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15 job ideas for those without a college degree

Does a lack of a diploma hinder your professional life? Check out 15 job ideas for those without a college degree

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The lack of good opportunities, coupled with the advances of the Internet, has created a revolution in the job market where more people are searching for jobs without degree, which are creative options to generate income, preferably without leaving home.

With these changes, professionals are now valued more for their skills than for their diplomas.  

Of course, having a college degree still opens many doors but this doesn’t mean that not having one makes you less capable or less professional.

In today’s post, we show you 15 job opportunities that do not require a degree and how you can generate income from them!  

1. Sewing and Pattern Making

Despite the growth of retails stores, seamstresses haven’t disappeared and there is still a demand for customized pieces, which can become a business opportunity.

Tips for generating income with sewing

Define your sub-niche

As a seamstress, you can choose various sub-niches such as repairs to finished pieces, making uniforms, your own clothing line or trousseau/layette pieces.  

The most financially feasible option is to work with repairs because it does not require investments in materials. Only a sewing machine will be needed at the beginning.

If your goal is to make your own clothing line, you will need:

  • define the type of clothing you wish to sew (men’s, women’s, children’s, etc.);
  • create a production line with more people;
  • contact suppliers, etc.

Something helpful is to develop a feasible minimum quantity of product, i.e., a collection with fewer pieces to test people’s interest and to know if your business idea is sustainable in the medium and long term.

Advertise your services

In order to build a fixed customer base, you need people to know you. Use social networks such as Instagram to inform them that you are offering seamstress services and to promote your brand.

At first you can do this on your own profile but as your business matures you should use more sophisticated advertising techniques.

Create a Facebook fan page, an Instagram and/or YouTube profile and use them to advertise your work.

It is worth remembering that although the Internet is a great ally you should also rely on word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore, care for the quality of the service that you are offering and your customers will become ambassadors for your product/service.

Establish partnerships

Business partnerships are not exclusive to major entrepreneurs. You can create a co-op with other seamstresses and share expenses such as rent, taxes and utility bills.

Another example of a partnership that can work is to contact clothing stores and propose that they sell your product in exchange for a commission on sales.

2. Arts & Crafts

Do you like arts and crafts? Have you thought about turning your interest into a source of income?

Many people dismiss the idea because they believe that arts are only a hobby, but if you get organized to start a business, you can make a living with this activity.

Tips for generating income with arts and crafts

Identify an existing demand

Working with arts and crafts is more than merely offering beautiful and original pieces, you must also identify opportunities and offer solutions for existing demands; otherwise, no one will be interested in buying your product.

For example, if you live in a resort town you can create souvenirs, which are smaller pieces that can be carried in a suitcase.

Calculate each piece’s profit margin

Study your market to understand which pieces are in good demand and can yield an advantageous profit margin. There is no use selling a thousand units of a product a month if the amount obtained does not cover the expenses you had during production.

Display you product on arts and crafts platforms

Sign up on specific websites that sell handcrafted products such as Elo7, Rede Ateliê, among others.

In this model you pay the platform a commission for each sale made, but the chances of selling are higher since people all over Brazil are seeing your product.

Another facility of this type of service is that you don’t have to deal directly with buyers.

3. Beauty therapist

Nowadays it is common to find beauty therapists that abandon their routine in the salon to offer services such as hairdressing, manicures, pedicures, massages and makeup at their clients’ homes.

If you know how to perform any of the above activities well, this could be your chance to create your own business.

Tips for generating income as a beauty therapist

Create an online profile

Create a Facebook page and an Instagram profile to share photos of your work and establish your authority in the subject. Remember to ask your clients’ permission before sharing their photos.

Offer service packages

In order to increase your income, you can offer unique packages and combine several types of service into a single session for an attractive price.

Stay up to date

In order to stand out in such a competitive market, you need to deliver more than your clients expect.

Research aesthetic references on a daily basis on the web and TV to offer a more personalized service to your clients. This research will make all the difference when you recommend an aesthetic procedure to your clients because it shows that you know what you’re talking about.

It is also important to take courses to stay current and learn new procedures. Thus, you will have more services to offer to your buyer.

4. Food production

Unlike the previous niches, the food niche meets a basic human need and therefore, the demand for this type of service is perennial.

There are many options in this segment, you can open a restaurant, work from home, create a catering service and even cook at your clients’ homes.

Tips for generating income with food production

Ask for people’s opinions

List the dishes you like to make. Also ask those who know you what they like the most and compare their answers. The ideal is to find a dish that you like to prepare and that will please other people’s palates.

Invest in easy-to-find ingredients

There is no use in creating a wonderful menu if you depend on “seasonal” or “hard-to-find” ingredients. Consider that you demand will be recurrent and invest in dishes that can be prepared with ingredients that can be found at any market.

