Understanding inversions – beyond the basics


Contrary to popular belief, inversions are not actually very formal (at least not all of them). Not only are they extremely common, but they're also very useful when we want to make our message more emphatic.

Besides adding emphasis to our messages, be they spoken or written, inversions also make our sentences more interesting and add variety to our use of grammar.

In this course, we're going to study all the different types of inversions, but we'll focus especially on the ones after negative adverbials, given they're the most common.

If you're an English teacher, an advanced user of the language, or if you're preparing for an international exam such as Cambridge C1 or C2, this course is certainly for you!

For further information, please contact us at +55 11 94505-1811. You can also write to higor@higorcavalcanteelt.com.

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