White to Blue Belt Jiu-Jitsu Curriculum


The video classes contain more than sixty chapters covering an array of submissions, defenses and escapes; the video begins with guard attacks position and from there, Joao demonstrates a sequence of submissions that include:

· Arm bar · kimura

· Far arm kimura

· Triangles, etc.

Reverting back to the side control position Joao demonstrates a number of neat and easy to apply submissions that include:

· Lapel chokes (opponents lapel and your own)

· Quick arm bar from knee on belly

· Step over choke

· Various lapel chokes and defences

· Reverse Kimura and options

· Omoplata and options

· Crucifix

· Triangles

· Arm bars

· Escapes from side control

The videos offer the BJJ player a wide range of attacks, defences and counters and acts as a great reference tool for both students and instructors alike; the techniques are explained clearly and in detail and all techniques can easily be assimilated into your current game, giving you yet another excuse to hit the mats and drill out!

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