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What the plugin does:

Choose and promote products to offer your customer as an upsell before paying for their order.

How you can benefit from it:

You can encourage customers to purchase a product/service with a special offer only when they are most willing to complete their purchase.

You will increase conversions of the discounted product (based on studies, 30% of customers take advantage of the offer) and your store's overall sales.

Selling more is child's play if you make exclusive offers just when your customer is about to pay

Many stores try to sell you something before paying for what you chose to buy, video game stores are a prime example of this practice when they ask if you want to pay for any extra DVD damage/scratch policy or appliance stores ask if you want extending your warranty for an extra year or two, or even simply fast foods trying to sell sauces or garnishes and clothing stores offering an extra item once you reach a certain amount spent .

Can you tell how amazing this strategy is? Don't you already smell the money you're going to earn?

It's inevitable! You will increase the average value of each order in no time.

This winning formula can work in several contexts: if you sell tickets to a concert, you can offer the opportunity to provide photos with the performers or an autograph for an extra price; If you sell gifts, you can offer a gift wrapping service, if you sell gym memberships, you can add a “personal trainer” service, and so on!

Thanks to our YITH Deals for WooCommerce plugin you can apply this strategy in the easiest way, displaying a pop-up, right before the checkout page, with exclusive offers that will only be valid at that specific moment and compatible with the products your customers are about to buy.

This plugin also allows you to link an offer to a single product, schedule a promotional time period , set it according to the amount spent or show no promotion when the customer adds a product to the cart.


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