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El Best Seller de Todd Brown ahora en Español. Como diferenciar tu producto o servicio para incrementar tus ventas de manera exponencial.

Ideal para Info Productores, Afiliados, Coaches, Conferencistas, Prestadores de Servicios, Freelancers o Autonomos.

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We take Online Educators to new languages so they can double their revenue and halve their CAC in a year or less. We localize (much more than translate!) their funnels and programs, managing the entire process from A-Z.

Multilingual delivery is a powerful strategy to scale your online content to a global audience, exponentially increasing your company’s revenue and reducing costs while boosting ROAS.

Our clients Mindvalley and Foundr Magazine have taken this path to expansion and higher profits. With everything under one roof, all you need to worry about is letting our team of native translators and expert marketers/copywriters take care of localizing your content.

🌎 www.theinfohana.com

✦ Why multilingual ✦

- The significant global demand for premium online educational content after Covid has sped up digital growth by years

- Top online educational content creators have been slow to seize this opportunity

- Massive markets demand with little to no supply = massive profits

- Competition in non-English languages is scarce, and marketing methods are much less sophisticated

-This has led our clients to reduce their Customer Acquisition Costs by almost half while boosting their ROAS by 150%+ on average

- Reducing your dependency on a single country economy increases your financial stability and resilience: Diversification = safety

✦ Why InfOhana ✦

- InfOhana is the world’s #1 Localization Agency for Online Educators

- Our multilingual expansion doubled www.mindvalley.com’s revenues, reducing their ad costs by half and boosting their ROAS by 150%+

- We take care of multilingual delivery of your existing content: we are an all in one partner providing perfect translation, proofreading, design assets, video post production, voice talent, page building and even tech work

- Our team of native translators and expert marketers/copywriters adapt the tone and feel of your content in a culturally authentic way

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