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35 Ways to Make More Money in 2022

Ideas to earn some extra cash or even become your own boss.


07/05/2022 | By Hotmart

It’s been two, very long years. Lockdowns, layoffs, and then more lockdowns. The fact that the job market has drastically changed is not breaking news, nor is the idea of reconsidering your future. So, are you thinking about a career change? Or do you just need to make more money with a side gig? Either way, we’ve got 35 reasons you should stop making excuses and make your dreams a reality. 

Rest assured, there are options here that you’ve never considered and ideas that might seem odd at first glance. But let’s be honest, you’ve been doing the same old thing for way too long, and a little creative thinking is what you need to shake things up. 

The path to jobs of the future and to make more money is paved with thinking outside the box. Let’s go? 

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1. Make mor money as an Affiliate

Are you the type of person who is always sought out when someone needs a product or service recommendation?

Or, do you have a large network of contacts online who like your tips and follow your advice?

If you answered yes to either question, becoming an Affiliate might be one of the ways to make more money online that you were looking for.

Affiliates are people who promote third-party products and receive commissions for each sale made.

One of the great advantages of this career is being able to work from home or wherever you are.

Are you interested in learning more about this subject? If so, check out this post with tips on making your first sale as an Affiliate. 


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2. E-commerce

If you already have physical products to sell, or are able to invest in buying these products, creating an e-commerce business is a good idea to make more money in 2022.

E-commerce is a business model similar to sales in conventional stores. However, its innovation lies in not needing a physical store to sell your products.

All you need to do is have an online store in which people will have access to your products’ photos and prices.

If this is how you choose to make money in 2022, pay attention to a few issues, such as:

  • Payment method;
  • Delivery logistics;
  • Advertising of your products.

3. Make more money answering online surveys

It might be hard to believe you can make more money by simply answering online surveys

But the truth is that certain companies actually pay people who offer this service.

Most of these surveys work as follows:

  • Register on a website.
  • Answer the surveys.
  • Earn points for each survey completed.
  • Exchange points (for the company’s products or cash).

Just make sure you understand the payment policies of these surveys and look for companies that are already recognized in the online survey marketplace.

4. YouTuber

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Are you self-confident in front of the cameras, knowledgeable about a certain niche, or influence people around you without even realizing it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps YouTube is right for you.

Personalities such as PewDiePie and Jenna Marbles are proof that it is possible to make money as a YouTuber.

But don’t think that it’s easy work and that you’ll reach numbers such as theirs within a few months. 

To become a YouTuber, you need a lot of planning and dedication. After all, you might be solely responsible for your channel, having to do all the recording, editing, posting and promotion of your videos. 

If you’d like some tips, there are quite a few posts on our blog that can help you, including a step-by-step on how to create your own channel

5. Instagrammer

The way Instagrammers make money is very similar to YouTubers.

They are also digital influencers. The difference is that the communication channel used here is Instagram.

This is a very visual social network. Therefore, it’s important that you know how to produce photos that capture your audience’s attention.

In addition to images, you can also create videos both on the feed as well as in the Stories, a feature used to interact with and engage your followers.

Whether it’s on YouTube or Instagram, the secret to having a career as a digital influencer and make more money is creating quality content for your niche to maintain and attract an increasingly larger audience.

But always remember to plan your content posts every week, or even every day.

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6. Make more money as a pet sitter

Lots of people have pets that they treat better than their own family members. 

The problem is when they need to travel or be away from home for a while and don’t know where to leave their pet.

Aware of this issue, companies such as Rover.com decided to make a connection between:

  1. People with pets who need someone to take care of them while they travel.
  2. People who love pets, can take care of them, and need to make some money.

If you fit in the latter, being a pet sitter is a good option for 2022. 

You can sign up on platforms, such as the one mentioned above, or work on your own, creating an Instagram or Facebook account to promote your service. 

This is one of several ways to make more money. But keep in mind that it’s essential to love pets and not mind taking care of their needs with affection and patience. 

Another important point before starting is to think about your expenses with food, for example.

7. Home or room renting

Do you enjoy hosting guests in your home?

Renting rooms or any other type of accommodation is a great way to make extra money.

There are several platforms that allow you to advertise your place for free and decide everything about the rental, from the price to the type of guest you wish to welcome, in addition to finding people who wish to spend time in your city. 

As with any other business, there are risks, such as the maintenance of the place. 

Therefore, choose a platform that provides guarantees in case something unwanted happens, such as broken furniture in your home.

8. Charge electric scooters

Several countries have seen a surge in shared electric scooters services. You may have seen them lying around your neighborhood, especially if you live in a large city. 

