Walking By Faith

Walking By Faith is a compilation of my own ideas, of the way I live, of the testimony of my existence, of the things that I believe. I believe in a life full of possibilities, in a life full of infinite possibilities, because I believe that in this life with God hand in hand everything is possible.

Walking for Faith is about being happy, living in abundance, working hard and achieving your goals, putting work clothes on your dreams and seeing them become reality, and becoming the person you dreamed of being when you were a boy.

This book was written by divine command, it was written by heavenly instructions.

Through many years,

God Himself prepared me, filled me with faith, allowed me to live circumstances where the only thing that sustained me was to believe fervently in Christ, and where a divine miracle was essential, because reason no longer made sense. From there, I bring for you many of these experiences and truths that I will share with you below. Normal words, spoken by normal men, but carrying with them a divine message.

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- You will know the importance of sharing, enjoying, thanking and celebrating your success, as basic mental attitudes to feed back.

- You will be aware of the importance of taking action to achieve your dreams.

- You will learn to design your Life Plan.

- You will learn the importance and how to develop harmonious relationships with yourself, with God and with the other beings around you.

- It will teach you the importance of having a purpose in life and how to discover it.

- You will learn to design your letter of values, based on your knowledge, experiences and skills.

- You will know your infinite potential and how to exploit it to obtain success.

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Tonny Roberts
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Tonny Roberts es un autor estadounidense y orador motivacional. Tonny cree que todo es posible cuando Dios está de tu lado. En 1997 su vida dio un giro inesperado y hermoso, donde un milagro cambió su vida para siempre. Aquí Tonny nos lleva en su viaje de supervivencia al cáncer. En su caminar, nace un nuevo punto de vista, una nueva forma de pensar, una nueva forma de vivir y una nueva forma de creer. Él cree que la vida está llena de posibilidades infinitas cuando Dios está contigo. En este libro, Tonny nos motiva a alcanzar nuestras metas y vivir la vida abundante que Dios tiene para cada uno de nosotros.

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