Define you market niche

Do you wish to provide services to executive who eat lunch near you home or cater to weddings? Establishing your niche will help you become more assertive in your offer.

You still don’t know what to sell? Below we have listed a few products that can be made at home and that require low investment.

Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is an option for those who wish to have a healthy diet but don’t have time to prepare meals every day. You can sell to snack bars at gyms or offer it to your friends at work to supplement your income.

Candy and desserts

“Brigadeiro” (chocolate fudge candy), bonbons, pies and cakes in a mug are a few choices for those who wish to work selling candy and desserts. Create a profile on social networks to take photos of these treats and advertise them to your friends. If you wish to setup a physical point of sale, opt for places with a lot of foot traffic.

Ready-made meals

Advertise your services near major commercial centers to attract new clients. You can also deliver meals if you have the means of transportation to do so. Despite being an extra investment, delivery services is a very attractive feature for buyers.

5. Blog

There are two forms of making money with a blog. The first one is through paid advertising, i.e., you sell advertising space on your page to display third party product banners. These ads are made possible through Google Adsense and in order to display them on your blog, you need to register for the service.

In this model, you receive a payment whenever someone clicks on a banner in your blog, even if this person doesn’t make a purchase.

It sounds simple, right?

But in order to work, you need your page to have a lot of traffic, which can be more complicated for those who are starting out. A blog full of ads isn’t attractive at all for your readers.

The other option to generate an income with a blog is with a product, producing quality content. This is the option we will focus on.

Tips for generating income with a blog

Build relationships before selling products

The biggest mistake beginners make with their blogs is to try to sell products before gaining the readers’ trust.

Every consumer goes through three different moments before making a purchase:

The knowledge phase (when they are researching about a product but still haven’t recognized that it solves a problem);

The pondering phase (whey they have discovered they have a problem but still haven’t decided if they want to buy from you);

And the decision phase, which is when they decide they will buy the product or service.

If you appear to be “pushing” a product, your followers will notice it and won’t trust you anymore.

But if instead you deliver quality content to your followers, this will help you solve problems and focus on establishing a long-term relationship, you will gain more time to convince people to buy from you in the future.

Recommend products

Once you’ve produced a few good posts and invest in digital marketing techniques you can begin to attract a bibber followers to your blog.

A bloggers job consists of recommending products and services to your followers in exchange for an amount offered by the contracting party, which is normally much cheaper than advertising on TV or radio for example.

You can contact brands and companies to offer advertising space or work as an Affiliate, which is the simplest way to start.

We will talk more about Affiliates in this post, stay tuned!

Offer member-only content

If you are an expert in the subject you cover, people won’t mind paying a little more to access member-only content and this can become an option to generate income with your blog.

Create a member area for your blog and offer unique content for your subscribers.

You have a post about 10 ways to improve sleep? How about offering video content to your subscribers, going into further detail on this subject?

6. YouTuber

YouTube is a social network in which people post videos under the most diverse categories, but over the last few years, went from being merely entertainment to become a profession.

Once you decide to be a YouTuber it is important to establish a post frequency so that your followers don’t forget about you. Therefore, it is a job like any other.

Tips for generating income with YouTube

Run ads on your videos

One of the ways of generating revenue on YouTube is to allow ads to be run before or after your videos.

Each time an ad is clicked, the advertiser pays a certain amount to the platform, and if the click was made on your channel, part of this amount goes to you.

You should be careful when choosing this monetization model because many ads create a bad experience for your users.

Optimize your content for searches

In order to make money with your videos you need to attract relevant traffic to your channel and this involve the optimization for search engines, known as SEO.

SEO definition implies in having attractive titles, choosing good keywords for your videos, creating thumbnails, among other details that will make your content stand out among other videos on the same subject.

Despite these improvements, the quality of the content is still the main factor for ranking.

Measure to improve

You cannot improve if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong.

So you should periodically monitor the performance of your videos through YouTube Analytics. This tool can provide you with important metrics such as retention rate, number of likes and shares, which are useful to optimize your content and to delivery videos that engage more.

7. DJ

Enjoying music and parties is the main requirement to become a DJ because it basically consists of this. The great advantage of this profession is that you have flexible hours and work an average of 6 hours a day and fewer days a week.

Tips for generating income as a DJ

Learn the skills

Despite practically being a self-taught profession, there are several courses and tutorials available to build your DJ skillset. Look for those that better fit your availability of time and budget. If you don’t wish to invest a lot of money at the beginning, you can learn at home and deejay at friends’ parties while you improve your skills.

Compare prices

Complete DJ equipment can be quite expensive, so we suggest that you buy used items or rent equipment whenever you deejay at an event. As you increase your demand, you can evaluate the need for buying new equipment.