How can you make more money with this trend? You can collect them when their batteries run low, charge them at your place and deliver them in the morning. 

Quite a few startups are in the business, Bird, Sping, and Yellow, just to name a few. But before you start scooting around, it’s important to research which companies offer that service in your country and city, besides evaluating their payment process and how to apply to be able to charge scooters. You can earn anywhere from US$5 to US$30 per scooter, so be sure to find out how much you’d be able to make and, of course, if it fits your schedule! 

9. Make more money with social media 

Most companies have realized the importance of being present on social media, whether to attract new customers or to maintain a relationship with those who already know them.

However, since this is a new strategy, certain entrepreneurs still haven’t been able to use them in their businesses.

This has created social media careers, which are professionals who take care of a company’s social media.

To follow this career path, you need to be aware of what’s new on all social media, know what is best for each one and be organized.

Social media professionals do everything from planning posts to tracking the numbers in order to understand if what is being promoted is bringing the expected results.

You should know that even if you still don’t provide this type of service, you can begin to specialize.

There are several online courses, including free courses, which can show you the main features of social media so you can get started in this career.

And don’t think that you’ll only be working with large, well-known companies. 

For those who are starting out, it is possible to offer services for small businesses or for people who wish to be digital influencers and are unable to manage their social media.

Gradually, you’ll be able to get more clients, or even be hired by a company to work full time. All you need is to understand the type of business you want.

10. Online teacher

This is a suggestion for those who are already teachers or who really know a lot about a given subject and can teach it to other people.

The major advantage of being an online teacher is that you can record your classes and make them available online or teach via Skype, for example.

That way, you don’t have to go to a classroom, in addition to being able to teach classes to several people from anywhere in the world, provided that they also have access to the internet.

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11. Private tutoring 

Also regarding teachers, one of the ways to make more money in 2022 is with private tutoring.

But, unlike the previous option, which is done entirely online, private tutors can teach classes in person and choose between two options:

  1. Go to the student’s home;
  2. Teach at a specific place (which can be in your own home or a rented space).

Don’t think that only those who are already licensed can work as private tutors. 

If you are still in school, but are truly knowledgeable about a subject, you can offer to explain this content to your classmates, and get paid for it.

And don’t think that you can’t use the internet for private tutoring.

If you wish to expand your business, we have full content with tips for those who wish to provide private tutoring online. Make sure you check it out!

12. Coaching

Coaches are professionals who help in the development of other people.

This is a career that has grown a lot recently, since coaches help in a range of areas, from professional and even style (fashion coaches).

In addition to providing personal consulting services, you can also offer this type of service online, which makes your career more scalable.

13. Blogger

Are you good with words and have the ability to write content about a wide range of subjects?

Having a blog can be one way of making a living nowadays. 

There are several ways to make money as a blogger, such as:

  • Recommending other people’s products on your blog;
  • Selling eBooks related to your area of expertise;
  • Selling tutorials or templates on various subjects;
  • Using paid advertising;
  • Becoming a digital influencer, among other options.

The important thing when you’re a blogger is having a website that attracts people’s attention, and of course, having content that adds value to your audience and answers their questions.

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14. Make more money renting goods 

As with renting homes or rooms, some people rent goods in general, such as cars for those who work as personal drivers and don’t have their own car, or even construction equipment, such as power tools.

There are websites, such as Fat Llama, where you can rent a variety of things that might be useful for other people.

All you need is the equipment and for it to be in good condition. Keep in mind to research which sites offer this service in your country, if any, and check if they are reliable. Better safe than sorry, right? 

15. Caregiver for seniors/children

Offering your services as a caregiver for seniors or children can be a good option to make more money, especially if you have many available hours during your day to help other people.

You can begin by offering to take care of people you know. Over time, they might end up recommending your services to other people.

The only problem here is that you’ll probably only be able to take care of one child or senior at a time. And if you spend a long time with these people, it might become a full-time job and not only an extra income.

But if what you are looking for is exactly something to do for a long time, there are also courses that you can take in order to specialize, such as first aid care, which is important for caregivers.

16. Make more money as a personal driver 

In item 14 we talked about renting goods, including cars, which can be an alternative for those who don’t have one but who wish to work as a personal driver.

The problems related to getting around in big cities have already been mapped and several alternatives are being developed constantly, including the electric scooters mentioned in number 8. Another one is the use of private cars with their drivers, such as Uber and Lyft.

If you enjoy driving and are available to spend a few hours of your day in traffic, registering on one of these platforms can be one great choice among all the ways to make more money we have mentioned. 

