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Digital nomads: the life of professionals who are always traveling

Learn more about the trending profession in the online work market!

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With the advance of technology and means of communication, more and more people are looking for alternative lifestyles. Digital nomads, people who live without having a fixed address, show that not only is this possible, but it is also worth dropping everything to accomplish personal projects.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get on a plane, taking with you only what you need to survive, and live in a different country?

We are not talking about going on vacation. We’re talking about spending months, or even years, going from one place to another.

Working and traveling at the same time: this was the solution these people found to make a living.

As the nomadic lifestyle has recently become more popular, there are still many questions about what it is really like. That’s why we have written a complete guide explaining:

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After reading this post, you will have understood how to become a digital nomad, and work all around the country and the world.

What are digital nomads?

By definition, digital nomads are people who use technology to work completely remotely.

They do not depend on a fixed address to carry out their activities, and are able to balance work and travel. These are modern nomads, and they don’t have fixed residence anywhere. Freedom and flexibility are part of the essence of this lifestyle.

Differently from what common sense dictates, digital nomads are not on a sabbatical period of their lives, nor are they using this lifestyle to “find themselves”. Actually, they saw in remote work a possibility to carry out their personal projects.

These are business people, independent professionals who are tired of the routine imposed by the traditional labor model, and decided to take charge of their own routine and priorities.

Technology as an ally

The use of technology is one of the key elements in the life of digital nomads. They are constantly connected, sharing content, and working.

That’s right, these people have adapted their whole work life so that activities may be carried out at any time, from anywhere. To do their work, they only need access to the internet, and a computer or any kind of mobile device.

A minimalist routine

Like practically any other human activity, to live on the go comes with expenses. However, digital nomads are not backpackers, and they do not search for a lifestyle completely devoid of costs.

They seek to save as much as they can, are adept to a minimalist lifestyle, but are also intent on making money. Most of them are entrepreneurs and freelancers, who use online platforms to sell their services.

For these professionals work and travel is the best combination in the world. They are always connected and love collective work, constantly interacting with other professionals in the same area, or in areas that are completely different from theirs.


Although this is a relatively new lifestyle, unknown to most of the population of the world, the concept is getting more and more visibility. Every year, there are more people who decide to leave their office jobs, agencies, and other conventional workspaces to do business online.

Digital businesses are on the top of the list of the most sought-out activities in the modern world, as they provide flexibility, convenience, and a great professional freedom. More than that, the quality of life of people who are self-employed tends to be much greater.

For starters, they have more flexible working hours, which enables them to have more free time to have fun, to spend quality time with family and friends, and invest in their own health.

How do digital nomads make a living?

When it comes to digital nomads, one of the most common questions concerns how they are able to make money to keep up this lifestyle. After all, having a source of income is essential for people to be able to spend so much time on the road, without a fixed address.

The truth is that digital nomads do not stop working. On the contrary, they take the work with them, all the time, wherever they go. That’s how they are able to make a living, working on the internet while they travel.

There are many online platforms that enable people to negotiate with employers, such as Workana and Besides, the professionals who already had an established career before they started traveling may keep on working for old customers, and thus avoid being charged by middlemen.

So, if you are thinking about becoming a digital nomad, we strongly recommend you start networking to make sure people keep hiring your services, even when you’re not in a fixed address.

How do digital nomads work?

Most digital nomads make a living working exclusively online, be it keeping a blog, selling lectures, teaching lessons and providing consulting services, developing websites, among others. Usually, they are specialists in their fields of expertise, offering high-quality services to customers and viewers.

With the advances in digital entrepreneurship, there are lots of possibilities for these people who are able to make a living doing what they really love. Money is only a means to make their dreams and personal projects come true. And among them, travel constantly, seeing new places, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures.

As they are constantly on the move, they rely on technology to carry out their tasks.

People who embrace this kind of lifestyle may work from home, or in public spaces such as libraries, cafés, and shared workplaces. These last ones, coworking spaces, are more and more present in the world, especially in major cities.

Coworking spaces are minimalists, prioritize interaction among people and provide internet access, with the obvious advantage that everyone is there to work. Therefore, your productivity won’t suffer. They are also an excellent alternative to prevent people from feeling lonely, something that can really affect people who work and travel at the same time.

What is the life of digital nomads like?

There are many advantages and disadvantages in leading a flexible life, without a fixed address, and working remotely.

The secret of digital nomads is the ability of overcoming the negative aspects, making the best of every work opportunity that comes their way.

Let’s take a look at the main changes that happen to those who work and travel at the same time.


The chance of visiting many places in the world

Digital nomads are constantly on the move. This enables them to see many different parts of the world, come in contact with new cultures, new markets, and of course, new people.

Traveling is actually one of the main pleasures shared by digital nomads. They love being on the road, and don’t settle anywhere.

Having your own business

In order to make money, digital nomads invest more and more in entrepreneurship. This is definitely the best path to professional and financial freedom.

Being your own boss truly expands the horizon of possibilities for these professionals.

Flexible working hours

One of the great advantages of working and traveling at the same time is having flexible working hours. Digital nomads may work weekends, late at night, or at any time they feel more productive. They decide when and where to work, so as not to miss any experiences in their journey.

It’s important, however, to pay close attention to the different time zones when you negotiate with employers from different countries.

Quality of Life

When we enjoy what we do, of course it leads to a better quality of life.

Being stuck in a tiresome work, which does not give you freedom, not encourages you to be creative, is physically and psychologically exhausting.

Digital nomads believe that enjoying the journey is much more important than arriving at the final destination.


