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33 simple ideas to Work from Home in 2022 [and make money!]

A complete guide for those who wish to make money online.

Marcos Pereira

03/28/2022 | By Marcos Pereira

Need some quick ideas to start working from home? Then this post is for you!

Before we get started, let’s make one thing very clear: If you want a magic formula to make easy money, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Instead, you’ll get here is the most complete guide on the Internet, with everything you need to know to make money online this year, from the comfort of your home or wherever you want. Is this your goal? How about making extra income? Then you are in the right place!

I hope this content will be very useful for you, to the point that when you finish reading it, your head will be buzzing with new ideas.

So, in this post, we’ll dive into some valuable tips about how to work from home, both from a personal and organizational point of view.

You’ll see that your commitment to the project must be greater than the investments you’ll need to make, okay? In some cases, you can actually start from scratch.

So let’s start with a basic question:

Why do so many people dream of working from home ?

It’s quite common to come across young people dissatisfied with their professions, or even those who don’t fit in any traditional career.

But this isn’t happening just to young adults. Adults with a lot of experience, sometimes end up feeling demotivated at their work and feel like innovating and doing something completely different from what they have been doing up to that moment.

Does this ring a bell?

It’s okay, this is perfectly normal and you don’t have to blame yourself for it or be in a hurry to change careers. Adult Education solutions are increasingly advancing, as are the job market options. In fact, quite a few people actually earn more working from home than they did at their previous jobs.

Though choosing a career is not an easy decision, it does not need to consume all of your energy. You can discover new skills by trying out new areas of work, such as Affiliate marketing or creating online content.

Now imagine if, besides finding something you love to do, you also manage to generate extra income at the end of the month?

So, let’s take a look at what you will need to work from home:

  1. Choose what your job will be (we’ll give you some suggestions in this post);
  2. Make sure you have a well organized space to work remotely;
  3. Have discipline to organize and establish your own routine;
  4. If you are going to open your own business, check out local legislation, no matter how much work will be done at home;
  5. Promote and spread the word about your work so that more people get to know you.

Wait up, there’s more. We’ve structured amazing content, so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

Here are the topics we’ll cover in this content:

1. Working from home x having your own business

This is an essential topic that will guide your next steps and you need to pay attention to it, so you can understand which profile better fits yours.

There are two possibilities for working from home: owning your own business or remote working for a company or another person.  

Remote work

Having a remote job means that you don’t need to be at a physical office, which makes it possible to work anywhere in the world, as long as this place has Internet access. It’s possible for a conventional collaborator to be a hired employee or even be a freelance worker.

The conventional collaborator is hired by the company and is entitled to all benefits a regular employee has.

A person who has a temporary employment contract will still have her work card signed by the employer (or may get her wages through a legal person’s account), however, the period of the employment contract is defined in the agreement between employee and employer.

Freelancer is a professional hired for a specific project or task and may have the duration of the job defined or not.

These are great options if you don’t want to worry about the administration or development of a business.

But remember that working for other companies or people you’ll have a limit for what you get as a salary, even if you’re a great professional, once that you’re not the person who sets your salary – the person or company that hires you does.

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Having your own business

On the other hand, having your own business may be very interesting if you want to be your own boss and have financial independence. But obviously, if it was that easy everybody would be an entrepreneur. Because it’s not an easy task, 96% of businesses fail within ten years.

Having your own business means, especially:

  • Multitasking, especially in the beginning;
  • Studying a lot about your market;
  • Being resilient to learn how to deal with different challenges;
  • Being patient until you start having financial gains.

It’s important that you learn that entrepreneurship is much more associated with identifying problems and opportunities to improve an idea that causes positive impressions than being innovative and creating something that no one has ever seen before.

To make it simpler: from now on you can think of entrepreneurship as actions and projects that aim to solve other people’s problems, as simple as they may seem.

Further along in the text, we’ll mention many opportunities to work from home, whether a remote job or a business of your own.

Before we do that, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of working from home, then you’ll be able to make informed decisions about the challenges ahead.

