I understand that a woman has to be loved, not just understood. This is

the first understanding that I have about women.

Life is so mysterious that man's hands cannot reach its height, and his

eyes cannot see the importance of a woman. I call this understanding,

but not in the common sense of understanding. Everyone knows this,

everyone. The world feels this, but no one talks, the discussion is

always shallow, power, magic and greatness are never talked about

of a woman, on the contrary, do they belittle out of pure fear?

The man is a mere spectator, the woman is a mystery with special

powers, everything that exists in her is a mystery, and all efforts to

discover the mystery will always be valid. The human being can live the

mystery, he can enjoy it, he can become one with the mystery, but the

idea of understanding as an observer is not possible, at all, you have

to feel, participate in order to have the real chance to meet a woman.

I don't understand myself. The biggest mystery for me is myself.

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