17. Meal delivery

Those who enjoy cooking can prepare meals and sell them online or in person.

You can offer everything from frozen food to ready-to-eat meals, such as fitness or vegetarian meals, which is essential for those who work in offices and can’t leave work for lunch.

Provided that you know how to advertise well, follow health surveillance rules and prepare delicious food, your business can be successful and be exactly what you need to start your business

18. Maintenance service 

Not everyone knows how to repair broken things at home. 

Whether it’s a washing machine or a loose tile, it’s always good to have someone to count on when we need small maintenance services.

If you’re a woman, there’s also another market that you can tackle: women who live alone.

Many of them are afraid of hiring a person they don’t know to help with house maintenance. They might feel safer knowing that a woman will be performing the service.

This is an old market in which you can innovate

And you can also offer courses for those who wish to learn how to fix something broken on their own. 

19. Graphic designer

Designers are creative people who are able to write down other people’s ideas to make them more visual.

You can create anything from business cards to websites or create brands and visual identities for companies. 

Graphic designers can also work through specific platforms for freelancers that connect those offering this type of service with people that need it.

20. Make more money as a car washer

Many people don’t like to wash their cars at home for reasons such as:

  • Condo restrictions, especially for those who live in an apartment.
  • Not knowing how to wash a car well.
  • Believing that it’s cheaper to pay for an outside service than wasting water and time at home.

Regardless of the reason, this is a type of service that you can provide.

Research to find out how much, on average, you will spend on cleaning products and water so you can offer a price that is profitable and fair for your client.

21. At-home hair and makeup

Despite the various tutorials teaching people how to do their own makeup and hairstyles, there are still those who prefer to hire someone when there’s a special event.

So, how about specializing in this and working as a makeup artist or hairdresser?

Don’t think that only those who have a beauty salon can do this. You can offer an at-home service and go to your clients’ homes to prepare them for an event.

Create a professional Instagram account, learn how to do incredible makeup and hairstyles on your clients and start promoting your service to everyone you know.

22. Tour guide

If you live in a town or city which is popular among tourists, you can take courses to specialize and become a guide during the vacations of those visiting your city to make more money.

You can offer services, such as:

  • Ecological walks;
  • Visits to the main tourist attractions;
  • Gastronomic hikes.

Also, a good tip is to create an eBook with some information that can be useful for tourists and sell it online.

23. Virtual assistant

Believe it or not, there are certain entrepreneurs who hire people to be their virtual assistants.

Services offered by secretaries, such as scheduling appointments, organizing spreadsheets, requesting price quotes and replying to emails, can be done remotely.

A well-organized person can do this work without having to leave home.  

24. Franchises

Those who have money to invest can open a franchise and have their own business.

In this type of investment, you need to pay close attention to make sure that you’re investing your money in something with the possibility of high profits. 

After all, we all know that opening a franchise isn’t cheap, especially if it’s something well known, such as McDonald’s, for example.

Do research to understand which areas are the best for you to operate and also think about the amount that you can invest. 

This way, it’ll be easier to understand which option can bring the return you wish and which stores you can actually afford.

25. Garment maker

Have you noticed how hard it is to find a good garment maker to make small repairs or even create clothing from scratch?

If you have this skill, invest in advertising in the area where you live and offer your sewing services.

But don’t think that your work only consists of this. 

You can also teach sewing, either online or in person, and teach your techniques to other people.

This is a good idea for those who wish to work with something they know, don’t you think?

26. Make more money as a Photographer

For those who have a professional camera and knowledge, taking photos professionally is one of the ways to make more money in 2022 doing what you like.

You can work at parties, weddings, events in general or individual photo shoots.

In addition, you can also create an online portfolio with your photos and send them to companies that might need this type of service.

For example, a restaurant might hire you to take incredible photos of their delicious dishes.

27. Videomaker and/or video editor

Like photographers, this is a way to make more money for those who already have the necessary equipment to record and edit videos.

Believe me, when you need professional video editing, you need a good computer to load all the captured scenes.

This job also allows you to work in various events or offer your services as a freelancer for those who need videos.

Once again, don’t forget to make your work available for potential clients. This way, they will be sure that you’re the right person to hire.

28. Make commissions when you travel

It is common in some countries for people not to find a certain product or find it cheaper abroad. 

If you usually travel to other countries, this can be one of the ways of making money. However, there are a few points to which you should pay attention:

  • In most countries, you can bring a specific number of electronic devices into the country. It’s very important to follow this rule and not break the laws of the countries of origin and destination.
  • Always pay attention to your luggage weight. When you go over the allowed weight, you’ll have to pay for excess luggage.
  • You need to have money to invest. After all, you’ll make the purchases first and only try to sell them later. You might not be able to sell all the items you bring.