Remote work statistics

According to Freelancing in America 2018, 63% of American freelancers have chosen this type of work, which means they decided not to work in the formal job market. Instead, they chose a job where they’d have the autonomy to set their own schedule and be their own boss. 

And there are quite a number of people who have chosen this path….

This same survey shows that 57 million Americans are self-employed and, 84% of them say that this type of work allows them to have the lifestyle of their choice, while only 63% of formal workers said the same.

Amazing, isn’t it?

And there are other advantages to working from home, but also some obstacles that need to be overcome.

Let’s talk about them, so that you can make a conscious decision if this type of work suits you and so that you’re aware of the challenges that lie ahead.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of working from home

By reading the following topics, associate each condition to what you plan for your professional future and consider what you believe it’s the most important to have a good quality of life.

 A good tip is making a pros and cons list.


There’s no need to be stuck in traffic 

Especially if you work in a big city, with a lot of traffic. Not having to commute is one of the main advantages of working from home. 

Some people don’t mind spending time in the car or public transportation but if you can’t stand wasting time stuck in traffic you can write this down as a pro for working from home.

Besides, it’s worth considering that at home you’re safer, whereas on the street we’re always vulnerable to accidents or violence.

Spend more time with the family

If you already have a family, you know how every minute with your loved ones matters. 

And this is something to take into account when you decide to work from home, especially if you have children!

Spending long hours at the offices takes a toll on a lot of parents. The need to justify their absences when the children are sick, in addition to, of course, to the expenses that increase the monthly budget, such as full-time school, school transportation, caregiver, among others.

In this sense, it is an advantage both for making sure that your family lifestyle is preserved, as well as for reducing costs, since working from home makes this process a lot easier.

Make your own hours

By working from home you have the flexibility to make your own schedule. Some people are more productive in the morning whereas others work better in the evening or even late at night! 

This can be adjusted according to your profile, especially if you have your own business.

Eat healthier 

If you avoid eating at restaurants, you also avoid giving in to temptation at lunchtime and snacks. 

This way, you have the opportunity to control what you eat and thus, have a healthier lifestyle.

More comfort

At home, you can organize a workspace that better suits you and personalize it according to your needs. You can also plan a space to rest after lunch and make your coffee the way you like it. The whole environment will look just like you, since it is designed by you.

Save money

When you work from home, you avoid having lunch at restaurants and spending on public transportation or gas. And if you save during the week, you can use the money to invest in your business, pay for other important expenses or enjoy the weekend.


No privacy while you’re working

When you work in a private environment or one where people are all focused on the same goal, it’s easier to focus and be productive

But when you work from home, you run the risk of being interrupted several times a day, be it by people who live with you, the phone ringing, a neighbor calling and other common household situations.

Lack of social contact

If you’re a socially active person, who really likes to talk, get ready to spend long periods without much social contact. 

When you work at an office, you have the opportunity to talk while working, have a coffee with other people and make new friends. At home, your day-to-day is naturally more lonely. 

Some people who work from home can solve this problem by working at coworking spaces at least once a week, places designed to receive remote workers.

This way, you get to work from home and still interact with other people.

Working in an unprepared environment

To work from home you need to create a distraction-free environment. 

Especially if you own your business, you’re the one who needs to put pressure on yourself and ensure that your performance is at the expected level. 

However, if you work in an inadequate environment, for example, with your laptop on the bed, your performance will be affected and, in this case, so will your health.

Lack of benefits

This topic is especially focused on people who are starting their own business. 

When you’re self-employed, you don’t get any employment benefits. But don’t forget that if your business is profitable, you’ll have several benefits that compensate for the lack of employment benefits.


At home, you can lose track of the hours you’ve worked and end up working more than at a traditional job.

 We understand that if you’re going to work on your own, you’ll need to put a lot more effort into what you’re doing than at a regular job. But this can’t affect your quality of life. 

Keep reading this post that we’ll give you interesting tips on this topic.

Work from home: advantages and disadvantages

As you can see, working from home and, especially, on your own business has positive and negative aspects. Just like everything in life, of course. It’s up to you to consider what is more important.

What about analyzing your talents and skills to figure out which ones might help on this goal?

