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10 Business Opportunities Outside the Traditional Market

Learn about business opportunities outside the traditional market, so you can have a differential advantage and make a living out of your passions.


08/17/2022 | By Hotmart

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Contemporary generations have a very unique profile when compared to previous generations, especially regarding their involvement with the digital world and their career plans, which bring us many business opportunities we all can enjoy.

With a growing focus on life experiences, desire for stability and purchasing goods have been replaced by valuing freedom, flexibility and innovation in the work environment.

Faced with this change in profile, the work market has also changed and is still undergoing significant changes in order to keep up with the pace required by the new generations.

If entrepreneurship didn’t used to be the go-to option in the past, nowadays, a lot of people would like to do what they love for a living and have the freedom to work from anywhere, while also having flexible work hours.

But it is incorrect to think that only young people entering the job market are interested in seeking out of the box career options.

There are lots of people already in the job market who, unsatisfied with their current career, unmotivated, or simply curious to try challenging business opportunities, seek new and more modern activities to earn an income.

But what is the traditional market?

What we mean when we refer to traditional market is the market that values ​​jobs or professional choices marked by the search for security and financial return.

The most common path so far, and therefore, the one that is still mostly recommended for young people who are deciding their professional future, is to go to college, get a degree, specialize in an area and get a stable job, such as in public service.

However, with so many transformations arising from the technological revolution, this mold has been broken by an increasing number of people.

When people see many business opportunities in the digital world, they start to choose more dynamic careers that allow them to explore other kinds of skills beyond the ones they get in the university.

Therefore, the jobs of the future are not that far away, really. Lots of people are already making a living outside the traditional market.

Possibilities beyond the traditional market

A few years ago it was hard to imagine that one day we would be hiring chauffeurs with our cell phones, staying in apartments of people we don’t know instead of hotel rooms in order to expand our travel experiences, scheduling house and car cleaning services with an app and using credit cards without paying any fees.

Additionally, significant changes are already taking place, providing a growing appreciation for jobs focused on creativity and relationships and consequently, the devaluation of traditional jobs that are based on monotonous and restrictive activities.

Given those changes, it’s easy to imagine that jobs for the generations to come are bound to be much more different than we are used to.

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We are witnessing the emergence of professions for which there are not even undergraduate courses developed, which has stimulated the growth of online courses, through distance learning platforms, to absorb the demand of the public.

These professions mostly involve activities directly connected to the digital world such as software developers, digital marketing professionals, user experience experts, content producers, among others.

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Digital entrepreneurship

Faced with this reality, the search for one’s own business opportunities has transformed entrepreneurship into a strong trend for those who don’t fit into any traditional professional field.

For those who are not yet familiar with the term, we can define entrepreneurship as an innovative action in the business world through the creation of new products and services or changes to pre-existing models.

But digital entrepreneurship involves the same process of creative and innovative creation, but is intimately associated with technology.

In a reality where the internet and the contents of the virtual world are increasingly accessible, digital entrepreneurship is a sure thing, which can reach a larger audience in a shorter time, and for the entrepreneur, more convenience, less initial investment, and greater probability of working with something in their field of interest.

If you are interested in learning more about business opportunities outside the traditional market to begin to establish your path in digital entrepreneurship, we have selected a few interesting options.


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10 business opportunities

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1. Coaching

Coaching is a training method for human development in which, through the use of specific tools and techniques, behavioral changes necessary to achieve goals established by the client at the beginning of the process are developed. It is currently widespread and can be applied to both professional and personal growth.

Professionals can work with personal and online consultations or through courses directed to a specific audience.

2. Consulting

Consulting consists of using specific knowledge and/or experience to assist clients in a certain area of ​​life. People and companies hire these specialists for a variety of reasons and to get help in aspects where they feel unprepared or inexperienced.

Financial, image, personal and professional organization and business consultancy can be provided.

For those who wish to work from home, the advantage is being able to work by using Skype or other video tools.

3. Online classes

With the growth of distance education, working as an online teacher is a good business opportunity.

If you already work with face-to-face classes, you will only need to adapt your teaching style to the specificities of the virtual environment.

However, there is room even for those who have never taught but are knowledgeable in certain content and are willing to share it.

One of the advantages of teaching online classes is that you do not need to stick to the basic subjects, you can explore content that you like, master and feel ready to prepare material relevant to users.

Classes can be developed in different formats, such as video classes, ebooks, Webcasts, among others.

VIDEO: Online teaching: How to create an online course? | Hotmart Tips


4. Freelancer

Working as a freelancer is a great option for those who wish to become digital nomads, that is, work while traveling. However, it used to be associated only with ways to make extra money during people’s free time after work.

