I tried to lose weight for many years unsuccessfully. I can’t even count how many diets I tried, and all of them failed for one reason or another.

That’s not to say I didn’t lose weight. There were a few programs that actually helped me to shed a few pounds, but because of how complicated and restricted the programs were, I always fell off the weight loss wagon, and gained all of my weight back – plus some.

I’m sure you’ve been there, trying your hardest to lose weight and willing to do just about anything to reach your goals only to struggle to either lose the weight or come all that way, only to struggle to keep it off.

The majority of diet plans make it hard on us, because unless we have the self-discipline to closely follow and monitor a specific routine, we will ultimately lose our way, out of frustration, confusion or simply being overwhelmed.

And if we had the discipline needed, we wouldn’t be overweight in the first place!

One magic system.

But nothing gave me a long term system that I could stick to, and I was close to giving up, resolving to the idea that I would always be overweight and that there was little I could do about it.

Sure, some of these programs would point me in the right direction, but I always ended up so confused with counting calories, or worrying about the “right” foods to eat that I would get so overwhelmed that the EASY thing to do was just give up. And I did. Many, many times.

But I was wrong in the way that I was approaching my weight loss goal and in many cases, I was making things harder than they really had to be.

We CAN make changes that WILL produce results, and we CAN follow a system that WILL be easy to stick to, and best of all, we can still lose weight despite our lifestyles, or how busy our daily lives are.

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