3. Skills that can help you when working from home

People who work from home can set their own pace, schedule and commercial strategies. Therefore, you need to develop some skills and make use of your talents to succeed.

But do you know what they are? Try to assess your capability and check out our tips below.

Know how to price your services

If you plan to work as a freelance writer, create video lessons or offer consultancy, for example, you should know exactly what your profession-related costs are, the profit margin you should expect when  considering possible commissions to third parties, among others .

Knowing how much to charge for your service or product is essential for your work to be profitable.

It is also important to note that if you plan to rely solely on this income, forecast your finances for months with less money coming in. In other words, don’t forget that financial management is nothing short of essential for this line of work.

Improve your writing skills 

If your goal is to be a copywriter, freelance journalist, producer of digital content creator, to offer translation services online, among others, writing is an essential skill for your work, isn’t it?

But this is also true for other professionals, after all, writing is one of the most used means of communication and it’s key for negotiation and networking, right? 

A social media manager, for instance, needs to know not only how to write correctly, but also to align vocabulary and style of writing according to the profile of their audience.

Be Organized

As we mentioned in the disadvantages of working from home, if you don’t have the discipline to control your schedule, working from home becomes a difficult task for any type of professional.

To get your ducks in a row, you won’t need to make a lot of effort, you’ll get the hang of it in time. 

Manage your time by planning your daily tasks, get the most out of  mobile apps, such as: calendar, reminder, alarm clock and other applications to optimize the routine.

In addition, keep in mind the importance of having a space to work and adjust whatever is necessary.

Be creative

Creativity also needs to be developed, especially if you are going to work in the creative field, such as graphic designer and personal stylist.

Even other activities need a creative mind to solve dilemmas, come up with new solutions and know how to manage your professional activity at home with all the other tasks you have. 

Develop and be aware of processes

It is not just programmers and professionals in the computing and mathematical work field who see everything as a perfect equation! Currently, understanding and designing processes is one of the most efficient ways to optimize your work.

So, if you are going to work  as a consultant, for example, you need to have a thought-out process to attract new clients, work on your brand  in the market, social media, as well as develop a successful method that can be customized for each client.

So, any ideas come to mind?

Now let’s talk a bit about types of income and types of work at home.

4. Types of income

We can all agree that income is always good, right? But you need to know which ones to look for according to your needs and scenario.

While some types of income, after established, keep on earning money with little effort, others require intense and exclusive dedication. Learn more about that below.

Active income

It is the one directly proportional to the effort made, that is, salaries, commissions, labor rights. These are all considered to be active income.

Passive income

It is the one generated from a single effort or investment, such as financial investments, which, if maintained, generate financial returns passively.

Passive income sources are also those that arise from rental activities and the sale of an ebook, for example. The professional creates the material and each customer who purchases its content.

Extra income

It is the one that adds to a main source of income, that is, the professional who makes most of their earnings from a job at an office, for example, and earns a little more from a side activity: the extra income.

It is not always associated with specific professions, but it always helps having extra money at the end of the month, right? 

It’s common for university students. Their main activity is studying, but joining an Affiliate program, for example, can help them earn money to help pay for their expenses.


Stocks, bonds and mutual funds are just a few examples of investments one can make. Some of them are very high risk, while others have a lower rate return but are not as risky. 

Besides studying a lot before making investments, it’s a good idea to get some financial advice.

5. Type of work from home

Offline work from home

This type of work involves manual work you can do at home, such as cooking. You can work in the kitchen or bakery and create your own business, place orders for companies, parties and events. You can also work with crafts and sewing.

But they also have non-manual jobs, which can range from reselling products, teaching private lessons, renting out decorative items and toys for parties to providing beauty services at home to consultancies.

As the world is now almost completely digital, although these jobs do not involve the internet directly, you will probably need to use it to advertise your services and products and attract customers.

Online work from home 

Considering the opportunities the digital world offers, working online is a super interesting option for anyone who wants to be their own boss or just work in the comfort of their home.

You can take advantage of your talent and create a business, you can change careers or adapt your profession to work at home, there are countless possibilities, not to mention that the costs are minimal to get started.

