VFX for ArchVIZ

VFX for ArchVIZ is the ultimate class for creating your DEMO REEL!

Work Smart – Be a Pro – Learn VFX for ArchVIZ

If you FEEL like your renders need a High-Quality boost?

Add VFX and Make ArchVIZ Look Amazing!

Our online class will teach you how to make realistic water, fire, and smoke from scratch.

You can use Phoenix FD for FREE for 30 days – This is as much as you need to do online class!

So take next month to work on YOUR REEL!

- This class designed to teach you in the most efficient way with STEP-by-STEP video tutorials. From basics to advanced realistic-looking simulations with Phoenix FD for 3Ds Max and VRay.

Post-production (rendered sequence assembly) is made with Premiere Pro, you can use any other software for editing of your choice.


- In order to do this class at its best – You’ll need to have a basic knowledge of 3Ds Max and V-Ray – these are essential to know. I’ll be covering rendering settings of V-Ray and you will have access to all my demo files, but I will not be covering basics – this is an advanced class – that requires skills and hardware to work.


Phoenix FD had many presets we are going to cover those that related ArchVIZ. So mainly fluids and some fire effects. This like:

Water: Tap water, Waterfall, Shower, Kitchen, Swimming-pool, Fountains, and interaction with multiple water sources, Caustics, Ocean, Sailing Boat, Clouds, Ink in Water.

Fire: Fireplace, Candle, Gas Stove, Smoke, Fume, Light Strobe and Basic Explosions with Burning Objects.

Who this class good for?

Architects / Interior Designers


If the answer is YES! Then go ahead and take that chance to be the first to learn the most advanced ArchVIZ skills in the industry!


After signing in to VFX for ArchVIZ online class – you will get access to the training portal, where you can watch videos and download 3Ds Max scenes. Ask questions and get feedback.

Join to Create VFX for ArchVIZ Reel

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Alexander Minelli

I holds 2 degrees in Animation Film/TV and Interactive Communications. I have a strong background in architecture, interior design and traditional lighting. I worked for TOP companies in US such as; HP, DBOX, F&F, CADMAN. I got over 17 years of working experience. Now I got certified by Chaos Group to become an official partner to run the first CG ATC in Miami. Online School for Architectural Visualization. Official Chaos Group Authorized Training Center - CGATC Miami.

Now teaching UE5 and Twinmotion for Architecture.

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