Jhouney and Charles Barlet revives in us this search for the Grail (Spirit of the Ancient Tradition) that must be present and alive in us.

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