If you want to create a digital business, you will basically need to have an idea, think of an action plan and choose a free platform to host your business.

In other words, digital businesses bring a number of benefits to entrepreneurs, and the most significant among them are:

  • you don’t need to keep an eye on the business at all times, a good part of it does not depend on you;
  • initially, in some cases, you don’t even need any money to invest – you can sign up on a free platform and start working.
  • in fact, there are several channels that favor its promotion and sale – LinkedIn is a social network focused on the business world and job market, while Instagram and Facebook focus on relationships – this helps you segment the audience and be more efficient;
  • you don’t need to hire a team to start;
  • you can work from anywhere in the world;
  • you can easily find free content, like this one, that helps you do well in the market!

Liked it? Now, check out a complete list of ideas to get your business started!

6. 33 ideas of jobs to work from home

Check out these ideas to earn money working from home:


  1. E-commerce
  2. Blogs
  3. Ebook writing
  4. Online course creating
  5. Product Affiliation
  6. Copywriting
  7. Online teaching
  8. YouTube channel
  9. Sell advertising space
  10. Social media management

Texts and writing

  1. Content writing
  2. Proofreading
  3. Physical book writing
  4. Private classes
  5. Translation

Service Provision

  1. Consulting
  2. Web development
  3. App creation
  4. Video design and editing
  5. Coaching
  6. Aesthetic and Beauty
  7. Product customization
  8. Photography
  9. Dance lessons
  10. Sewing
  11. Room rental
  12. Personal stylist and buyer

Products and sales 

  1. Crafts work
  2. Home cooking business
  3. Beverages
  4. Reselling
  5. Product rental
  6. Consignment shop


1. E-commerce

E-commerce is still a very lucrative option for people who want to work from home. But keep in mind that it will require more energy and even some investment. 

Of course, if you have a good strategy, financial gains will be proportional to your effort, especially if you have high-quality products.

It’s worth mentioning that as your e-commerce grows, you need to have more space to store products and, depending on your logistics, the space you have at home may not be enough.

 In this case, it’s likely that you already have some revenue to rent a bigger space of your preference.

2. Blogs

Bloggers are professionals who can work strictly from home since the main focus is writing on a blog. They can also become social media influencers or creators.

There are many different ways to stand out as a professional blogger and make money by writing content. 

The main ones are: working with ads on your blog; promoting products by other people, selling complementary products, etc. Becoming an authority on the market is what really sets you apart from other bloggers. 

Take advantage of reading our complete post on how to make money from a blog.

3. Ebook writing

If you have specific knowledge or a talent that can help other people, want to work on the internet and don’t have much money to invest, creating an ebook can be the ideal option for working from home!

Digital books have numerous advantages for both those who create them and those who consume them.

The writer, for example, can create their work without relying on publishers, distribute the product easily anywhere in the world and scale their profits quickly.

The buyer, on the other hand, receives the ebook automatically, can read it from anywhere and still get a much more affordable product compared to a traditional book.

If you are interested in this alternative, be sure to check out our complete step by step to create an ebook.

4. Online course creation

Still thinking about becoming an online entrepreneur and sharing your knowledge or talents? A great option is creating an online course!

The Distance Education market has been growing every year all around the world. 

Although this type of digital product requires a little more work than the ebook, the main advantages are the low cost of production and the possibility of scaling gains, since your course may be sold to thousands of people.

In addition, they are increasingly popular and the best thing is that they do not require physical delivery logistics, which will give you more flexibility to work with the theme you prefer.

What’s even better is that you can literally create a course on any subject you master. That is, you do not necessarily need professional experience, just the knowledge you want to share and the desire to build your own business.

There are several niches to explore. The best-selling courses at Hotmart are in these segments: business and career, health and sports, education, relationships and personal development.

Keep in mind that every niche can be profitable, if you work with what you love and put on the effort, results will come naturally.

5. Affiliation products

An Affiliate is a professional who focuses on promoting other people’s products in exchange for a commission for every sale they make. In practice, they are the bridge between the Producer and the end consumer. 

