Overview  – See all of our tools and learn why you can sell more with Hotmart.

Sales report

With our sales reports, you can track all the information regarding the balance, such as revenues generated by day or by month. It is also possible to find out the payment method used for each purchase made.

Check out the available sales reports below:

  • Revenue generated by month
  • Revenue generated by day
  • Revenue composition by payment method
  • Sales composition by payment method

Affiliation report

With the affiliation reports, Producers and Affiliates can track information related to the affiliation products. While producers can track results obtained by their products affiliates, the affiliates can check which of the products they represent have better performances.

Check out the available affiliation reports below:

  • Performance report of promoted products
  • Revenue composition by product
  • Affiliates performance report
  • Revenue composition by Affiliate

Products performance report

In the performance report of promoted products, the Affiliates can see all general statistics and products sales. It is possible to view information such as clicks, conversion and revenue generated. It is also possible to filter results by date, number of clicks, number of leads generated and currency used by the buyers.