Are you looking to enter the world of trading but aren't sure where to start? Or perhaps you've already dipped your toes into the market, but you're not seeing the results you were hoping for? This is exactly what you need!

Simple & logical approach to trading (Forex, Crypto & Stocks) with "The Hardest Way To Make Easy Money" Trading Guide ūüďö

MoneyZone is a former investor with over 5 years of experience in financial markets and a full-time Crypto Trader Since 2016 - Currently, my main focus is on Bitcoin and Ethereum analysis, trading & investing. I created this ebook for people who don't have any clue what trading in general is. This is an e-book that I wish I got it way before I start my trading journey. Would be way fewer losses.

Don't waste another moment in uncertainty. Take control of your financial future today with "The Hardest Way To Make Easy Money". Get yours now and start your journey to becoming a confident, profitable trader!

You have to ask yourself: Are you a Wolf or a Sheep? Over 2,500 wolfs enjoying this book so far.

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This technical and graphical analysis ebook lays down...

‚ě§ Overview of Forex, Crypto, and Stock markets.

‚ě§ The Story and Psychology Behind Trading Patterns.

‚ě§ Bullish Candlestick & Chart Patterns.

‚ě§ Bearish Candlestick & Chart Patterns.

‚ě§ What are technical indicators & candlesticks?

‚ě§ How to use Indicators: EMA's, MACD, Ichimoku, etc.

‚ě§ Bilateral Patterns can go in either direction.

‚ě§ How to draw Support & Resistance?

‚ě§ Trade the bounce and the break.

‚ě§ Combining Pattern Trading and Support/Resistance Levels.

‚ě§ An Extra E-Book about trading psychology & profit tracking templates.

‚ě§ Educational content with high-level methods for beginners.

‚ě§ The profits can be high with the right tools and knowledge.

‚ě§ Get access to this ebook forever. Access it offline, anytime, anywhere.

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