Being an Affiliate is an excellent option to earn extra income. 

The affiliate can promote both digital and physical products. There are many different types of strategy for promoting products online, from paid ads to social media, blogs, email marketing, and others.

This professional can, exclusively, work from home, since they’ll need only a computer to manage their strategies. To become an Affiliate, you need to take part in an affiliate program, such as Hotmart’s.

6. Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of persuading and selling through writing. Just like a writer, a copywriter can work from home creating content that focuses on sales and generating results for one or many remote clients.

A copywriter needs to study a lot about persuasion techniques and sales psychology, once her pieces will be used to generate profit for people who have hired this service.

If you’re starting out in this market now, you can use the same websites we’ll indicate to writers!

7. Online teaching

The online teacher can take advantage of the Internet resources to work from home, teaching. They can work in the same way a private teacher does, teaching live lessons on Skype or Hangout. 

Or they can follow the steps of online courses, recording a whole course and selling it online.

They can control their schedules with the next private lessons or can record several lessons to create a course for beginners. 

It’s worth mentioning that, once your classes are recorded, you can create a course and sell it to thousands of people

8. YouTube Channels

YouTube is the second most used search engine, only behind Google. When faced with so many possibilities of topics, it’s possible for you to explore any topic that interests your audience and create your own channel. Learn how you can make money with videos.

A warning for using YouTube is that it may take a while for you to have many hits on your videos and be able to monetize your channel. You need a lot of discipline to record videos, consistency in your posts and associate other strategies to propel your channel, such as social media, blog, partnerships with other influencers and paid ads.

A Youtube channel can also be a way of promoting another service or product you have, such as consultancy or an ebook.

9. Selling Online Advertising space

The sale of online advertisement space is very interesting for people who own a website, blog or YouTube channel with lots of hits because whenever you make space available for advertisers, you get a sum of money every time a visitor clicks an ad. If your channel/site has lots of hits every day, the chance of people clicking the ads increases and so does your profit.

In order to do so, you need to enable Google Adsense on your website/channel. To learn how to do it, just click here.

10. Social media management

In recent years, social media have become great communication channels between brands and their audience, companies started to invest more in these channels and also in professionals who are specialized in the topic.

 If you are one of them, but you wish to work from home, you can offer your service both as a freelancer or as a remote worker.


11. Writing

Good writing is a great quality to have when working online. If you like or are good at it, you can always become a freelancer writer or, of course, write your own blog.

Good content can be quite valuable, financially speaking as well. That’s why many people look for good writers. This way, as you build a good portfolio and get loyal clients, you can increase the price of the offer.

There are many websites that connect businesses and people who are looking for writing work, we’ll let you know all of them further along in this text!

12. Proofreading

Proofreading is often confused with the writing. But did you know that there are professionals who are dedicated exclusively to checking texts written by third parties?

In fact, on some sites that offer freelance services, there are vacancies created especially for this type of work.

If you are interested in this career option, keep in mind that you need to master grammatical rules and have an eye for typos, plus a lot of focus and concentration.

Usually, proofreading  professionals earn less than writers. However, you can get the job done faster and get more services, which can end up being quite advantageous!

13. Writing physical books

Although ebooks are on the rise, many people still insist on feeling the texture and smell of printed paper when it comes to enjoying reading good literary work.

If you are traditional or have the dream of seeing a book with your name on the cover on your office shelf, writing your own work can be a very enriching experience.

If you like that idea, take a look at our tips on how to write a book. 

14. Private lessons

Parents and adults always look for private tutors for their children or if they wish to learn new content in an exclusive and dynamic way. 

This is because the teacher can focus on just one person and potentialize the learning curve.

If you teach Spanish, for example, you can set up a classroom at your home and receive students.

The advantage is that you can organize your lessons according to your schedule. The same goes for other kinds of lessons, such as guitar, singing or computer, for example.

15. Translation

Professional translators are people who have excellent knowledge of at least two languages, which they master.

Depending on the project, not only you have to translate from one language to the other but also contextualize what’s being said.

