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Learn More About How YouTube Monetization Works

In this blog post, we'll walk you through how to earn money on YouTube and explain how each method works. We'll also give you some tips on increasing your earning potential.


11/08/2022 | By Hotmart

Making money on YouTube is a dream for many digital creators. For some, it’s a way to make a living doing what they love. For others, it’s a way to earn some extra cash on the side. Many use it to create passive income as their videos are viewed for years to come. Whatever your reason for wanting to know how to make money on YouTube, you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to earn money on YouTube and explain how each method works. We’ll also give you some tips on increasing your earning potential. So, let’s get started!

Frequently asked questions about YouTube monetization

How much does YouTube pay per view?

As of 2019, YouTube pays between $0.003 and $0.005 per view, with the vast majority of videos earning $0.0045 per view. Nevertheless, there are a small number of videos that bring in as much as $0.06 per view. The more people watch a video, the more money it will earn.

How many views do YouTubers need to make money?

It depends on the CPM (cost per thousand) rates offered by advertisers and how many ads your channel runs. Generally speaking, you need at least 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers to start making money on YouTube. However, this is just a rough estimate.

Can I make money on YouTube without AdSense?

Yes, you can earn cash without it. You could promote products as an affiliate or use YouTube sponsorship, which allows you to place ads directly in your videos. However, it is generally recommended that you sign up for AdSense if you want to make money on YouTube.

How do YouTubers get paid?

Generally speaking, YouTubers get paid through advertising revenue, sponsorships, or product sales. Advertising revenue is generated when viewers watch the advertisements placed between YouTube videos or click banner ads that appear on the side of the video page. Sponsorships are direct deals between YouTube channels and brands; the YouTube channel promotes the sponsor’s products or services within its videos. Product sales refer to any physical goods that a YouTube channel sells through its own website or merchandising deals.

How much do ads pay on YouTube videos?

Ad rates vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the type of ad, its length, and the audience demographics. However, as a general rule, shorter ads tend to pay more per view than long ads. Additionally, ads that target younger viewers usually pay more than those that target an older audience.

How do I get sponsorships on YouTube?

One great way to gain sponsorships is to attend industry events and meet with potential sponsors in person. You can also reach out to sponsors yourself by email or phone. When pitching a sponsorship, be sure to explain why your channel is a good fit for the sponsor, and outline how you can help promote their products or services. You should also prepare a detailed proposal that includes your rates and estimated viewership numbers.

How do product sales work on YouTube?

YouTube product sales work by allowing channels to sell goods or services through their own websites or merchandising deals. A channel can also promote products as an affiliate, which means that they receive a commission for every sale that their promotion generates.

What is the average salary of a YouTuber?

There’s no definitive answer; YouTube earnings vary greatly depending on the amount of views, number of subscribers, and current advertising rates. However, some estimates place the average YouTube salary at around $10,000 per year.

How do I start the process of YouTube monetization?

The first step is to create high-quality content that will appeal to a wide audience. Once you have built up a following, you can start monetizing your videos through advertising, sponsorships, or product sales. For more information, check out our video about growing on YouTube.

What is a YouTube influencer?

An influencer is a user on YouTube who has a large following and commands a great deal of influence over viewers. Typically, YouTube influencers are able to generate high amounts of advertising revenue as well as sponsorships and product sales. An influencer can also be a powerful tool for promoting brands.

How do I get more views on my videos?

One of the best ways to receive more traffic is to promote them on social media. You can also submit your videos to online video directories and forums or embed them in your website or blog. Using keyword-rich titles and descriptions could help you attract viewers. Finally, always ensure that your videos look their best by thoroughly inspecting the footage before publishing it.

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Who is the highest-paid YouTuber?

The highest-paid YouTuber is currently PewDiePie, with an annual income of $12 million. He has over 42 million subscribers and generates billions of views each year. Other top earners include Smosh and Lindsey Stirling, who make an estimated $8 million and $6 million per year, respectively.

Can I put my videos anywhere besides YouTube?

By using other platforms, you can make more money. Try cross-posting your videos to TikTok, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms. You may also want to try creating unique content for each platform to encourage people to follow you in multiple places.

How long does it take for YouTube monetization to begin?

It typically takes a while to begin earning cash. You need to build up a following and generate a lot of traffic before you can start monetizing your videos. However, if you produce high-quality content that appeals to a wide audience, you can start making money relatively quickly.

How can I make high-quality videos on YouTube?

Making professional-quality YouTube videos can be a daunting task. Nonetheless, you can create appealing videos that look great with a little practice and some helpful advice. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Choose the right equipment. To make quality videos, you’ll need some basic video equipment. This includes a good quality camera, microphone, and editing software.