Be sure to find a trustworthy platform that connects buyers and do thorough research before choosing one.

Another option is following item 2: have an online store and only purchase imported products after someone orders them.

This way, you can import the products, even without traveling to another country and resell with a percentage of profit.

But pay close attention to the constant investment you’ll need to make and all of your country’s import laws so as not to do anything illegal.

In addition, always consider the delivery logistics, which also needs to be added when deciding the prices of the products you’re going to sell.

29. Media buyer

Do you know those ads that are displayed almost every time you search a word on Google?

They are created by a media buyer, which is the professional in a company responsible for buying media, or to be clearer, the person who creates ads.

If you know the digital market well, are good at analysis and have the ability to create strategies, this can be the career path you should follow.

To be prepared and work as a media buyer you need to study and familiarize yourself with certain online tools, such as:

What’s great about the internet is that you can find several courses that teach the step-by-step process on how to use these tools.

With practice, you can become a specialist in buying traffic and can choose between working for a company or on your own, including as an Affiliate.

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30. Thrift store owner

This is another form of making money that requires an initial investment.

In the past, Thrift stores would sell only used, and sometimes, damaged or very old items.

However, there’s been a movement that appreciates vintage pieces and with it, older items, such as furniture, books and even clothing have become fashionable.

For this reason, the number of thrift stores has grown, especially in large cities, and the demand for older items has also increased.

For those who identify themselves with this niche, buying vintage items from other people and reselling them is a good option.

What is most important here is the advertising of your store, which can be physical, as well as online.

31. Writer

Like bloggers, this is the ideal option for those who like to write and master the grammatical rules of their native language.

There are several options for those who wish to work as a writer. Some of the most sought after options are:

  • Text reviewer;
  • Writing books, either as a ghostwriter or as the author;
  • Content freelancer.  

Study the market values, find the most suitable option for you, create your portfolio and send it to your potential clients.

32. Translator

Many companies thinking about globalization constantly require the services of a translator since they need to have all of their processes documented in other languages.

But this doesn’t sum up a translator’s career. 

You can translate books, work as a simultaneous translator in lectures, or do certified translations. 

Like writers, translators can also work for a company or as a freelancer and offer their services to several clients.

Always remember to be very organized, especially if you work on your own, so as to deliver your work within the deadlines.

33. Wedding planner

People getting married don’t always have the time to plan everything involving a wedding. This is where a wedding planner becomes indispensable.

In order to follow this career path, you also need to be very organized. After all, you’ll have to deal with many different suppliers, in addition to the brides and grooms who need your help and attention practically all the time.

For those who like parties, this can be an excellent way to make more money, because you’ll be constantly working with events.

The disadvantage is working on weekends, but many people won’t find this to be a major obstacle.

34. Podcaster

Many people still aren’t familiarized with this content format, but believe me, podcasters are increasingly trending.

You can start creating podcasts only as a way of talking about the subjects you like the most and share them with people you know.

But if your podcasts are really interesting, your content might be indicated for other people, and over time, you can attract a larger audience. This can lead brands to become interested in your podcasts, and who knows? Even invest in them.

As you might’ve noticed, this is an option in which you won’t make money fast. You’ll need hard work, dedication and time to understand if this is really the best way to monetize.

However, podcasts can also be used in another way. 

If you’re already a digital influencer, blogger, affiliate or any other professional that needs to captivate clients with educational content, you can use podcasts to do so, even if it’s free. 

In this case, financial return will come another way, usually with the sale of products, for example.

35. Make more money as a creator 

You might have a different skill, such as playing a musical instrument, or you may be an expert in subjects such as finances.

Have you ever thought about using this knowledge to teach other people?

Creators are those who make online courses to teach what they know to others.

This is a great way to make more money because you can work from wherever you are, doing what you like, and scaling your profits. Since the classes are recorded, you can sell them to thousands of people worldwide.

There are numerous possibilities and anyone with knowledge that others want and will pay for can become a creator.

There are a few steps that need to be followed when you record your classes. But don’t let this deter you.

But if you’re interested and have no idea where to start, there are free courses that teach the step-by-step process for those who wish to create a digital product and sell it online. There are also quite a few platforms to host your content. It’s important to choose the one that fits your needs. 

Bonus tip about your future

Whether you’ve made it this far out of desperation or frustration about your current financial situation, you’ve probably got some new ideas stirring. Take a few seconds and invest this energy! 

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