8 best professional camera apps for your phone

Who says you need to spend thousands of dollars in order to make incredible videos and photos? Check out how to nail your video production with a smartphone.

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In the past, in order to produce high-quality videos, you needed to use huge, complex and expensive equipment. Fortunately, this is no longer the case nowadays. With your own cell phone and apps that simulate professional cameras, you can record and edit with excellent results, convey your message and amaze your audience.

Would you like to know what these apps are? Well, make sure you read this article!

We’re going to show you the main professional camera apps and their most important features so that you can pick the perfect one to make your video marketing strategy unbeatable.

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Professional camera apps

It’s impossible to produce a good video without capturing perfect images.

Therefore, many features of the apps, which we’ll be mentioning here, refer exactly to these capabilities — focus, colors, sharpness and so forth.

So, if you want to turbocharge your phone and turn it into a powerful camera, make sure you check out the selection ahead.

It will help you choose the most suitable app to help you achieve your goals:

1. ProCamera

aplicativos que simulam câmeras profissionais - pro camera

Many of ProCamera’s features benefit photo capturing and editing.

However, some of its features can also help a lot if you are trying to produce videos with excellent quality.

It isn’t hard to find internet reviews where enthusiasts demonstrate “before and after” of images treated with this app.

HDR makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring a professional aspect that maintains vivid colors and powerful contrasts.

But when it comes to the production of a video, ProCamera shows why it’s one of the best-reviewed professional camera simulation apps on the market. It allows advanced HD recording, varying from 24 to 240 fps!

This range allows producers to adjust the best fps rate for the recording, ensuring a cinematic look for their productions.

Plus, the possibility of using a higher fps rate gives you a lot of freedom during post production. The playback of videos made with ProCamera in slow motion is also amazing.

Are you curious to try it? ProCamera is available only for iOS at the App Store, and costs US$ 5.99.

2. A Better Camera

This is another popular app that simulates professional cameras.

According to users and experts, A Better Camera eliminates the need to keep dozens of solutions on your smartphone, because it has everything necessary to capture and edit the best videos.

According to these enthusiasts, it gathers the features of several top-of-the-line Android apps, such as Camera HDR+, Night Camera+ and Panorama HD.

Thus, it’s complete and makes life easier for those who want all of these features in a single app.

Check out a few of the app’s main features:

  • Self-timer
  • 360° panorama
  • The possibility of removing unwanted objects with a tap
  • An HDR feature, which makes colors more vivid, improves contrast and makes details more visible
  • The possibility of capturing sharp images even in dimly-lit environments (night mode)
  • A pre-shot feature, which records everything that happens before the user touches the button.

One of the features highlighted by users is the time lapse. It can also be used along with the focus lock, exposure lock and white balance.

A Better Camera is available for Android for free on Google Play.

However, access to additional features may cost extra.

In certain cases, the premium mode allows a 30-day trial period so that you can make sure that your investment is truly worthwhile.

3. Google Camera

aplicativos que simulam câmeras profissionais - google camera

This app’s interface, which is Google’s official solution for images and videos, is quite simple.

Its design is clean and the controls are subtle and organized.

It has several features that contribute to sharper and vivid images, in addition to another interesting feature.

Many people still forget to position their camera horizontally to take photos or record videos.

Google Camera helps you solve this problem, even if you forget.

Whenever users record a video, it uses a rotation icon to remind them to rotate their phone to the landscape mode.

4. Camera+

Professional Camera Apps - Camera+

With Camera+, we focus once again on professional camera simulation apps developed for iOS.

It has great features, such as straighten, hue control, soft focus, grain adjustment, exposure control, etc.

Brightness, contrast and shadow settings are also available.

These and other controls are part of a feature called RAW Lab, which has the purpose of allowing you to manipulate your images like a professional photographer.

Camera+ is available at the App Store for iOS devices, and costs USD 5.49.

5. HD Camera

aplicativos que simulam câmeras profissionais - hd camera

In addition to the possibilities already offered by other apps — such as resolution, HD video capturing, white balance, color effects, locking photos or videos in portrait or landscape mode —, the HD Camera has a few very interesting features.

With this app, users can, in addition to selecting a front or rear camera, switch between them.

You can also switch to any direction without having to pause and use the optimize option for left or right hand.

The app also allows you to turn off the shutter sound without having to turn on your phone’s silent mode.

If you want an audible countdown to alert you how much time is left before the shot, the app also does this.

The HD Camera is free on Google Play for Android devices.

6. Camera FV-5

Unlike other professional camera simulation apps and have already been covered here, the commands on this app are available on the smartphone’s screen itself, which makes its use quite simple.

Users point out that one of the most interesting features is its support for long exposure, also allowing you to view the shutter opening time.

This makes it possible to obtain impressive results from photos taken in dimly lit environments, at night or in situations of movement.

The Camera FV-5 has also been developed for Android and can be purchased at the Google Play Store for USD 3.90.

7. FilMiC Pro

Now, if you really want an award-winning app, with cutting-edge features and that can be used even for high-end projects, you need to check out the FilMiC Pro.

FilMiC allows you to use professional video settings, such as feature films. Therefore, even recordings made on smartphones gain incredible quality.

Users can also save their favorite presets, making its use easier.

With FilMiC, you can record at a rate of 240 fps, as well as in slow motion and time-lapse.

Users can also change audio, temperature, focus, exposure, ISO and framerate settings by means of a simple interface, which makes it much easier to use.

Of all the professional camera simulation apps that we’ve mentioned here, FilMiC is probably the most interesting for producing videos.

Just to give you an idea, film director Olivia Wilde used these apps to produce the “No Love Like Yours” video clip.

Check out the result and pay close attention to its quality:

If your device uses iOS, you can purchase Filmic Pro at the App Store for USD 14.99. But if you use Android, you can also purchase it at the Google Play Store for USD 19.99.

8. Camera ZOOM FX

We’re going to end this article with the Camera ZOOM FX.

It’s also considered one of the best professional camera simulation apps on the market.

It features conventional options to improve image quality in addition to masks and filters to make them more fun.

Auto focus, camera stabilizer, professional timer, silent camera, burst mode, white balance and night mode are a few of these options.

But the app also allows a touch of good humor; you can insert certain celebrities into your image.

Users can also add effects while they use the camera. Thus, they can view the changes in real time, helping in the choice.

The app is also integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, making it easier to share with your followers.

Camera ZOOM FX is available for 5.40 at Google Play store.

Improve the quality of your videos and photos

Phones are evolving fast and professional camera apps allow you to produce images and videos with excellent quality.

So, there’s nothing better than something that will take the quality of your videos and photos even further, right?

This way, your audience will love your productions, favoring your video marketing strategy!

Well, did you like our selection of professional camera apps? Would you like to learn more about professional video editing on your cell phone? So, click here and check out our article on the subject.



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