Mind, Sports Nutrition & Soul

We need the right mindset, body balance and purpose to feel fulfilled.

Mind, Sports Nutrition & Soul is the opportunity to help you find your TRUESELF and focus on:

* Giving yourself a chance to have healthier habits, less concerns, good health and happiness in life

* How your life is too precious and unique and should be lived to the fullest

The Mind, Sports Nutrition & Soul course will give you the easy guidance to a path of beautiful inspiration so, take a moment to enroll and start a NEW YOU!

Introduction video to the course: https://vimeo.com/778773562

Materials: pdf slides and videos

Course Content:

Basal Metabolic Rate & Calculation

Energetic Metabolic Rate & Calculation



Basic Nutrition

Objectives of Sports Nutrition

Nutrition before Sport

Nutrition after Sport

Special Nutritional Needs in Sport

Hydration (included in Module Special Nutritional Needs in Sport)

Different types of physical activity

Limiting factors of the effort

Sleep & Recovery


For more information please contact: sofia.m.arroja@gmail.com

+41 786867236

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Sofia Moreira Arroja

Hello everyone,

Please check the video below to know more about me and the course:


When you live a life where you have your normal job, you are healthy, you are married and still you are not happy and you feel something is missing. My purpose was missing.

My wake up call happened at the age of 36, almost 37, when I lost my 11 year corporate job because you are just an employee number and a divorce at the same time.

It is possible to start again, it is possible to find yourself again and it is possible to understand what your priorities in life are and what really makes you happy.

I speak English, French, Portuguese and Spanish and I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Kind regards,


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