How to create an amazing E-commerce website: key elements

Learn about the 7 key elements your e-commerce website must have.

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If you work with online sales, you already know that having a good website is one of the main factors to achieve success and stand out in the digital market. After all, a poorly structured and incomplete sales page will hinder your sales performance.

But do you know what you need to create a sales page that attracts user attention?

In this post, we’ve set aside 7 elements that you simply cannot leave out when creating a page focused on conversion.

  1. Provide clear information about products
  2. Create good CTAs
  3. Display reviews from customers who have already purchased products
  4. Display your website’s quality and security certificate seals
  5. Provide secure and dynamic payment methods
  6. Create an FAQ
  7. Provide contact information
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1. Provide clear information about products

Every user that comes to your sales page is already interested in what you offer, whether to satisfy a purchase desire or to find the solution for a certain pain that your product can solve.

So it’s up to you to pinpoint exactly why your product can help these users.

One common mistake when creating an e-commerce website is to simplify and summarize information about the product, because it’s possible you are not displaying the features that, in fact, make your product the best choice for people.

So as not to make this type of mistake, you have to be as thorough and clear about all the features of what you are offering as possible.

In addition, the benefits need to be described well so that your customers can understand what they’ll gain when they buy your product.

So, take your time when creating a detailed description of the product you’re selling. Think about questions that someone, who doesn’t know your product as well as you, might have, and answer them objectively.

2. Create good CTAs

Another element that you must have when you create a landing page is the CTAs (Calls to Action). They are often the extra motivation needed for a purchase to be made.

If they are well planned and added in strategic locations on your page, CTAs contribute significantly to the final decision.

There are hundreds of examples of calls to action and the correct choice will depend on each audience.

Therefore, it’s important that you place more than one CTA with different calls in order to test the one that converts more. And don’t forget to measure your results in order to understand which button worked best.

3. Display reviews from customers who have already purchased products

If it’s possible to measure customer satisfaction in the traditional retail market through their reviews and endorsements, in the digital market this logic is also essential.

The difference is that your customers don’t need to have physical contact with each other in order to endorse you, since the purchase is digital.

So, in order to use this strategy in your favor, you need to find ways for people to review your product and then, display the user reviews on your own sales page.

Your customers’ comments will help increase the trust of visitors who are potential customers, but that need a recommendation from others in order to make a purchase.

But be careful with this strategy!

A lot of people create fake reviews to get the attention of potential customers, which is not a recommended practice.

Only use real and spontaneous reviews. Otherwise, if anyone finds out that the reviews aren’t sincere, people might start writing bad reviews about your business, which would keep new buyers away.

4. Display your website’s quality and security certificate seals

Although online shopping has become increasingly common, quite a few people are still afraid of providing personal information on websites, especially because of fraud concerns.

A page’s security is crucial for a person to decide to make financial transactions and customers have to really trust the platform, which will process the payment, before they provide their information.

This is why, when you create a landing page, make sure that you are choosing a secure host.

By making it clear to users that your e-commerce cares about the security of the information they provide, the chances of closing a deal increases.

Therefore, research website security certifications and choose a reliable host.

5. Provide secure and dynamic payment methods

Another item that makes all the difference when you create a landing page that makes life easier for customers and consequently, increases sales, involves payment methods.

How many sales are lost when potential buyers don’t find practical and flexible forms of payment? Countless!

So, offer your customers more than one method of payment.

Work with multiple credit card companies, offer possibilities such as barcode payment slips, PayPal, and all others you can make available.

Hotmart Producers and Affiliates, for example, rely on an exclusive tool that enables them to have autonomy, security, and speed to sell anywhere in the world, called HotPay.

6. Create an FAQ

Do you remember that we said that it is essential that customers have all information in a clear and direct manner?

One of the main tools to solve users’ doubts is called FAQ, which means “frequently asked questions”.

With this tool, you are able to make the most recurring customer questions available and can clarify them even before someone asks them again.

FAQs facilitate customer understanding of product details as well as the purchase itself. Delivery times, forms of payment, refunds and a multitude of questions can be addressed in this list.

But don’t forget to update your FAQ whenever necessary. After all, new doubts may arise or you may make changes to your product or to the sales system.

7. Provide contact information

The last important item that you cannot forget when creating a landing page is to provide ways so that customers can contact you.

Customer service mechanisms strengthen relationships between sellers and the audience. They attest to the website’s reliability and speed up the process of answering questions that are more specific.

But don’t think that we are talking about making a phone number available so that people can call you whenever they have a question.

Of course, you can do this, but we warn you that it will be difficult to control the number of calls, in addition to being practically impossible to talk to everyone who has a question or complaint.

Therefore, it’s better to provide an email address and preferably, that it be shared with your support team. Thus, you can be sure that all of your customers are being answered as promptly as possible.

Increase conversions and sales

In this article, we’ve shown you 7 essential elements to create a truly efficient e-commerce website.

More than traffic, your website needs to have a high conversion rate, i.e., transform page hits into sales, after all, this is your business’ goal.

In the digital environment, which is extremely competitive, details make all the difference and in this post, you got to learn about all main must-have elements.

Now that you’ve reached the end of the post, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and create your own website. To help you, we’ve created this step-by-step process to create a sales page focused on conversion. Check it out!



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