Promote private parties

The best way to become known in this market is by making contacts. You can barter for your services and promote private parties until people get to know your work. If you offer quality services, you will be recommended for other events and over time, you will be free to negotiate your fees.

8. Affiliate

Affiliates are professionals that promote products or services in exchange of commissions. This can be an option for those who wish to work in sales but don’t want to have the trouble of creating a product.

Despite having gained notoriety recently, the Affiliate Marketing model has been widely used by brands such as Avon and Natura, for example. One of the pioneers on the web was Amazon.

And what does this job entail?

  • You become an affiliate of a product;
  • You promote your Affiliate link on your blog or social networks
  • Whenever someone makes a purchase from your link you receive a cash payment.

Besides being simple, affiliate marketing is a scalable model, i.e., it is possible to make more than one sale without increasing your operating costs.

Tips for generating income with Affiliate Marketing

Choose good products

When you recommend a product or service to someone in your social circle, this means that you had a good experience, right? The affiliate link on the web is the same thing. People buy because they value your opinion.

When you advertise a bad product, you might make the sale but you will the trust of your base.  

Write persuasive texts

A persuasive text convinces the reader to take actions (whether it is watching a video, downloading or buying a product) piquing the readers’ curiosity or making a promise.

Read more about the subject.

Operate in a niche in tune with your skills

Before going into Affiliate Marketing, make a list of topics that you cover in your channels and opt for products that relate to the type of content you produce and that interest your followers.

Result: people who click on the link are much more qualified to buy that type of product, which increases your chances of making the sale.

9. E-commerce

Selling products online is a way to reach more people in addition to being a cheap business model because you don’t have to pay rent, hire employees and other recurring expenses for those with a physical store.

This is a booming market as more people are discovering the advantages of online shopping.

Tips for generating income with e-commerce

Define the type of product you wish to sell

Will you resell products or create your own items? What is the segment of your online store?

Think of an attractive name for your virtual store

It may sound foolish but having an interesting name that is preferably easy to write creates a positive impact on sales, because people will find it easier to find your web page and to recommend it to other people.

Create profiles on social networks

Besides serving to promote your product, these channels are important to maintain constant contact with your followers, advertise promotions and any other action that can generate more sales.

Certain entrepreneurs prefer to sell only through Facebook or Instagram. This focus allows for a more personalized service but it can become unfeasible when sales increase.

Establish the logistics for your business

Unlike a physical store, e-commerce purchases take a few days to be concluded because the person does not immediately receive the product, unless your market digital products.

You win or lose your clients at the delivery; therefore, be on time with your deadlines, avoid promises you cannot keep and notify the buyer in the event of unforeseen events. You can also send gifts or notes with the purchase to enhance the experience.

10. Thrift Store

The concept of a thrift store is quite simple: it is a store where used clothing, accessories, and footwear are sold, but which are in good condition. For many years this type of business was associated with the idea of “old things”, but with the popularization of the “sustainable consumption” culture, buying in thrift stores has become cool.

Tips for generating income with a Thrift Store

Choose a busy place to set up your store

We just finished talking about online stores, but there are those who prefer to have a physical store and who feel that it matches the idea of a thrift store. If this is your case, there are two characteristics that you must consider when choosing the location of the store: foot traffic and accessibility.

If you already live in a place with these characteristics, use one of your rooms at home to set up your store.

Have a diversified inventory

The consignment system is a good strategy to build up inventory without spending money. You can take pieces from third parties and keep them on display at the thrift store, in exchange for a commission for the sale. After you generate a cash flow, adopt the piece purchasing model, which will have a better profit margin.

Start selling to people nearby

If you don’t have many resources to create your own thrift store, but you are interested in this segment, you can begin by selling your own pieces to acquaintances, family members and coworkers. This way you have time to structure a business plan and start on the right foot.

11. Pet Sitter

A pet caregiving service, also known as a pet sitter, is ideal for those who like small animals such as dogs and cats. Your job will be to take care of these pets while their owners are away, providing basic services such as baths, feeding and walking them.

Tips for generating income as a pet caregiver

Acquire skills

Of course that linking animals is essential for this profession, but you will need to provide more than your clients expect in order to stand out in the market. There are several specific courses for pet care such as training, grooming and veterinary first aid, which will add value to your services.

Use apps to promote your services

Animal sitters can advertise their services and find clients by means of apps such as DoggyBnB and DogHero. In addition to their convenience, these platforms facilitate the business relationship, providing safety to the sitter and the hiring party.

Setup a basic structure in your home

It is common for people that hire pet sitting services to bring a few pet accessories such as a leash, feeding bowls and toys, but it is interesting for you to have such accessories at home to avoid unforeseen events that make the animal nervous.

12. Digital Producer (online courses)

Online courses are nothing more than educational content that can be distributed or sold online.