Imagine a movie in English with local American jokes. When this movie is translated to Italian, for example, the context must be adjusted to Italian culture. That’s why the translator also needs to have good knowledge of the culture and be an excellent researcher.

And speaking of languages, the most common is to find translators from English to any other language and vice-versa. If you know other languages, such as Portuguese and French, or Chinese and German, translation jobs may be fewer, but your fee will be much higher, since these professionals are rarer.


16. Consulting

This type of work aims to guide other people in certain areas of their lives.

It is recommended for people who are experts in a field, so they can advise others who are more inexperienced.

There are some consultancies that can be carried out from your own home, such as financial investment advice, professional and business advice. You can do it via Skype, for example.

Some examples are:

Investment Consulting

With cryptocurrencies and more innovations on the market, several new investors are seeking consultancy and investment portfolio management with those who understand the subject thoroughly.

The financial market is always full of opportunities, so if you have the knowledge, it’s a great option.

Marketing Consulting

If you are an experienced marketing professional, you can offer companies and freelancers help with branding, promotion and other marketing strategies.

Financial Consulting

Many companies that are experiencing financial problems tend to turn to specialists outside the organization and this may be an excellent opportunity.

Your job will be to analyze the situation and develop creative and appropriate solutions to problems.

17. Web development

Web developers have open doors to multiple opportunities when it comes to working from home. A lot of people, companies and new startups look for people who understand about coding and website development.

In this topic, there are several coding languages such as SQL, Java, and others, and there are also other areas. As they’re international coding languages, it’s possible to get demands from other countries too!

18. App creation

In the previous option, we talked about developers who create websites for companies or third parties, working as freelancers.

But, if you know coding, another very interesting idea is to develop your own application.

Nowadays, people use apps for the most diverse goals:

  • control finances;
  • buy products;
  • find out when the bus schedule;
  • listen to music;
  • and even find love.

This is an excellent alternative for those who want to create a product, be their own boss and make scalable profits.

19. Design and Video editing

The video editor is responsible for getting raw footage and turning it into something that makes sense in a particular context by using editing software such as Adobe Premiere, one of the most popular software among editors.

The editor can work as a freelancer with side projects or can be hired by a company as a remote worker.

20. Coaching

The coach works more actively with people who want to have professional development. She poses actions, challenges and provides her clients with knowledge.

A coach also helps people with their objectives, aiming at positive results and promotes the behavioral changes the client wishes to promote.

To be a good coach, you need to study a lot and know how to analyze and anticipate problematic situations that may come up on a professional day-to-day.

The coach can work with physical or online appointments or yet, create a specific online course for a determined audience.

21. Aesthetics and beauty

If you are an aesthetics professional, know that having your own small space to serve customers is a great way to generate income, mainly because you will not have to worry about rent!

Complete makeup, hairstyling, pedicure and manicure, skin treatments, massage and waxing are great options for working from home with aesthetics.

22. Product customization

T-shirts, mugs, pillows and other items can be customized according to the customer’s wishes.

You’ll need to invest in a printer to print the art to be used on the products or maybe you can outsource the printing.

If you are a designer, even better, as you can produce your own arts to decorate the objects!

23. Photography

Have you considered the possibility of having your own studio at home?

With a small room, you can set up a studio and choose which field of photography you’ll specialize in.

A smooth background with neutral colors and adequate lighting are essential materials for your studio to look professional!

24. Dance lessons

Many people who have a natural talent for dance and, more than that, a huge passion for this art.

How about teaching other people everything you know and helping them stay active, healthy and happier?

Of course, in order to do this, you must have an appropriate environment to welcome your students into your home. But if you don’t have it, you can create online classes with video lessons.

In addition, it is highly recommended that you have some kind of specialization in the subject, to offer a truly exceptional service and guarantee the health and safety of all your students.

25. Sewing

If you have sewing skills, how about offering clothing repair services?

This is a service that, although traditional, is still in very high demand. After all, who has never had to ask for help to fix a broken zipper, change a button or tighten clothes that are too wide?

You can advertise your services in the neighborhood where you live or even use social networks to tell all your friends about your work.