Greater personal risk

Arriving in a different country may cause some discomfort, especially when we are not used to the local language and customs.

There is also a financial risk involved, since the freelance professional doesn’t have a guaranteed source of income and needs to save up before going on a trip.

Being far away from loved ones

Although digital nomads don’t have a fixed address, of course they end up building relationships wherever they go. Not to mention the friends and family they leave behind in their homeland.

Contact may be kept through social media, video and phone calls, but of course it may not be enough.

That’s why it is extremely important to prepare oneself emotionally before taking to the road. Whenever they can, digital nomads should invite friends and family to go on a trip together. Then they will be able to deal with the distance for a longer period of time.

Difficulty in working

People who have chosen to make a living out of a blog, or any other digital business, must be connected at all times. Finding high-quality internet connection may be difficult, depending on where the digital nomads are.

They may run into difficulties to carry out their work, especially when they find themselves in more isolated, underdeveloped places.

No vacation time

As work is an essential part of the routine of digital nomads, they are not familiar with concepts such as vacations, bank holidays, days off, and weekends. They are always working, even when they are not effectively doing work, as they have to carry out tasks according to the demand they get.

Digital nomads have to access their smartphones frequently to check email messages from customers, solve problems related to their digital business, and much more.

How to become a digital nomad

With the obvious exception of manual labor, almost every other professional may be adapted to the virtual environment. Therefore, for you to become a digital nomad, the first step is to understand if what you do may be done online.

Maybe this is the right time for you to invest in a new career, put your personal projects into practice and start your own business. And believe us, there are many different kinds of work that can be done online.

Most of the traditional work can be adapted to the virtual environment and take the form of consultancy, online lessons, and many others.

There are many writers, digital influencers, and businesspeople who left their homeland to become digital nomads. These professions, due to the high level of freedom they provide, are perfectly compatible with this new lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at some professions that may be adapted to this lifestyle:

Freelance writer

Freelancers are professionals that offer their services to many different customers, without having formal employment relationships. As they work online, they can balance work and travel easily.

To do this kind of work, we recommend you put together a portfolio with texts, pictures, ads, and so on, to show your style to the customer.


The digital market is filled with opportunities for entrepreneurs, people who take advantage of the right set of circumstances and make money on the internet.

Some excellent examples of digital entrepreneurship are selling online courses, managing e-commerce, and digital affiliate marketing.

Digital Influencer

Digital influencers are celebrities who use the internet to create trends and set behaviors. Usually, they are the most famous ones in their area, they have a huge number of followers, which then makes them the targets of many companies and brands.


Proofreading is one of those jobs that are perfectly compatible with the virtual environment. There is an increasing demand for qualified proofreaders, who understand the rules of grammar very well, are organized, and can keep deadlines.

A bilingual digital nomad can proofread texts in other languages, as well as provide translation services.


If you are very good at what you do, it is an excellent idea to invest in consulting services.

Consultancy works really well in video calls and phone calls, besides not requiring any initial investment.

Online language instructor

Speaking a second language may be the key to do business and make some money. You can teach private classes in the comfort of your own home. Or, the option we recommend, you can create an online course, and therefore you will be able to work from different places, at different times, without having to worry about time zones.

What skills and abilities does a digital nomad need?

Now you know how to become a digital nomad, it is important that you understand the necessary skills and abilities to maintain this lifestyle.

Don’t fool yourself: people who choose this path are not on vacation. They need to work constantly to survive. The biggest difference is that, to them, work and travel go hand in hand.

A knack for seizing great opportunities

Digital nomads must always be on the lookout for new opportunities, be it at work or everyday life. They are always looking for discounts, low-cost experiences, or even free ones, as they are well aware that they don’t have a fixed source of income.

Creativity to do business

Entrepreneurship is in the DNA of digital nomads. They know better than anyone else what the secrets of the internet are, and how to make money off of it. They take advantage of the opportunities, no matter the context, and do everything in their power to keep connected.

Willingness to take on challenges

This life of work and travel may be tiring, and filled with challenges. In one minute, everything may be going smoothly, and the next, start to fall apart.

Money can be short, costs can go up, demands can decrease. Digital nomads must be prepared to overcome challenges, whatever they may be.

Knowing how to lead a simple life

At some point, people who lead this alternative lifestyle will be able to enjoy comfortable stays, eat exquisite food, and pay for the best attractions in a given town or city.

But maybe they will have to adjust to simple life, without perks, with unforeseen financial setbacks, and that’s why it is important to be highly adaptable.

Courage to free oneself from social standards

A lot of courage is needed to be able to leave behind the standards imposed by society.

Digital nomads can’t be pressured into buying cars, apartments, raising a family, or settling down. They are willing to go wherever they want, and also into the unknown.

Stories to get inspired

There are many different digital nomads all around the world, people who make money working online, and share their secrets with others.

One example is the couple Mish and Rob, who own the blog Making it Anywhere. They left their jobs back in 2012, and have lived in 20 different cities so far!

Image of the website

Another example of how widespread this nomadic lifestyle is becoming, is the blog Digital Nomad Girls. It is a community that connects and empowers women from all over the world who want to work and travel wherever they want.

image of the discription in teh website of Digital Nomad Girls

Are you ready to become a digital nomad?

Now you know how to make money and travel at the same time, it’s time to put your personal projects into practice. What are you waiting for?

Traveling around the world is more than possible. Digital nomads are everywhere, showing that it is possible to make the most of this lifestyle. They are always connected and they can work from wherever they want. After all, they have their own businesses.

If you’re interested in this lifestyle, learn more about digital entrepreneurship. Learn how to make money from your blog and you too will be able to travel the world.