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Learn how to become a successful Affiliate for free

Financial freedom is closer than you think.

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Being an Affiliate is an opportunity of creating an online business without needing your own product. In other words, it’s one of the fastest ways to become a digital entrepreneur. 

There are several ways of working as an Affiliate, but only at Hotmart you can find products with commissions that exceed 30%; exclusive tools for those who sell online; and Producers that talk directly to their audience. 

In this post, you’ll find out where you can find information about how to become a successful Affiliate, even if you’ve just begun studying the subject. 

You’ll also find free courses that are evaluated as being the best by our team and that will teach you how to sell online, and how to use Hotmart to create a digital business from scratch. Let’s get started? 

But, what is an Affiliate anyway?

Before we talk about the best channels for you to learn how to become an Affiliate, it’s important to tell you what an Affiliate actually does on a daily basis.

Affiliates are those who promote third-party products and receive a commission for each sale they make. In practice, an Affiliate is the person who recommends the right product for the right person, connecting companies to customers they usually wouldn’t have access to otherwise. 

An Affiliate can work from anywhere in the world and usually only needs access to the internet in order to work. 

Nowadays, Hotmart’s main Affiliates buy ads or create quality content in which, besides offering the product, engage their audience and create a community around several relevant subjects.

In addition, the top selling Affiliates at Hotmart have also started from scratch and had to learn fundamental techniques and concepts in order to make a sale on the internet.

Below, you’ll find out what these techniques and concepts are, which we at Hotmart recommend and where to learn them for free and in a didactical manner. Shall we get started?

What do I need to know in order to be an Affiliate?

The main question of those who want to get started as Affiliates is, “What do I need to know in order to sell?”

The truth is that each Affiliate has their own strategy, and each strategy requires specific knowledge. However, a good Affiliate needs:

  • To know about Hotmart’s tools and how to take advantage of each one when selling.
  • To know copywriting, which is the technique of writing persuasive content.
  • To understand about building an audience for the product’s page to be promoted (either paid or organically).

Besides, during everyday life, certain knowledge can be useful for creating content and optimizing sales. They are:

  • Understand a bit about design in order to create attractive images for your ads, posts and pages.
  • Know a bit about storytelling in order to get your audience involved in incredible stories.
  • Understand your business’ metrics in order to optimize each step of your strategy.
  • Know how to create and edit simple videos. 

Seems like a lot, doesn’t it?

You can relax, I have selected, for you who are getting started in this market, what I feel is the most important for your current stage.

First of all, a good Affiliate needs to identify which are the best products to promote. In addition, you need to feel comfortable managing affiliation links, also known as Hotlinks

Finally, know how to create a promotion strategy on the main networks, aligning the creation of quality content and building an audience. 

Below, you’ll find where you can learn each one of these points. 

How to identify good products

Hotmart has thousands of products in its marketplace, which are ready to be promoted. However, certain products require greater knowledge than others do in order to make a sale. 

Therefore, choosing products that are suitable for beginner Affiliates is a decision that can define whether your strategy will be successful or not.

With this in mind, Hotmart has created a few tools to help you choose the right product, and the main one is the Blueprint. 


All products that go to the Hotmart Affiliate program undergo a human evaluation. During this process, our staff analyzes if the product has enough features to be a good product for promotion.

During this evaluation, we judge the quality of the sales page and the sales video, if the product’s content is consistent with what is being promised, if the commission is attractive for Affiliates, etc. 

The better the Blueprint’s value, the greater are the chances of the product being good for Affiliates to promote.

Product price

There are also other indications that you can use when choosing a product at Hotmart. 

Its price for example, is an indicator that can tell you if it will be easier to make a sale. Products costing between $40 and $100 usually have fewer objections and therefore, tend to sell faster by beginner Affiliates.

There are exceptions of course, but the more expensive the product, the more skilful you need to be able to sell it. 

In addition, understanding how the Hotlinks work is critical for you to receive your commissions and understand how they work in our platform. 

