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Win-Win Black November: Your Challenge to Earn More Than Great Sales

When the end of the year comes knocking at your door, it’s a sign that you need to get your house ready for opportunity.

When November rolls around, customers start coming to you. That means big sales, often due to the increased number of searches that precede Black Friday.

Allow me to explain, November is a month that lets creators and affiliates:

 Boost sales

 Gain more customers

 Learn strategies to be used throughout the year

 End the year in the black

Whether it’s to make your first sales and boost your business for good, or to sell and reach more people, one thing is certain: Hotmart’s Black November will change your business forever

Learn everything you can do to multiply your sales.

Hotmart’s Black November and Black Friday: United by the Same Goal (Sale$)

Black Friday means big business for anyone who works in the digital product market. It’s a chance to end the year on a high note. 

November is when more people are searching for your product and are willing to invest in the transformation it offers.

At Hotmart, great creators and affiliates don’t even think about passing up the chance to participate in Black November. 

In 2021, Hotmart Black November participants saw an increase of 12.63% in their total sales revenue, and a 43.84% increase in the average ticket compared to the previous year.

Hotmart knows how big of an opportunity this is for participants. This year’s campaign is different, but it  has all the ingredients you need to make November a full month of big sales.

The Win-Win Black November challenge has begun! 

How do you turn 30 days of great sales into a fun, win-win journey?

During Win-Win Black November you earn from increased sales and win by achieving goals, and your buyers can also win with amazing discounts and offers. 

👉 Check out how to participate

Win-Win Black November: how it works

In this campaign, participants who achieve great results are awarded prizes. In other words, Hotmart will reward you for selling!

And the best part? By agreeing to participate, you win right out the gate! From November 1st to December 4, our campaign will be filled with 100% free content for participants, such as:

  • Exclusive strategies
  • Tips on sales recovery tools
  • Checklists and spreadsheets
  • Copywriting templates
  • Meetings with experts 

Along with several other materials that Hotmart will provide throughout the 30 days. In addition, we’ll provide an exclusive dashboard for you to track your results and optimize your strategies.

Let’s talk about the prizes

Great sales deserve recognition, right? Check out everything the prizes you can win during Win-Win Black November.

Phase 1 (25% of your goal)

  • 70% discount on any extensions* offer (*except Sales Accelerator), membership or upgrade
  • 2 months of free Canva Pro.
  • Hotmart Stars Journey Masterclass  – Ep. 1

Phase 2 (50% of your goal)

  • FIRE content from previous years.
  • Hotmart Stars Journey Masterclass  – Ep. 2

Phase 3 (75% of your goal)

  • Exclusive group with strategic and operational information.
  • Hotmart Stars Journey Masterclass  – Ep. 3

Phase 4 (100% of your goal)

  • Hotmart Stars Journey Masterclass – Live Event with Cleiton Maranhão and Paula Lopes
  • Win an exclusive individual consulting session with Hotmart.
  • Hotmart Stars Journey Masterclass  – Ep. 4

Important: Goals will be individual and based on an increase in revenue (commission), in ranges of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. 

For each goal achieved, you’ll receive predetermined prizes, taking into account the revenue from approved and completed sales during the entire Hotmart Black November period. 

Can creators, cocreators, and affiliates all participate?

Absolutely! The prizes and materials are designed so that creators, cocreators, and affiliates can take advantage of every day of November to sell more.

Hotmart Black November Q&A

When is Black November?

The Black November sales period, in addition to the application of its special conditions, starts on November 1, 2022 and ends on December 4, 2022. We highly recommend that you click here now to authorize your participation so you can start putting your strategies in place.

How will prizes be awarded?

Goals are individual and based on an increase in revenue (commission), in ranges of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. For each goal achieved, you’ll receive predetermined prizes. Your goals are set considering the revenue from approved and completed sales during the Hotmart Black November period. Please note that the amounts described in the goals represent your net sales, i.e., with the Hotmart fees and commissions for affiliates and/or cocreators having already been deducted. Your earnings may be reduced due to refunds, canceled, or expired purchases. Read everything about the prizes, duration, and goals in the campaign rules.

How many products can I promote during Black November?

As many as you want. During Black November 2022, you can use discount coupons on products, cross sell, upsell, and create bundles to increase your average ticket. You can provide bonuses, such as additional access to products, or even offer a hybrid experience (combining in-person and online access). There are no limits regarding products. On the platform, you can use all the tools available to you.

When can I start participating?

Right now! Just click here to authorize your participation and you’re done! You can now prepare strategies to increase your sales during Black November 2022.

I have a subscription product; can I participate in Hotmart Black November?

Yes! If your product is a subscription, each promotional strategy must be tied to a plan.

How can I track my Black November results?

Through the dashboard that we’ve created. You’ll also be able to track the duration of the campaign, check whether you’ve activated the Affiliate Program, the promotion’s status, and the price.

Now, it’s time to plan your strategies, put them into action and increase your sales during the hottest period of the year.

Happy sales and I’ll see you during the campaign!