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Content Marketing Strategy: 7 Types of Video to Use in Yours

Top 10, Interviews, Reviews: Learn about the main video formats you can include in your content creation schedule right now!


07/22/2022 | By Hotmart

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Videos are currently a widely used content format and are often seen as the audience’s favorite. They are interesting, didactic and capable of holding the audience’s attention for a long time. In certain niches, they may even perform better than photos or texts, so you should consider including them in your content marketing strategy.

However, there are many types of videos available and it’s important to know when to use each one.

To do so, you must also know your persona well, the channels to make the videos available, and other particularities that allow for a more appropriate choice.

Would you like to learn more about this subject? Then stay with us and learn about 7 types of video that are interesting for your business’s content marketing strategy!


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1. Top 10

This type of video works quite well when you want to present tips to your audience in your content marketing strategy. 

If you’re an image consultant, for example, you can create content, such as the “Top 10 tips on what to wear during the hottest season of the year”.

The term top 10 is quite common in Google searches, but a study of keywords and a survey of intent are worthwhile to ensure that the content is relevant to your persona.


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2. Interviews

Which questions related to your business, product or service can be answered by experts? 

This type of video helps create credibility for your business. 

In addition to answering questions, experts can be interviewed to present trends related to your business’ niche.

But don’t think that this video model needs to be restricted to professionals or experts. 

How about inviting customers to answer questions about the usability of the products they have purchased from you?

You can also work and develop your customer relationship by putting your employees in front of the cameras and interviewing them about their daily routine at the company, for example. It is worth it to consider this type of video in your content marketing strategy.

3. Q&A

With interview videos, it’s possible to talk about experiences or trends. Q&A videos, on the other hand, should focus more on really answering your consumer’s questions.

Your business might already have information from the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and a video can be created based on it. 

Making it available throughout the nurturing of your leads is a good idea in order to foster more informed sales that can be closed more easily.

In addition, you can create this type of video based on previous content. 

Have you made a video that raised many questions? Try creating another one with answers to the questions asked through social media.

4. Success cases

Success cases also affect your business’ credibility and can be an excellent tool for new sales, so consider it in your content marketing strategy. 

Widely used in advertising, this type of video will help you show your brand’s results.

Identify your business’ earlier results that might be relevant for your market and show this through a success story to attract even more consumers.

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5. Live streams

Nowadays, it’s possible to create live streams on social media to engage your audience. You can use Instagram Stories, Facebook, and even Twitter. 

What many people still wonder about is: When should I invest in live video streams? Why are they so relevant?

Overall, live streams provide a sense of urgency. It’s the type of content that needs to be shown at the precise moment. Thus, they can be used more during the coverage of an event or to promote new features firsthand.

This type of video allows greater flexibility regarding production elements and eliminates the need for editing. For this reason, the information is the most valuable item and needs to be relevant and well presented to the audience.

During the live stream, you can also set aside time for followers’ questions, engaging them with your brand or product.

6. Backstage

Certain brands can benefit greatly from a content marketing strategy that includes the creation of videos that show behind the scenes of a campaign or action. And this can happen especially if there are special effects involved or celebrities in audiovisual production. In these cases, it’s common for the audience to be interested in watching the before and after.

You can take advantage of an existing video structure when it comes to the backstage of a movie shoot, for example, to make another type of coverage. 

Here, you can target the backstage content to social media, which is the target of the final product, and create relevant cross-channel content (marketing between channels).

7. Reviews

For brands, reviews are especially interesting to be part of the content marketing strategy when you have partnerships with influencers. 

Usually, reviews are posted on a partner channel, with the content producer’s specific language, set, and equipment.

As a brand, it’s possible to encourage this type of content. You can send products, even before they are launched, to create branding awareness and kick off a volume of searches about the item.

Even if you’re paying for the production of this content, it’ll work better if you keep an open mind. 

Think of the influencer as a content co-creator. The video needs to have the influencer’s aesthetics and their performance will be better if it’s truly honest. After all, followers know the influencer and will notice anything “out of the ordinary”, or if it seems rehearsed.

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Content marketing strategy: consider the best type of content for your persona

Videos are a great tool to develop customer relationships, but that’s not their sole purpose. When they are well planned and in accordance with the sales funnel, they contribute to the generation of leads and increased conversion.

There are different types of videos that can be used in various contexts. Some work better on certain social media or specific platforms. However, what really matters, is knowing your persona well in order to know what content and communication channels are more relevant for your content marketing strategy.

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Did you enjoy these 7 types of video that you can use in your content marketing strategy? We certainly hope so! 

Stay tuned to our blog and also check out Why and How to Invest in Web Content Production.