26. Room rental

Today, people are looking for more affordable places to stay when traveling – but, of course, without giving up comfort.

If you have a room available in your home, with a good structure to receive tourists or professionals traveling for work, this can be a great alternative.

In fact, there are already specialized sites, such as Airbnb, that make life much easier for those who want to work in this niche market.

27. Personal Stylist and buyer

All personalized services, in general, can be carried out at home. A personal stylist can make visits to their clients or have a studio at home to receive them, teaching and giving tips on styles that fit their personality.

The personal buyer is the one who assists in the purchase, offering knowledge, networking with the best stores and even coming up with ways to save money when making personal purchases or for a store, for example.

Products and sales

28. Crafts work

This is a very vast niche that gives you many options for remote work. If you have abilities or if you are interested in learning how to work with crafts, this is a good idea! 

It’s possible to produce soap, moisturizer, costume jewelry, decorative items, mugs, rugs, storage boxes, and whatever your creativity allows.

A good tip is to think about any product that needs to be bought more than once over time, such as a body moisturizer.

It’s also interesting to bet on personalized products that make great gifts.  

29. Home cooking business

Cooking homemade food also allows exploring lots of options. Healthy lunches are in, just like juices and fit snacks. Of course sweets, cakes, and pies will never lose their appeal. If you have a good space at your house, you can invest in cooking food on large scales, such as party treats.

Think of different food that may attract the attention of your audience and make you stand out, such as homemade peanut butter. And this is only one example to inspire you to make your choice!

At your launch, you can have a tasting for people you know and, as part of your next steps, you can start partnerships with snack bars and bakeries to sell your product.

30. Beverages

Do you know how to brew beer, liqueurs or even prepare non-alcoholic drinks, such as natural juices?

So here’s a great opportunity to start your own business!

Identify that branch with which you most identify and start your business!.

31. Reselling 

If you are sociable, great at persuading people and know how to sell well, a good option may be to resell products to your friends, family and neighbors.

Selling door-to-door is still a lucrative business and you don’t even need to leave the house. Creating an online store is quite easy, just remember the earning may be lower than you expect at first. 

32. Product rental

Nowadays, many people and companies see more advantage in renting certain products than purchasing.

Therefore, this type of market is growing and can be very profitable for those who want to have their own business.

An example is the rental of utensils for parties, you can rent tables and chairs, utensils for buffets and even toys for children’s parties.

The important thing is to keep the products in good condition, to know how to advertise and to attract customers. An interesting thing, which can even add value to your business, is to offer extra services. In the example of party accessories, make partnerships to boost your earnings. 

33. Consignment Shops

Consignment Shops still attract the attention of those who want to consume good quality products for a much more affordable price.

If you are interested in fashion and sales, you can be very successful with this type of business. Best of all, you can set up the consignment shop in your own home, if you have an available space for it.

But, if you do not have a suitable environment for this, another option is to make sales by appointment and create an Instagram profile to publicize the pieces. If you choose this alternative, you can still offer personalized advice to your customers!

7. Websites that help you work from home

To help you take your first steps, we’ve chosen 7 websites that help professionals to start new projects on their careers. Registration is free, you just have to get started!


99designs is a website that makes the bridge between designers and people who need to come up with an art for their business, such as, for example, a logo!

But unlike a common website for freelancers, designers register to the website and compete for a determined project. The chosen art gets the job (and the money!).

It’s up to the designer choosing the project she wants according to the description and the price the client pays for the job.


If you wish to sell ebooks, video lessons, or any other kind of digital product, Hotmart is the platform you’re looking for.

Besides being the “middleman” between sellers and customers who want to buy an online product, it also charges, delivers the product and pays the commissions, and it all is done automatically.

Hotmart also has an Affiliate Program for people who want to promote products from others, just like in our examples of professions mentioned before.

Freelance Writing

If you want to be a freelance writer, just look for the Freelance Writing platform.

It offers jobs on the most different topics to registered freelancers, with the amount paid and all the information you need to do the job.

The writer’s work is to follow the instructions and give your writing its best shot!