Where can I learn about audiences and content for free?

Hotmart blog

We recommend that you stay tuned to our blog, as we constantly update it with free content on how to become an Affiliate. Also, let us know in the comments section if you have any questions, our customer support team is ready to help you.

Facebook Blueprint

At the other end, learning how to sell online means understanding how to create persuasive posts and how to attract people to this content. 

Understanding the Facebook and Instagram tools is the main path for beginners, since they are the most popular platforms among Affiliates who are starting out. 

In order to help you with this, Facebook has created its own free teaching system: Facebook Blueprint, where you can learn about not only how to create an ad on Facebook or Instagram, but also the best content practices and how to engage your audience on social media.

Facebook Blueprint is definitely among the best free courses that helps Affiliates learn the most. 

After all, in addition to all the content focused on sales, they explain in a didactical manner, the social network’s rules and policies, avoiding future headaches with being blocked on the platform. 

In addition, one of the advantages of Facebook Blueprint is the segmentation of classes by questions. 

If you have a specific question about ads, for example, you can check out only the content that covers the subject of your question.

However, since I believe that the content makes a difference for those who are starting out, I recommend that you set aside about 3 hours a week in order to take all of the Facebook Blueprint courses. 

YouTube Creator Academy

Another channel that has attracted a lot of attention of Affiliates is YouTube. 

Video production has grown a lot over the last few years, and Affiliates and Producers are using the largest video platform in the world to promote their links in descriptions, live streams and within the video content itself.

In order to boost your channel’s reach and engagement, YouTube Creator Academy is a website with a series of courses that you can take in order to make the most of this platform.

Since there are many courses, I’ve selected the three contents that are critical for Affiliates and Producers. They are the following:

  • Channel optimization
  • Production of content
  • Policies and guidelines.

If you have any difficulty in producing videos, the course on Production is worthwhile, which teaches you how to produce amazing videos for the network.

What kind of Affiliate do you want to be?

Both Facebook Blueprint and YouTube Creator Academy basically teach what an Affiliate needs to know in order to get started.

However, you may specialize in certain areas, especially when you understand that an Affiliate can work either as an arbitrator or as an authority.

Below, I’ll talk about the difference between the two types of Affiliates, and what you really need to emphasize on when studying to become each type. 

But first, I always like to emphasize that, regardless of your choice, viewing the three courses listed above is essential for you to sell faster and make less mistakes. 

Affiliate arbitrator

The first type of Affiliate is the Affiliate arbitrator. These entrepreneurial profiles prefer to buy ads on the internet in order to promote third-party products.

They basically invest part of their money in buying ads in the hope that the commission amount will return as profit.

This is an excellent strategy for Affiliates who find it difficult to create content and on the other hand, are familiar with traffic purchasing tools, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

If you wish to be part of this group, you should know that besides viewing all courses, you’ll need to understand how Hotmart’s Link Manager works and how the Facebook Ads and Google Ads tools work, both with free courses on the topic. 

Authority affiliate

Authority Affiliates, on the other hand, are able to make sales by means of their influence, creating content that make them a standard in that subject.

This type of Affiliate may work with a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, an Instagram profile or even with a WhatsApp group. 

The most important here is to generate quality content in order to engage the audience and increase the conversation among the participants of these networks.

This strategy is free and requires that the Affiliate have the ability to create persuasive content in order to generate sales.

However, both of these profiles become mixed when Affiliates wish to increase their sales. 

Since arbitrator Affiliates wish to optimize their ad campaigns, they need to create better posts, which require careful work with texts, videos and images.

Authority Affiliates on the other hand, who wish to make their audience grow quickly, need to invest in ads to bring their content to more people. 

Therefore, watching the three courses is the cheapest and safest path for you to start selling as an Affiliate. 

Would you like to learn more about the Affiliate world and get inspired to find your path to financial freedom? If so, check out our free ebook with the success stories of three Affiliates who started from scratch and managed to turn their lives around.