13 Tips to Be a Better Digital Content Creator

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If you work on the internet as a digital content creator, you certainly know how important content production is to attract customers in potential, and also to become an authority on the field you work in.

There are many ways to deliver appealing content that educates your audience, and among them, we can highlight the blog. After all, this is a simple, practical strategy to share what you know with other people.

However, what’s the point of having a blog if the content you share is not read.

If you are wondering how to be a better digital content creator by improving the quality of your content production, check out these 13 tips we prepared to help you when you’re writing blog articles:

  1. Write for your audience
  2. Find trends
  3. Come up with appealing titles
  4. Plan the themes ahead
  5. Create a structure
  6. Use multimedia content
  7. Create content frequently
  8. Use relevant links
  9. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes
  10. Revise your writing
  11. Master SEO techniques
  12. Learn about content writing tools
  13. Don’t repeat content
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Why should you produce content?

Before going over the tips let’s tell you why it is so important to think of a content strategy for your business as a digital content creator.

Content production will help your business on multiple fronts. It’s not by chance that it is the most used strategy by digital marketing companies. Content production is key to bringing your business closer to your customers.

For each stage of your product’s sales funnel, the content has a goal. Let us understand better in practice?

Let’s say you want to attract more visitors to your blog, with the intention of generating leads for a certain product. In this case, the production of your text should target the top of the funnel, i.e. for that person who doesn’t know your business or hasn’t yet figured out how you can help them.

In the example above, the purpose of creating content is to make you be seen as an authority in your niche. By producing content for your blog content, you’ll attract people to get involved with your brand, make leads, and go through your sales funnel.

And creating authority with the texts of your blog is just one of the goals. We can also mention:

  • educate the market;
  • promote your brand;
  • generate leads;
  • organic traffic;
  • create a community engaged in your business.

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Moreover, blog content is the best alternative to introduce, engage and sell the products of your business to people. Now that you’ve understood its importance, check out our tips be a better digital content creator:

1. Write for your audience

Good content production is one written for a specific kind of audience. After all, when you want to reach a lot of people who are completely different from each other, you might not be able to get everything that everyone’s looking for.

That’s why the first step you should take when you start writing is to think who you’re writing for.

Carry out a buyer persona research to learn more about your audience and use the information to think about the themes you will approach and how your text will be written. When we talk about this, we are saying that you have to think about everything, from the topics that will be in your text to the kind of language you will use to communicate with your buyer persona.

VIDEO: How to create a buyer persona for your business | Hotmart Tips

2. Join trends as a digital content creator

Now you know your content production should be targeted to your audience, but it is also possible to go beyond the information you think your public wants.

With your buyer persona research on your hands, you can then understand what are the most common questions people have about your field of expertise, and you’ll be able to provide complete information about these topics as a digital content creator.

However, besides doing that, you should also look for trends to create texts that can bring more audience to your blog.

One way to find these trends is by using Google Trends.

With this tool, you can find information about what people want and their behavior online. Google Trends offer this kind of data according to what Google users search for.

From this information, you can understand what keywords are being used in a specific period of time and in specific countries. Therefore you can better plan your content production for that subject matter.

3. Come up with appealing titles

You have probably stopped yourself from clicking on some content when you were searching for something on Google because you didn’t find all the answers you were expecting to find on the title of an article, right?

When people search for a keyword online, the first thing they see is the title.

And that is why you need to think of an alluring, appealing title, which at the same time is a summary of what is in your text.

4. Plan the themes ahead

Create an editorial calendar with everything you have written on your blog and what you plan to write.

This is extremely important as it will make your content production diverse and prevent you from repeating topics. Not to mention that it will help you plan in advance the topics you need to study more, in order to create even better articles for your audience.


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5. Create a structure

There are some methodologies that can help you with the creative process of content production. The most used one is to outline the structure of the text. Don’t know what that is?

The outline is the structuring of subheadings or topics that are important to the theme of your content. For example, to write this text we began by structuring in Google Docs all the tips that we wanted to include in subtitles.

