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Video editing programs: learn about 9 programs for you to use

Learn about these 9 video editing programs!

Barbara Santos

09/22/2017 | By Barbara Santos

What will we see in this post

But we realize that in addition, it is very important to know how to edit your videos; after all, this is an essential part of the content creation process.

But do you know which video editing programs you could use?

There is always the option of hiring a professional who knows how to edit videos to help you with this part, which will save you time if you don’t have experience with it. After all, if editing isn’t yet your forte, you’ll need to devote more time to learning this task.

But if you are interested in learning how to edit videos or cannot hire a person to help you with this task, we will help you by showing you 9 video editing programs that you can start using. Of course the choice of software you will use depends on your purpose and the type of video you will make.

For example:

A videomaker with commercial and professional goals will probably be looking for a video editing program with more tools and editing features than a beginner who has just started to learn to edit. It is more plausible that someone who understands less about editing will look for something simpler, less expensive and more functional to begin learning how to edit videos.

Regardless of the category in which you fit, be aware that any video editing program has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you to try out as much as possible with the available software and see which one suits you best.

1. Final Cut Pro X

If you are an Apple Mac user, Final Cut Pro X is a video editing program that you can use especially if you already have some editing skills, since this software is considered to be for professional use.

Printscreen of the Final Cut's interface

Image provided by Apple support


  • This is a very popular video editing program because of its rendering speed although this aspect is much more related to your computer’s hardware;
  • You don’t need support applications to use it;
  • You can edit videos in offline mode;
  • Final Cut Pro X features real-time effects and graphics.


  • This software is only compatible with macOS;
  • It isn’t a free editing program and its current value is USD 299.99 (but this amount is paid only once);
  • It is available in German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese and English, but there still is no Portuguese version.

2. iMovie

iMovie is a widely known program for Apple users since it is considered the official video editor for Macs. In addition, it also has a full version for iPad and iPhone.

Printscreen of the iMovie's interface

Image provided by Apple support


  • You can start editing your video on a mobile device with iOS, such as iPhone and then continue your project on the Mac after transferring it through iCloud or AirDrop;
  • It has a very intuitive interface, which makes it easier for those who are starting out in editing;
  • You can create projects with a resolution of up to 4K and also add soundtracks and sound effects already made available by the software, record voiceovers, create animated titles and even insert closing credits;
  • It’s a totally free program; you only need to download it to your Mac or any other iOS device.


  • As with Final Cut, iMovie can only be used on Apple devices;
  • You cannot import MP4 format files into this software;
  • If you already have more advanced skills, you may find iMovie surprising, since it is a simple video editing program and is not recommended for projects that require advanced features.

3. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is one of the best-known desktop video editing programs and it is also considered by many Windows users as easy-to-use software.

Printscreen of the Movie Maker's interface


  • It is a free tool;
  • It is very easy to use and allows editing from home videos to more professional projects;
  • Computers with Windows XP, 7, 9 and Vista already include Movie Maker, which facilitates its use since the user doesn’t need to download the program;
  • There are over 130 effects available for you to use in your edits.


  • This is a video editing program that only works on computers with Windows operating system;
  • There are many user complaints about frequent program hanging and freezing;
  • If you’re running Windows 10 it will not have Movie Maker preinstalled and you will not be able to install it;
  • The program is no longer available for download;
  • While the program promises well-advanced features, most editing professionals don’t recommend it because they believe the available functions aren’t very advanced.

4.  Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Widely used commercially, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is an Adobe professional video editing program.

Printscreen of the Premiere Pro's interface

Image provided by the Adobe blog


  • Premiere is an editor compatible with both iOS and Windows;
  • It is compatible with various graphics applications; for example, After Effects;
  • There is an advanced tracking feature that identifies objects and faces and thus eliminates empty spaces automatically;
  • You can choose which type of Premiere license you wish to purchase since there is more than one option, such as Premiere Elements 15, which is more accessible for beginners, unlike Premiere Pro CC, which is a more professional video editor;
  • As a more professional program, Premiere has a lot of effects that can be added to your videos.


  • Premiere is a paid program and values range from R$ 175.00/month to get all the applications (such as Premiere Pro, After Effect, Photoshop, etc.) and R$ 71.00/month to use only Premiere;
  • Although it is a complete and widely used editor, there are reports of users saying that it freezes up and video rendering is slow but again, this is more likely to be related to your hardware;
  • For someone who is starting out editing videos, they are likely to encounter some difficulties, since this is a professional tool.

5. Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro, formerly known as Sony Vegas, was initially developed as an audio editor, but is already being used for the full production of videos.

Printscreen of the Vegas Pro's interface

Image provided by Vegas Creative Software


  • This is an editing tool that respects your original video file since it’s possible to change the file and save all changes only within Vegas itself. However, non-destructive editing already is a rule and can be found in almost all video editing programs;
  • The program has its own bank of royalty-free soundtracks and audios that can be used in your edits;
  • There is an advanced effect that allows you to correct certain localized defects instead of correcting each scene individually;
  • It is possible to make sound and image edits by practically using only drag and drop.