Other websites

The websites below are platforms where you’ll find different jobs as a freelancer, such as coding, design, writing, video editing and other categories.

You can also find out other kinds of projects in each one and get inspired by them to start your own business.

8. Create the perfect environment to work from home

Ok, so we’ve already talked about the essential topics for you to decide what you’re working with.

Now it’s time to come up with a plan so that you can actually make a move!

Follow this to the letter and create a favorable work environment to perform your tasks!

Get ready financially-wise

This tip is directed to people who wish to quit an office job to work from home.

Is this your case?

So, do the math of how much you’ll need to organize your workspace and, if you’ve decided to start your own business, understand that financial gains don’t happen out of the blue.

In this case, analyze for how long your finances will be able to support you.

Demand privacy

If you live with other people, it’s important that you let everybody there know about your new project.

It’s advisable to demand, very gently though, that you’re not to be interrupted while working, especially if you’re with a client at your home/your new business place.

Sort out your priorities

The same way you shouldn’t be interrupted, you also need to identify priorities and not mix personal and professional tasks when you’re working.

There are people who say that working from home means starting and ending your day whenever you want. It’s true that you’re the one who sets your schedule, but this means you should set a schedule and stick to it because only then you’ll be able to reach high productivity levels.

Set aside some time for every kind of commitment.  Keep a planner so that you can track all your to-dos. Google Calendar and Asana are great apps to optimize your routine.

Optimize your time

Besides keeping a schedule, use methods that allow you to complete every task effectively. GTD (Getting Things Done), Scrum and Pomodoro are well-known techniques that can be applied to your business day.

Another very interesting habit is organizing your week on the previous Friday and also review your tasks every day at the end of the day.This way you prepare your mind and body for what’s next.

Hire a good Internet provider

This tip goes to all the professionals who depend on the Internet to work: if you still don’t have good Internet service, if your Internet isn’t consistent and disconnects a lot, consider hiring a new provider so you don’t get frustrated.

Organize your work environment

Always keep a neat work environment. Keep everything clean and have your office supplies and every other thing you may need for work at hand. Create a functional environment and avoid distractions in your office, this way you can focus on what really matters.

Plus, there’s another very important aspect: make sure your chair, desk and all your work-related equipment are ergonomic. This way, you avoid postural problems. Lighting must also be adjusted, especially if you are used to working at night.

9. The best insight to generate more income from home!

Of course, you still need to plan according to everything we’ve already mentioned and, if you’ve got this far, you already have lots os ideas boiling in your head. 

But, if you’ve decided to work from home and on your own account, the most amazing revelation is that you need to invest in promoting your product or service

Therefore, add this topic to your business plan! At first, use word-of-mouth marketing, especially if you still don’t have any customers. 

Tell your friends and acquaintances about your work, show what you do and ask them to refer you to other people whenever possible.

On the side, invest your time and, if possible, your money into online promotion. Social media is a valuable asset to promote your service. 

Between creating a fan page and posting on your favorite profile, favor the former. It will make your business look more professional. 

By having a fan page, you can also create sponsored ads to promote your work so that more people get to know you.

Regardless of the strategy you choose, creating a blog and writing quality content is always a valuable strategy, especially if you use SEO techniques to guide your efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the set of practices that optimize your website/blog so that you feature on search engines, such as Google, when a person searches for a determined term.

For example: if you teach Spanish on the Internet, you can write tips about how to learn the language faster, how to practice it, differences in accents and countless other topics!

Invest in capturing leads to work with email marketing. Through a capture page, whether on a blog or on your website, you can ask for your visitor’s email so she can get your newsletter or free material (such as an ebook.) 

This way, you increase your contact base and get another tool to communicate with potential clients.

There are many different strategies to promote products online and you can learn more about the subject here.

10. Next step: start working from home right now! 

As you can already tell, working from home isn’t a decision you can make out of the blue. It takes lots of planning to get off on the right foot.

As soon as everything is outlined, be sure to roll up your sleeves and get started. We hope our content has been valuable to you.

 If there are any further questions, leave your comments below so we can help you!

This article was originally posted in May 2017. It has been updated to include more accurate and complete information.