For each subtitle, we list which subject we would need to go over to convey the appropriate value to the content. It is the best way to organize the ideas and the structure of the text.

In addition, structuring content makes it easier to create scannable texts. It’s great to make the reader experience more user-friendly, making it easier to read and thereby, increasing the time spent on your content.

6. Use multimedia content

As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, the production of content can be done in several formats.

In a blog post, you can include videos, audios, and images. This makes your text more valuable and should be used to supplement the information.

It also contributes to your SEO efforts. So if you haven’t produced other content formats yet, it’s a great idea to include it in your planning.

Diversifying your strategy gives you more opportunities to achieve your business goals.

7. Create content frequently

There’s no point in being a digital content creator and having a blog to educate your audience if you don’t create and post content frequently.

People go to your blog to get informed about something specific to your niche. What if they are looking for some piece of information, but your blog is not updated?

We know that it may be hard to write and post one article per day, especially in the beginning, and even more difficult if you work on your own. Even so, you need to think about how often you will publish.

If you choose to publish posts twice a week, you have to do it every week, and always on the same days of the week. Therefore, your audience will always know when to find new information on your blog.


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8. Use relevant links

It’s extremely important to use links on your articles that take users to more content inside your blog. This makes people stay longer on your website, besides being excellent for the reader who will get more relevant information about that kind of content.

The problem here is using too many links, just for the sake of keeping the user on the website for a longer period of time.

That’s why, to have a great content production, whenever you use the backlink strategy, think of information that will truly be relevant to your audience.

9. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes

Besides developing the content of your texts really well, you need to pay close attention to your writing.

Believe it or not, spelling and grammar errors may do major harm to your job as a digital content creator. After all, it’s really hard to read something to the end if you keep on finding mistakes.

Even if you’re not an expert in languages, there are some mistakes that you can easily avoid by doing exercises and even practicing more and more. The more you write, the better you write.

10. Revise your writing

Good content production is the one that goes from planning the topics that will be approached to the revision and publication of these posts.

So, before publishing a text, make sure you revise it thoroughly, not only in terms of content but also paying attention to spelling, grammar, links, and even the images you are using to make your text more visually appealing.

If you work on your own as a digital content creator, a nice tip is to leave the revision to one or two days after you finish writing. This way you will have a time frame between the moment you wrote and the revision, which will help you notice the improvements you can make.

But if possible, it would be ideal to have someone else do it for you. A different set of eyes may help you identify points of improvement that you yourself wouldn’t have noticed on your own.

11. Master SEO techniques

After planning and creating your text, it’s time to publish it.

If your objective is to rank among the first pages in search engines (and believe us, this should be your objective), you need to learn SEO techniques and apply them to all your content.

These are practices that will help you attract more visitors to your website organically.

You still haven’t mastered this strategy? Check out our complete guide on SEO.


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12. Learn about content writing tools for digital content creators

There is no lack of tools that can make your job of creating and managing content easier. This is something that can be used to your advantage.

Want to know what are the most used tools to write texts?

There are free tools for both steps of content creation: planning and production. For the first stage we can mention:

And for the content production stage:

These are a few suggestions of free tools which are very frequently used. Keep in mind how important it is to analyze them and decide which one makes more sense to your job and business, so that you can make the most out of it.

13. Don’t repeat content

Of course, you can, and should, look into what your competitors are writing about on their pages.

After all, monitoring your competition is a practice that will help you understand what other people from your niche are doing, and then think of strategies to help you stand out.

The big problem is when your content production is the same as what’s already been written by others.

Remember our first tip? It’s essential here.

Always think about the information that is still missing to people who are searching for specific keywords, and how your texts can fill these gaps.

That way, you avoid writing repeated content and can create truly relevant content for your audience.

Digital content creator, keep yourself updated

These were our tips. Soon, we will have more content on this topic.

If you want to upgrade your content production and become a digital content creator with your own ebook, check our free guide on How to create the perfect ebook for online sales.

This post was originally published on October 1st, 2018 and has since been updated to convey more complete, accurate information.



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