How to make money on the Internet with videos (and not just YouTube)

If you think that to make money on the internet with videos you need a famous YouTube channel, you're wrong! Today you'll learn new ways of using videos and making money online! Read on!


02/06/2017 | By Hotmart

Have you watched any videos today? Most likely you did. After all, approximately ⅓ of all online interaction involves videos.

That’s some interesting data, especially for you who wishes to do business online.

According to this same research carried out by Hubspot, 90% of users of this kind of media say that videos play an important role in the purchase decision.

Videos connect, engage, and are able to convey a tone of voice that many times the text can’t.

Taking it all into consideration, we can get to the conclusion that this is a great format to work online and it is about that we’re talking today:

How to make money on the Internet with videos, and not just on YouTube.

So, keep on reading and learn about other opportunities!


YouTube has gone to many people’s heads when several YouTubers became great influencers and started making a lot of money.

Even though it is an interesting profession, there is hard work behind all the glamor we see.

To make money with YouTube you must get a lot of followers and have content that’s relevant enough to arouse interest in an audience. And you can bet on this: there are topics for all tastes.

When creating a channel, you can monetize your videos and generate revenue through ads – those that are shown in the beginning or throughout the video.

To do that you must click the icon in the top right corner of the main screen on your channel and select the menu “Creator Studio”.

Go to the menu “Channel” to the left and select “Status and features”. Now activate the monetization menu.

After accepting the terms from YouTube, you’ll have to set up an account on Google Adsense, which is Google’s channel that manages the revenue generated through ads.

To set up your account and link it to YouTube, access these instructions.

Now you just have to choose which videos will be monetized in your Video Manager.

Besides the revenue generated through AdSense on YouTube, a channel that has a lot of visibility can attract other brands that wish to promote their products to that targeted audience.

If that is the case, the YouTuber gets paid to promote that brand and the profits vary according to the size and engagement in the channel.

Still, on YouTube, it is possible to use this channel to promote products if you wish to be an Affiliate. We are going to talk more about it in this text.

It’s important to keep in mind that a strategy on YouTube requires a lot of time, dedication, and consistency. People who have become popular out of the blue are the exception and not the rule. Before getting 1 million followers you need to reach 100, 1,000, 10,000… So, if you intend to use this media, make sure it is a long/mid-term plan.


Have you ever heard the term Instagrammer? They are Instagram’s influencers who are becoming quite popular on this media.

Instagram is no longer a channel only to post pictures of trips, fit bodies, and delicious food. It has become an interesting space for doing business.

Make-up tutorials, videos of physical exercises, motherhood, comedy, and several other kinds of content are achieving success because they offer short, simple, fast-to-consume material.

video instagrammers - make money on the internet with videos

Users who have a lot of followers are paid by brands to promote their products, and they can even be sponsored by companies from the same niche they’re in.

Besides traditional posts, it’s worth using Instagram Stories to get closer to your followers.

In the case of Instagram, you just need a regular account and start posting.

Make use of hashtags, explore partnerships with other Instagrammers, use sponsored posts to promote your profile and also use other social networking sites to increase your promotion media and get more followers.

Online Courses

If you believe making money with videos oline is something only for YouTube, let’s take a step forward. One of the best ways to monetize the Internet is through online courses, also known as digital products.

If you have any talent or you’re an expert in any subject that might be interesting to other people, you can produce valuable material and sell your online courses.

And this is the ideal time to teach interesting content through the Internet, considering that many people have been looking for distance learning to study something, for reasonable prices. In 2015 alone the distance learning market made 107 billion dollars.

One of the main advantages of online courses is that you will host your videos on a platform, such as Hotmart, that will automate the payment and delivery process to you. This way you can focus on promoting your course.

Here at Hotmart, we teach you the entire process step-by-step: from the creation to the first sales of your online course. To learn more about this process just click here.

We’ll leave you with Charles Laveso’s story and you can understand how he transformed his talent into a business:

Video Strategies for Affiliates

If you work or want to work as an Affiliate, you can choose between two promotion approaches. You can be an Authority Affiliate or a Scientist Affiliate

Summing it up, the Scientist is the one who concentrates her efforts to get results in the short run, that’s why she specializes in paid ad campaigns.

On the other hand, the Authority Affiliate dedicates herself to build an audience to a specific niche. This way, she gets visibility and strength in that segment and is able to promote products to an enthusiastic base.

Today we will focus on the second category and talk about how this kind of Affiliate can use videos to promote third-party products

Keeping in mind that your followers base wishes to consume content about your subject, you can explore this universe and get involved with your audience through:

  • Product reviews or courses you promote;
  • Tip of the week;
  • Regular vlog;
  • Occasional tips using Instagram Stories or Snapchat.

The more contact you establish with your followers, the bigger the chance to make sales to that audience.

Remember to always indicate your Affiliate link on the video or post description when you are promoting the product.

Viral videos

Videos that become viral on the Internet are key to a successful digital strategy. Besides generating organic marketing and increasing branding, they can stand out for a long time, thus generating business opportunities.

But the truth is that nobody wakes up on a sunny day and decides: “I’ll make a viral video!” How people take it in and their reaction will always be unpredictable.

However, there are some factors that may contribute to the success of a material.

Recently, Quicksprout analyzed the video from startup, that was (and still is) one of the great classics in digital marketing.

In this analysis, they concluded that:

Good storytelling matters: consider associating your product to a story that calls attention, generates empathy, and build the trust of your audience. Stories, in general, have more identification than loose information.

It’s fundamental to know your audience: when creating content you must know exactly who you are talking to. This principle will ensure you have a close approach to your audience, and, on the other hand, they will notice your authority on that topic.

You have got to keep the focus on the proposal: no matter how hard you try to make a funny video, you must have a connection between the audience and the value of your product. It is possible to do it by associating benefits of the product with its real usage in a more fun or ironic way.

The easier to share, the better: This is one of the main advantages of the videos – they are easily shareable. Whether for the way they involve and cause emotions or the channels in which they are published. In this case, take advantage of social networking sites to promote your videos.

You must think every second of your strategy: every word you will say matters, just like the settings and the soundtrack. It may sound complex, but if you know your audience very well, this will come much more easily to you.

With this in mind, you can think about making videos that address these details and have a good online promotion.

General tips for video production

Every promotion network will require a different kind of production. Instagram [and even YouTube sometimes] may have videos of smaller production, especially if the goal is to get closer to the audience in an informal way.

A mobile phone with a good camera and natural lighting can already play a good role when recording. In the case of indoor environments, use artificial lighting.

Other formats, such as online courses in video lessons, they need to be more presentable so that students have a full understanding of the content.

Regardless of the kind of video, you’ll produce, you need to pay special attention to the audio, which must always be clear and noise-free. If necessary, use a more powerful microphone to capture audio.

Do vocal exercises before recording your lessons and work on being relaxed in front of the cameras.


The universe of digital entrepreneurship is immense and will continue to grow as new demands come up.

The tip is to pay a lot of attention to all the possibilities and take advantage of the opportunities as they come.

Study the video market, understand how other entrepreneurs deal with this medium and explore your creative side.

Take a moment to read our complete post with tips on how to make a good video.