Virtual Color Analysis Consultation-FeminineFlair Consultancy


Discover the colors that harmonize with your appearance and temperament, which saves money and time when shopping. Have a healthier-looking complexion, with skin imperfections less visible. Curate a wardrobe featuring pieces that align with your visual identity, personal style, and desired imag

Dossier: Your Personalized Color Palette Your best highlight colors and hair tones, Color Combinations for Clothing know your best clothing prints, the right colors for your makeup products, colorful and metallic accessories.

"Consultation Steps:

Complete a questionnaire to help me better understand you and your goals.

Submit the images as per the request by email.

We can schedule a video call (optional).

You'll receive the dossier within seven business days of us getting the requested information.

*Support of up to 15 days, for any question or doubt while you explore the world with your best colors.

"Get ready to unlock the exhilarating power of colors! Don't miss out on the chance to unveil your genuine, breathtaking beauty."

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