Don’t worry because you don’t need to have a college degree to be an online teacher. Any knowledge you master, and that can help someone solve a problem can be transformed into an online course, including all the professions we mentioned in this text.

Tips for generating income with online courses

Solve a problem

Unlike what many people believe, the problem isn’t always something bad, but only a situation to be solved. Whenever a user makes a generic search on Google, this means that he/she wants to solve a simple problem, which is the lack of knowledge. If he/she is only curious about the subject, a Wikipedia page can help him/her.

A user that uses the specific keyword “how to invest money without risks”, has already recognized that he/she has a problem and is searching for a solution, in this case, he/she is the perfect client for an economist who has an online course about finances.

The first step to becoming a Digital Producer is to identify a latent demand that can be solved with your knowledge. Use tools such as Google Trends to find the most searched topics, participate in discussion forums to get to know the pains neglected by your market, visit websites such as “Reclame Aqui (Complain Here)” and talk to your friends.

The ideal situation is that after all this research you can position yourself in a niche that you master and that, at the same time, has sufficient demand to generate income.

Record Videos

Videos are the best format to transmit educational content because they allow you to use editing resources, gestures and simulations to reinforce your explanation, especially when the subject is more complicated.

In addition to maximize didactics, videos create more empathy because your student will get to know your and as a result, it will increase the chances of him/her interacting with your content.

Carry out tests before launching your product

A good form of testing the reception from your followers is to record a video class and make it available for free on YouTube.

But don’t think that because it’s free that the content can have less quality. The idea here is to create a product that is very close to what you intend to offer, and submit it to the feedback of other people to identify what can be improved.

Understand how Hotmart works.

13. hotographer

There are currently several options for those who wish to work with photography. Some of them will require a higher level of knowledge but in most cases, you can learn techniques by yourself.

Tips for generating income with photography

Innovate in a saturated niche

The demand for event photographers is high but there are other sub-niches that you can specialize in, such as photographing babies, photo shoots of pets and e-commerce photos. By choosing less saturated niches you have better chances of innovating.

Create a virtual portfolio

Remember those snapshots you took of family gatherings? And how about those pictures you took during your last trip? If the material is good and the photos have high resolution, consider creating an online portfolio of your work. Over time you can replace these photos with the work you do.

Get your own internet domain

Creating a blog about photography is an excellent way to strengthen your authority on the subject and pave the way for new business partnerships. You can also use this channel for affiliate marketing and earn commissions by advertising photographic products.

14. Personal Stylist

A personal stylist provides advice about fashion and style according to client needs. Part of this professional’s job is to recommend clothes, shoes and accessories that express the personality of the person wearing them.

The consultancy can be specific (for example: the type of clothes to wear to an important job interview) or involve a complete new wardrobe for the client.

Tips for generating income as a personal stylist

Give lectures and workshops

Consultancies are not the only option for a professional who wishes to work as a personal stylist. You can also offer lecture and workshops about fashion and teach people how to express themselves through the way they dress, how to wear trends in everyday life, among other subjects.

Work in fashion editorials

Personal stylists are also the professionals indicated to work in fashion magazines and blogs, selecting the clothes, shoes and accessories that the models will wear during photo shoots. Search for vehicles in this segment and offer an exchange for your services. This will give your work visibility.

Diversify your services

You don’t need a college degree in order to become a personal stylist, but those who wish to work in this area need to be prepared to change their clients’ entire personal image, and not only their clothes. Therefore, we suggest that you take supplementary courses including, hair, makeup and even photography.

15. Hostel

Hotels are no longer the first choice for those who wish to travel. Latching on to this trend, creating a Hostel can be an interesting choice for those who have a large property with several unused rooms.

Tips for generating income with a Hostel

Regularize your company

In order to register your Hostel on search websites such as, your company must be properly registered in the hotel segment. Contact the regulatory agencies in your town and find out which documentation is necessary for this purpose and if necessary, hire an accountant to help you with this task.

This type of venture also requires an inspection from the fire department to certify that it is fully operational.

Offer tour packages

One way to attract more people to stay at your Hostel is by offering personalized services, such as sightseeing tours to the city’s main attractions, promotions for couples, airport transfers, among others. It is worth researching travel blogs on the web to find out what the most recurring demands of this public are.

Have a website

Although people use social networks a lot, having a page for your Hostel provides credibility for those who are searching for accommodations. Your website must basically contain photos of the rooms (in high resolution), description of the services provided, phone number and email address for contacts. It is also important to use SEO techniques so your page will gain ranking relevance. Soon, we will post full information about this.


This text was not written with the purpose of depreciating college degrees, but to show you that there are several options for those who wish to generate income and build a successful business outside the conventional job market.

We hope that this content has been helpful for you. Share it with your friends that might be going through a similar situation.