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Why and How to Invest in Web Content Production

Which formats to use and the importance of this strategy for your digital marketing plan!


07/21/2022 | By Hotmart

Have you noticed how content production has gained importance over the last few years? This is because brands have become aware that content is the internet’s most important cog.

This digital marketing strategy presents a few advantages over traditional media. One example is the possibility of impacting more people at a lower cost, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to stand out even if coming face-to-face with larger brands.

Web content production can be done by means of videos, infographics, blog posts and e-books, for example. The major difference between this type of content and journalistic content, for example, is that it will be written for a specific persona, with its own language and following a few SEO rules.

Stay with us, so you learn more about online content and its formats!




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Content production: Understand why it’s important for your business

In short, the answer to this question is simple. Content production is the future of the web. So, if your brand still doesn’t produce this type of material, you’d better start worrying about it.

When Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, wrote “Inbound Marketing: Be Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogs” in 2009, they already knew that selling and advertising in an invasive manner was losing strength and that a new model would need to be implemented.

Content marketing has become a necessity for those who wish to generate audience engagement and improve brand recall in a particular segment.

Nowadays, users research and become informed before consuming a product or service. Thus, by making quality content available, potential customers will reach your website, profile or channel.

Another good reason to invest in content production for the web is that it is easily measurable, unlike certain traditional media, such as billboards or TV advertising. By associating this content to other strategies, it is possible to achieve expressive results.

Content production formats: Check out 5 types that you can start producing now

There’s a wide variety of content that works well on the web. Based on planning, which can be done with the assistance of a content manager, it will be possible to identify the format with which your brand’s audience has the most affinity.

Check out a few examples below:

1. Podcasts

Podcasts are a reinterpretation of a radio show. Listeners used to have to turn on the radio at predefined times in order to listen to the shows and now, podcasts have allowed the possibility of creating content to be listened to at any time.

This format is an interesting option, which can convey information, education, and entertainment in a more informal and explanatory manner. A brand can promote talks and debates about specific subjects, making it easier to understand and covering points that go beyond the products.


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2. Ebooks

Ebooks are a widely used format by brands that wish to attract potential customers. This type of content is more extensive, in-depth and richer than a blog post. Due to its quality, it requires the exchange of user information in order to view the material.

3. Infographics

Infographics are a good alternative for brands who need to show very complex information in their content production, or information with many numbers and variables. The combination of images and text facilitate the absorption of information and allows a quick glance over the most important points. Moreover, it’s content with great potential of going viral.

4. Blog posts

When we think about content production, blog posts are one of the formats that people recall the most. After all, this is the most used textual content textual by brands. It assists in the increase of website traffic, improves page authority and educates customers who are going through the sales funnel until their conversion.

They may include several objectives, such as being educational, present steps of a process, or can be a guest post or a tutorial.

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5. Videos

Creating video content has recently become a trend and this niche tends to keep growing over the next few years. With so much information available, with videos, users find a fast and easy way to consume information.

Video content production: Learn about the importance of this format for your digital marketing plan

Video is a great opportunity for web content production, but many businesses still ignore this strategy due to a lack of knowledge or equipment for this type of production.

It’s important to emphasize that good video content has more to do with the topic being covered and its planning than with the equipment being used.

With organization and a few tips, you can create quality tutorials and video lessons, for example. First, get to know your persona and what they seek with your brand.

Then, create a script, find a well-lit and quiet place and record it. In these cases, you need to use equipment, such as a tripod, to ensure image stability, and a microphone to capture audio clearly.

Editing is also important so that the content isn’t too long and boring. In the case of video lessons, for example, try to work your content in a dynamic manner and try to cut a large topic into short 20 to 30-minute classes.

With experience, you’ll be able to invest more in this type of content, and will be able to dialog in different ways with your audience, and also create more complex material, such as interactive content.

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Organization of processes: Structure your content production in your business

As we saw in the article, content production is the future of the web. Therefore, brands need to start creating interesting work now so that in the future, they’ll achieve good results.

In addition, it’s important to be concerned about the organization of the processes in these creations. Each type of content has its own characteristics and you need to know them well for good content production. 

Understanding the processes, planning, executing, and analyzing are actions required to get to know your audience and check out which content performs best.

Did you enjoy our article? Would you like to learn more about web content production? Well, download our ebook and find out how to create the perfect material to sell on the web!

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