Basic Portuguese Course Volume I

Basic Portuguese Course Volume I

The courses were prepared considering the contents contained in the PLA (Portuguese Host Language).

Volume I is equivalent to level A1 (Elementary User), according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

These courses are suitable for:

- Adults, aged 18 or over, whose mother language is not Portuguese.

- Migrants

- Foreigners residing in Portugal

- Foreigners who want to come to Portugal on holiday

- Any adult person interested in learning European Portuguese.

You can learn without taking classes, this E-book is perfect for learning at home, it's a 2 in 1:

-It has images and translations and

-Audio of all chapters.

  • Vantagens
  • Detalhes

Ebook created for learning at home, has images, translations and all chapters have audio.

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Luis Chamorrinha
1 Ano Hotmarter

I have a degree in Machine Engineering with a very diversified professional experience.

I worked in Factories, where I was involved in the training of foreigners, mainly emigrants from Eastern Europe who looked for work in Portugal.

I worked for Insurance Companies as an Insurance Expert and Automobile Accident Inspector.

I also worked as a Real Estate Consultant, in short, I consider myself very responsible, experienced and will be happy to help you.

I currently teach Portuguese to foreigners and sell my Ebooks full time.

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