YITH Product Size Charts for WooCommerce



Make your store as complete as possible and improve customer satisfaction

The more information you provide, the more satisfied your customers will be with your service, and what's more useful than knowing exactly how a skinny dress suits you if you can't try it on before buying? A detailed table with all size information is what you need to make your online store complete and avoid misunderstandings during a sale.

The main reason for customer dissatisfaction with online ordering is failure to meet their expectations. And maybe this doesn't depend on you or them, it's just that each clothing factory has its own size standards and they differ from each other .

But the problem you need to face is that your customers get disappointed and complain about something that is not your fault. The solution is to inform them in advance about the actual measurements so that the likelihood of misunderstandings is truly reduced.

That's why we created YITH Product Size Charts for WooCommerce , a plugin that aims to solve these types of problems and allows you to provide customers with all the necessary information before purchasing. A double benefit for both of you: they are satisfied and you don't complain about wrong sizes, which can be a waste of time and lost customers.

And there's more: you can use it not only for clothes, but for any type of product that requires additional information to be clearly displayed in tables or graphs .


Assign more than one size chart to each product

And add them directly from your product page

Select the product

Choose your preferred display mode

WooCommerce tab, modal window or tabbed popup

Display mode

Customize popup buttons

Assigning them the colors and style you prefer

Style Buttons

Choose your preferred style for the chart popup

Color, opening effect and graphic layout among the premium ones included in the plugin

Popup options

Choose the style of your graphics

Using o

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