  • There are many reports of program slowness;
  • It isn’t a free tool and the value is currently around R$ 1,800.00;
  • You need to know and understand the editing controls to be able to use Vegas Pro.

6. Lightworks

If you want good results, advanced features and a tool that works with Windows, Mac and Linux, Lightworks is the ideal video editing program for you.

Printscreen of the Lightworks interface

Image provided by the Lightworks official tutorial


  • Lightworks is an option that is constantly chosen by video editing professionals since it features well-known functions and features;
  • Despite being a paid tool, its price is more affordable going from $ 7.99 to $ 279.99 and with a free beta version;
  • It is a simpler video editing program than Final Cut and Adobe Premiere;
  • According to its manufacturer, Lightworks is the fastest editing tool on the market.


  • Despite being a video editing program used in certain Hollywood productions such as the Wolf of Wall Street and Pulp Fiction, it is little known outside the film community;
  • If you still don’t have a lot of editing experience, you’ll probably have difficulty using this tool since it isn’t as intuitive as other programs, which makes it difficult to use.

7. Shotcut

Such as Lightworks, Shotcut is one of the multi-platform open-source video editing programs, which means that it works on Linux, Windows and Mac; in other words, this tool is an excellent choice for anyone using any computer.

Printscreen of the Shotcut's interface

Image provided by the Hotmart Shotcut tutorial


  • This is a good video editor for those who are starting out because it is intuitive and its interface is quite simple, so there is no difficulty in learning how to use it on your own;
  • Because it’s an initially easy-to-use tool, you can find several tutorials that teach you how to use Shotcut;
  • There are no costs to use it, just download it for free;
  • You can use this software as a media player and have access to the history of all the projects you have created since you started using Shotcut;
  • It is compatible with various video formats, such as .mov, .mpeg, .avi, .mp4, among others, so it can be used as a video converter.


  • Because it is a simple tool, Shotcut doesn’t have many options for video effects;
  • Some users complain about its slowness, because like several other video editing programs, Shotcut is also a memory hog;
  • This video editor isn’t recommended for those who want to deliver videos with very different special effects, since the purpose of this tool is to be practical, simple and intuitive for users.

8. DaVinci Resolve

Initially, DaVinci Resolve was created for color treatment in images, but currently it is a complete video editing program and is even used by American TV shows as well as Hollywood film productions.

Printscreen of the DaVinci Resolve's interface

Image provided by the official DaVinci Resolve website


  • Since it was initially developed for color processing, the software presents many advanced options for this purpose, as well as audio handling and all the functionality of video editing programs;
  • Although it is a paid tool, it is possible to opt for a simpler version, but still very good and free;
  • DaVinci Resolve is a program that works on both PCs and Macs;
  • It is easy to migrate projects already started or finished in other applications to correct their colors in DaVinci.


  • This is a very advanced and complete program, so you will need a more advanced computer, with good hardware so that the editor doesn’t crash;
  • Since DaVinci has very advanced commands, it can be difficult to use if you are a beginner because its interface isn’t very intuitive;
  • To purchase the DaVinci Resolve 14 software you’ll need to invest about US$ 299.

9. Filmora (Wondershare Video Editor)

Last but not least, the Wondershare Video Editor is also an option for those who are looking for video editing programs and especially, for an editor that was not intended specifically for videomakers.

Printscreen of the Filmora's interface

Image provided by the official Filmora website


  • Filmora is a program considered easy to use, so if you’re starting now, this might be a good option;
  • In addition to working on PCs and Macs, you can also edit your videos on iOS and Android mobile phones;
  • It is possible to edit 360-degree videos, which is a great advantage especially for those who record this type of video on their phones.


  • Because it is such a simple and intuitive program to use it probably doesn’t have as many features as the video editing programs most commonly used by commercial videomakers;
  • Although the software can be downloaded for free, you will only be able to create 10 video projects. Afterwards, you’ll have to pay values ranging from $ 39.99 to $ 119.99, depending on the type of version you choose.


There are several options for video editing programs on the market, and to choose the one you will use, you’ll need to test as many as possible. Only by doing so will you be able to see which one suits you best and you can decide which one you like the most, since the major differences between them are basically usability, price, compatibility with operating systems and the number of features available.

There are several free or paid options on the market, but the most important thing is that you understand that most video editors work in a similar manner and, by understanding this logic, all of them can serve you well.

For those who are starting to edit videos now, it may seem like a very difficult thing to do, but you can be sure that over time and with lots of practice, you’ll be able to produce your videos in the best possible way.

Beyond editing, it’s also important to think about the content of your videos. So take the time to read our full post on how to create a video script.