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An order book is a list of trades, either electronic or manual, that an exchange uses to record market interest in a specific security or financial instrument. Stocks are typically traded on an order book by volume and by price level.

An order book is updated in real time because it is an important indicator of market depth, the number of trades at any given time, which is why it is sometimes referred to as a "rolling book."

Order books can also identify the buyers and sellers behind each particular market. However, some participants choose to trade “dark pools”, which are hidden trading lots that are left off the order book. This makes it difficult to know if the positions are taken by individuals or institutions.

The opposite of trading on an exchange's order book is trading off the books, which is when the price is agreed directly between two parties. The process for reporting off-book trading is not as strict as trading directly on an order book and there are fewer time constraints.

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