If you’re just starting out, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on video gear. In fact, you can create attractive videos with a basic camera and microphone. However, if you want to take your videos to the next level, you may want to invest in some higher-end equipment.

2. Plan and storyboard your videos. Before you start filming, it’s important to plan out each video ahead of time. Storyboarding can help you visualize how your video will look and ensure that all of the necessary shots are captured.

To storyboard your videos, start by sketching out your ideas on paper. Once you have a general idea of what you want your video to look like, start filling in the details. Draw sketches of each scene. Include notes about what has to be filmed and what type of audio you need. This will help you stay organized and ensure that your video turns out the way you envisioned it.

3. Create interesting and engaging content. People are more likely to watch videos that are unique and captivating. Try to avoid using too much filler content.

Filler content is material that doesn’t add any value to a video. It can be anything from long pauses to irrelevant footage. Filler content often bores viewers, causing them to lose interest in a video.

4. Film in a well-lit area. When you ensure that your filming location has adequate lighting, your video will look clear and sharp.

There are a variety of lights that can be used to make videos, including natural, artificial, and studio lighting. Natural light is the most basic type of light, and it’s often used for filming outdoors or near large windows. Artificial light can be used to create a more controlled filming environment and is frequently used in studios. Studio lighting is a type of artificial light that was specifically designed for video production. It creates very bright light and often helps produce professional-looking footage.

5. Edit recordings carefully. Taking the time to edit your videos properly can make a big difference in the overall quality of your final product. Use sound effects, music, and graphics to enhance your footage, and make sure all the shots match up correctly.

Video editing software can be expensive, but there are a number of affordable options available. Some popular video editing software programs include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas.

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How to enable YouTube monetization

To start earning money on YouTube, you need to enable YouTube monetization for your channel. You can do so under the “Monetization” tab in your YouTube account settings. You may begin earning revenue from your YouTube channels by placing ads on your videos in just a few steps:

1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Click on your profile image in the upper-right corner of the screen.

3. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

4. Under “Account,” select “Channel status and features.”

5. Click on “Monetization.”

What is YouTube’s advertising revenue?

According to Musically, YouTube’s ad revenues went up 4.8 percent in the second quarter of 2022 and reached $7.34 billion. This is due to subscription growth and an increase in ads being served on mobile devices. YouTube produced $6.69 billion in revenue during the first quarter, according to Statista.

Other ways you can make money on YouTube

There are a number of other ways to make money by being a YouTube content creator.

1. Sell products or merch: If you have your own merchandise, you can sell it directly to viewers through links in your videos or YouTube annotations. You can also use a service like Teespring; it allows users to design and sell custom t-shirts without any upfront costs.

2. Offer paid subscriptions: If you have exclusive content that people can’t find anywhere else, you can sell subscriptions that provide access to this material. The content could be anything from behind-the-scenes footage to exclusive Q&A sessions with you.

3. Become a YouTube partner: Partners are channels that have been approved by YouTube to run ads. When viewers watch these videos, YouTube places ads on the video page and shares revenue with the channel owner. To become a partner, you need to apply and get accepted by YouTube.

4. Use crowdfunding: If you have a project or idea that you want to finance, you can use crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to solicit donations from your viewers.

5. Sell courses or ebooks: If you have expertise in a certain area, you can create and sell your own digital products.

6. Provide consulting services: You can use your YouTube channel to market your consulting services. Your service could provide anything from business advice to relationship counseling.

7. Offer paid critiques: If you have a critical eye, you can sell critiques of creative works, whether they’re paintings, songs, or blog posts.

8. Sell your own products: If you make your own physical products, you can sell them through your channel. They could be anything from handmade jewelry to vintage-style clothing.

9. Be a YouTube affiliate: You can promote other people’s products on your YouTube channel and earn commissions on sales. There are five levels of being an online affiliate. When viewers click the links and make purchases, you’ll earn commissions.

10. Teach a class: In exchange for providing your expertise on a given topic in real time, you can earn cash by having students pay tuition.

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Get started making money on YouTube today!

Earning money on YouTube is certainly possible, but it takes effort, time, and dedication. If you’re willing to put in the work, you can make a decent income from your channel. Just remember the tips above for how to earn money on YouTube, follow the steps to enable YouTube monetization, and explore all the different options to bring in money.

For more tips on YouTube monetization and additional ways that creators can become entrepreneurs, check out some other great Hotmart content. You may be particularly interested in Billy Gene’s Tips on Becoming a Digital Entrepreneur. As he points out, the creator economy is everywhere, so get out there and start making money on YouTube today!