Ultimate RPG Random Generator Table

This Excel Spreadsheet is a work of more than 10 years of DMing and collecting resources over time. It is capable of generating entire towns, dungeons, taverns, NPC's, quests, encounters, treasure, magic items and even a pantheon for your campaigns with a simple click.

The generator has a huge database that you can expand with your own custom information if you'd like. It is provided with macros to generate new data by simply clicking a button.

You can generate: 3000+ town names, 3000+ tavern names, with their notable places, NPC's, quests, roads, forests, local culture, troubles, secrets, 1000+ names for your NPC's, with their personality traits and motivations, taverns with patrons, innkeepers, events, quest board, entire dungeons with theme, domain and suggested monsters, traps, quests, magic items, tresures, random encounters, and much more.

This resource is the best friend of every Dungeon Master.

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Generate random towns, dungeons, NPC's, taverns, quests and much more with a simple click

Thousands of possible outcomes. Repetition is almost impossible

Easy to use

You can expand the database with your own custom information

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