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"Te vas a convertir en un próspero emprendedor en línea, libre para disfrutar del estilo de vida que te mereces, sin más preocupaciones sobre tu futuro financiero. Eres el director de tu vida, todo depende exclusivamente de ti, y esta es la historia de cómo te vas a convertir en una persona tan próspera

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    Thanks to quality time, "family happiness" can be achieved as it provides important benefits for all members.

    Improve emotional ties.

    Improved self-esteem. Increases confidence and security as children feel more loved.

    Promotes the physical, social and cognitive development of children.

    Improve the climate and communication. Thanks to this mutual knowledge is favored.

    Reciprocal learning is generated. Both parties learn from each other.

    It favors the development of social skills.

    It helps to release stress and tension that accumulates in times of routine. More and more excuses are created to justify not being able to spend enough time with children on a daily basis or even on vacation. The excessive hours at work of the parents and the homework of the children are the excuse during the routine of the year. During vacation time, some parents prefer to use the extra time that vacations give us to do other types of activities such as shopping, resting, etc. All activities that cannot be “done” while working. I work hard, so as not to have to work so much, I dedicate part of the time to seeking encouraging results that are capable of sustaining my existence, without needing to lack the basics, I do the impossible to satisfy my material and spiritual needs, grouping those activities that I need. generate income and economic security.

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