Your dream body despite hypothyrodism

It is a book created for you who struggle with the symptoms of this condition and have tried many diets, plans and programs to lose weight, without results. These plans do not work for you because hypothyroid people need to include and exclude certain factors and foods from our eating plan in order to have results.

With the information that you are going to obtain through this eBook, Your desired body despite hypothyroidism, you can:

• Understand what happens to your body with hypothyroidism

• Have an eating program that could help you speed up your metabolism

• Know the foods that prevent you from reaching your goal

• Learn which foods could help you have faster results.

• Incorporate nutrients into your diet that could help you substantially reduce the annoying symptoms of hypothyroidism.

• Learn how you could: Increase your energy levels, improve your mood, fells less cold, beautify your hair and nails, increase your sexual appetite, reduce constipation and sleep better

• Work to reduce fat and have more energy with just 15 minutes of exercise a day.

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Claudia Liliana Diaz Quintero
1 Hotmarter Year

Estamos en este mundo para superar situaciones, y al hacerlo ayudarle a otros a lograr lo mismo. Durante 15 años luché con el sobrepeso, la obesidad, la bulimia, los síntomas del hipotiroidismo y el efecto de baja autoestima que produjo en mí. Después de muchos intentos fallidos, terminé tomando algo resultó ser veneno y ahí se marcó un antes y un después. Decidí estudiar qué le ocurría a mi cuerpo y actuar con base en lo que necesitaba para estar mejor, hasta que logré un cuerpo sano, que se ve y se siente como siempre deseé. Hoy, me encanta ir de la mano con las personas hasta llegar a sus resultados.

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