HotPay, Hotmart's exclusive payment system


HotPay: Hotmart’s exclusive payment system

Selling an online course requires a secure payment system. That’s why we have integrated to the platform our own payment system exclusively developed for the sale of online courses.


02/07/2017 | By Hotmart

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To provide more autonomy and security to Producers, Affiliates, and buyers, Hotmart has launched HotPay, an exclusive payment system developed for you and your customers! This system is a solution to the problems in selling online courses, with many advantages.

An international payment system

Sell your courses to the whole world! You set the price of your digital product and our system automatically converts the price to the user’s local currency. You then receive the amount for your sales and commissions in dollars.

Imagine you have a client in Australia, for example. The payment will be made in Australian dollars, but it is then automatically converted to US dollars and deposited into your bank account.

As HotPay was developed especially for our platform, it is now much easier to generate your Sales Page using features such as recurring payment and 1-click purchase.

Reinforced security

For every purchase, the personal information from the buyer is encrypted and a purchase confirmation is generated and sent directly to the credit card company (Visa, Mastercard, etc.). This system ensures that the transaction is much faster, and protects the buyer’s credit card information.

Thanks to our secure platform, HotPay is able to identify situations of risk and prevent fraud, from the transaction history of the buyer. Thus, the risk of non-payment due to fraud is greatly reduced.

HotPay follows the protection models recommended by CSE Security, PCI-DSS, and 3D Secure, which are three of the major security systems in the world, responsible for regulating and controlling companies that process personal information and bank details.

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PCI-DSS Compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security is an information security standard for organizations that handle personal information and sensitive data from credit cards, aiming to protect the clients and avoid possible fraud.

CSE Security

Client-Side Encryption: a rigorous security protocol that encrypts personal information from clients before sending the data to the website that will process the payment to the Producer.

3D Secure

This is a complementary authentication protocol for the client who is being referred to his financial institution. The identity of the client is verified before the payment process in a purchase request.

Completely scalable structure

HotPay has been developed to run millions of transactions simultaneously, without decreasing system performance or altering the time period required in each request.

Product’s name on the statement.

The Producer can choose the name of the product that will show on the buyer’s credit card statement.

Therefore, the purchases can easily be identified by the buyer, which reduces the number of chargeback due to an unidentified purchase. This feature is an additional tool to customize and make your sales even more professional.

A more pleasant Buying experience

Immediate Approval

The average approval period has been reduced to a mere 4 seconds! Just as a comparison, the most traditional payment systems may take up to 10- minutes to approve a purchase, or depending on the transaction, up to 48 hours to approve a credit card purchase.

Fast Product Delivery

As the purchase is complete at the same time as the payment, the buyer doesn’t need to wait for minutes – or, in some cases, even hours – to receive the products bought. She is redirected from the Sales Page directly to the product’s access page.

In conclusion, HotPay is a system that was developed to solve the most common problems in the sales of online courses. It allows the Producer to sell products to the whole world without having to worry about currency conversions. HotPay puts user experience first to maximize your sales and the safety of the bank information is guaranteed by global standards.

If there are any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us! The whole team at Hotmart is your disposal!