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By the end of this workshop:

You will know how to design a successful life.

You will know all the tools to unlearn procrastinating, limiting, disempowering, and sabotaging behaviors.

You will know how to manage your time and energy in order to thrive in life.

You will know what are your next steps.

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    Sofia Kakkava
    1 Hotmarter Year

    Sofia is an advisor, mentor, coach and speaker. She is passionate about accelerating the growth of the next generation of leaders and organizations in the most efficient way.

    Originally from Greece, Sofia previously lived in London and is now traveling the world impacting lives remotely. Being an active team member in the Tech start-up & scale-up scene as Leadership Coach and Human Resources Advisor, Sofia understands the ins and outs of business growth, goal-setting, and career progression in multicultural and fast-paced environments.

    Her vision is a world that shines from peoples’ unlimited potential, her mission is to positively impact as many lives and businesses as possible, and her passion for acting led her to establish her coaching practice in Amsterdam.

    Sofia’s approach draws on science and is matched with her own professional experience. Combining major psychology & business theories, psychometric & coaching tools, and NLP practices, Sofia helps her clients set clear goals and a path forward.

    She is a perfect match for you who is ready to take action, claim your power & freedom, and lead your life or business to success!

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