Nothing could be further from the truth today. With a growing search for freedom and autonomy to manage their own careers, the number of digital nomads who support themselves through these temporary activities has increased significantly.

As a freelancer you can work in the area of ​​writing and proofreading, creating content for social media, translation, photography, etc. The most important thing is to know what you’re good at and offer those services to people who need them.

There are several options, and with dedication, they can be quite lucrative.

5. Craftwork

If you have artistic skills, this can be your gateway into the world of entrepreneurship.

Several products allow homemade productions such as candles, costume jewelry, decorative objects, embroidery and paintings.

In addition to the traditional sales method, by displaying products in physical stores or in person, it is also interesting to focus on the virtual environment to reach more people and get better and faster results (if you use good marketing strategies, of course!).

You can create an online store or pages on social media that will be used exclusively for promoting and selling products, which will help you reach more users, and consequently, it’ll boost your sales.

Among social media, Instagram, especially, has stood out as the main channel to increase your sales.

6. Food production

In this case, the idea is the same as with craftwork.

For those who know how and enjoy cooking and think about using this skill in business, the production of food at home for the sale of frozen foods, packed lunches, or orders is a great option.

With time becoming rushed and scarcer, many people are trying to maintain a balanced, healthy, and affordable diet outside of home. That’s why one option is to invest in this market niche.

7. E-commerce

If your idea is one of the two above, e-commerce is one of the possibilities for selling your products. But, the creation of virtual stores can be an option both for those who wish to sell what they produce, as well as for those who are interested in reselling to generate income.

You could, for example, invest in clothes, shoes, purses, fitness products, or anything else, really.

The next step is photographing them, creating your online store, and making products available on your store.

If that is your choice, don’t forget to offer commonly-used methods of payment and mostly, plan how you’ll deliver products to your clients who make their purchases online.

8. Digital influencer

Nowadays it is hard to find someone who doesn’t know at least one digital influencer.

This is a trend in the virtual world and might be the perfect business opportunity for those seeking digital entrepreneurship outside the traditional job market.

To become a digital influencer it is necessary to produce quality content for a targeted audience and share it through the various existing channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Over time and with the use of appropriate content marketing strategies, posts reach a significant audience and users begin to establish a credible link with the influencer.

In this manner, they become an authority in the niche in which they operate, attracting the attention of brands and companies that seek to advertise their products through the use of their image.

To generate income as a digital influencer it is also possible to use the influence gained to promote and sell their own digital products.

9. Blogger

For those who write well and think about investing in a non-traditional career that allows them to work at home, organize their own hours and do what they love, creating and maintaining a blog is an excellent opportunity.

But be prepared to study hard and create interesting and engaging content for your audience to become unique and achieve good results.

The interesting thing about being a blogger is having access to various income-generating possibilities, such as:

  • Selling your digital products, such as e-books and online courses;
  • Having paid ads on your site;
  • Recommending products from companies when you become a digital influencer, as we mentioned in the previous item;
  • Consulting, coaching or lecturing;
  • Becoming an Affiliate, which we’ll explain in more detail below.

VIDEO: 5 ways to make money blogging and MONETIZE your CONTENT | Hotmart Tips

10. Affiliate

Another great business opportunity is to refer either physical or digital products from other companies by participating in an Affiliate program, in order to receive commissions in return for each sale made out of your referral.

Anyone who decides to work as an affiliate must choose products from their market niche that have high sales potential to advertise through links, banners and other actions and thus, generate income.

Of course we’ve only scratching the surface here. Be sure to check out all of our post regarding Affiliate programs, including how to make money as an Affiliate: key initial steps.

Are you ready for a career change?

If you like the business opportunities ideas we discussed here and are interested in making a career change, keep in mind that there are several tools that already exist to help you succeed.

However, we have highlighted certain characteristics that the professional that chooses this path needs to have, so you can reflect on them before starting.

  • Discipline, after all, managing an innovative and challenging business requires a lot of focus;
  • Ambition, to constantly learn;
  • Dedication to stay updated regarding the technologies;
  • Good communication skills, especially for those who wish to invest in sales.

There are several business opportunities, on top of the ones we talked about here, outside the traditional market, and with the technological revolution, there is plenty of room for those who wish to make a living in the digital market.

With a lot of dedication, studying and constant improvement, you can achieve the desired results and start working with something you actually love.

And, if you are thinking of joining one of these business opportunities, and start your own business, download for free our Checklist: How to Start an Online Business From Scratch!

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This post was originally posted in January 2018 and has since been updated in order to convey more complete and precise information.