Welcome English into your family


Learn English together as a family!!

You want the best for your children... you want to give them opportunities that you never had! And looking towards the future, it is becoming clear to see - English is one of the BEST opportunities you can give your child!

But private English classes are expensive... even for children! And online courses can sometimes lead to more questions, with no one to help you.

You need an inexpensive program, to learn the steps for bilingualism in the family... all with an expert teacher to guide you.

I have been helping families (just like yours) welcome English into their lives!

I work closely with the parents, and teach them how to play with the children. I give ideas on which songs to listen to, and which games to play. I know... because I raised both of my children to be TRILINGUAL! And they are flourishing because of it!

I have been teaching English since I was 17 years old, and now I want to help YOU welcome English into your life.

In this 6-month program, you will not only have access to my online digital course, which is packed with tons of resources and a clear, step-by-step guide on how to support your children to communicate clearly and confidently in English, but you will also have monthly group meetings with me, which means that you finally get the hands-on help that was missing with digital courses alone.

You will meet other families doing the exact same thing as you, enjoying both group classes AND being part of a WhatsApp group with me, so you can enjoy this process at your own pace and ask questions, while ALSO being motivated and inspired by someone who knows EXACTLY what to do.

See you soon,


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