Bossa Nova Class for Eletric and Acoustic Bass


I am Marcos Paiva and I invite you to visit our Bossa Nova for Electric and Acoustic Bass class. This is our first class translated into English. Therefore, you will have lifetime acess to view and review all the content and to absorb with tranquility the countless information presented in the class.

It contains:

Analyses of classic lines;

Standardized exercises;

Historical context;


Sheet music with tablature;

Improved methodology and design to facilitate your learning;

Come with us! Walking Bass Brasil - Courses and classes to make you learn and evolve in Brazilian music.

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Marcos Paiva
2 Anos Hotmarter

Bassist, arranger and composer, Marcos Paiva is considered by music critics as one of the most important names in Brazilian instrumental music. Winner of the 2017 Professional Music Award (PPM), with the disc Concerto para Pixinguinha, alongside the singer Vania Bastos, Marcos has 6 more albums: Slamousile (Marcos Paiva Sexteto - featuring Killa Bi, Juliana Jesus, Kivitz e Max BO), Ensemble Choro Erudito (with Ricardo Valverde, Wanessa Dourado and Marcos Paiva / KUARUP, 2020), Bailado (with Marcos Paiva and Daniel Grajew / YB, 2016), Choroso (Marcos Paiva Trio / 2015), Meu Samba no Prato - Tribute to Edison Machado (Marcos Paiva Sexteto / 2012), São Mateus (Marcos Paiva Sexteto / 2007) and Regra de Três (Bob Waytt, Lupa Santiago and Marcos Paiva / TRATORE, 2007).

The bassist released in 2017 the book O Contrabaixo na Roda de Choro, which was edited in Germany by Editions Gruber under the name The Bass in the Choro Jam Sessions, being the first of choro for double bass in Brazil. In 2022, Paiva released the book Improvisação Idiomática Brasileira Vol.1Choro.

In addition to PPM 2017, the double bassist won a scholarship to compose a new work for the program Música Nova, Savassi Festival (Belo Horizonte). Due to the pandemic, the recording was for 2022.

Master at Unicamp, he worked as a professor at the Conservatory of Tatuí (SP) and at the City Hall of São Paulo, and as a musician at concerts and recordings alongside great Brazilian artists such as Leo Gandelman, Zizi Possi, Bibi Ferreira, Teresa Salgueiro (Portuguese singer), Cauby Peixoto, Ná Ozzetti, Danilo Caymmi, Tânia Maria (pianist living in France), Guga Stroeter, Lea Freire, Max BO, Kivitz, Alessandra Leão, Agnaldo Rayol, Soundscape Big Band, Bob Waytt Quartet, Fabiana Cozza (where he was musical director for 10 years and producer 2 Cds of her), Glaucia Nasser, and on the Cds of the project Goma-Laca: Cantos Populares do Brasil by Elsie Houston (2019) and Afrobrasilidades (2014).

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