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Learn more about TikTok, one of the fastest-growing apps in the world !

Short and fun videos. This is how TikTok has gained millions of fans!


10/15/2021 | By Hotmart

What will we see in this post

If you’re tuned into the digital trends and like social media, you have probably heard about TikTok. The result of a merger with Musical.ly, it’s a download phenomenon on app stores.

The short music videos for lip-syncing, dancing and clips are taking over the world. So, we had to talk about it here on the blog.

Read below everything you need to know about TikTok and understand if it’s right for you!

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is an app that is available on Android and iOS platforms. Its main feature is the recording of short videos lasting between 15 and 60 seconds.

Lip-syncing is the app’s most famous feature. With it, users can lip sync to songs and funny voices and produce light content, which has contributed to making it so popular.

The system allows the recording of videos in two ways. The first option is recording directly on the app and adding emoticons, speeding up, pausing and adding effects to the images. The second is recording and editing externally and posting the video on the network.

How does TikTok work?

The digital universe is really quite dynamic. Proof of this is that TikTok, which already had a large audience in China — where the app originated, grew very quickly, becoming a phenomenon.

But how does this new social media work? To better understand this feature, we’ve prepared a brief summary of its main characteristics. Check them out!

Video sharing

We can say that TikTok is a video sharing service. Users download it, register and can start creating, posting and interacting with other people.

The tools are easy to use and users can take their creativity to the next level.

Keep in mind that the videos are short, which increases post engagement and reach.

Lip syncing and diversified editing

It’s worth emphasizing that the app itself has its own song catalog that can be lip-synced, making it more fun and boosting downloads.

Some users have become famous for their videos and have millions of followers — a fact that makes this app similar to Instagram, for example, and that was essential for its growth.

Artificial Intelligence

An interesting aspect about the operation of the app is its use of Artificial Intelligence.

Those on Facebook and Instagram know that the content of your feed is determined according to the people each user follows.

On TikTok, the system is quite different! Artificial Intelligence works in a way that when you login, there’s a lot of content available for you.

To do so, the program analyzes your preferences and interactions to suggest new content. In other words, the feature is highly effective in delivering to people exactly what interests them — and this has the potential to be addictive, can’t it?

What are the app’s main features?

Did TikTok spark your interest by any means? If so, you need to get to know the app’s features better!

It’s important to remember that the app has much more to offer besides lip-syncing and songs. With it, you can find all types of fun content on the video format.

From cute cats to people dancing, everything contributes to making this platform light and interesting. Learn about its main features!


The famous hashtags are also a hit on TikTok. As you know, this feature was created to segment content by themes. Just insert a word after the “#” for the term to be incorporated to a group of videos with similar ideas.

Since it appeared, this feature has become very popular. After all, those who wish to increase their visibility and reach can get many views by simply using hashtags.


Aware of the growth of its user base, TikTok added direct messaging to the app.

This way, it employs one of Facebook and Instagram’s major features, increasing interaction among the audience.

In practice, users can communicate with their followers and also with other profiles.

Organized song catalog

Do you wish to record a video? You should be aware that you have access to a catalog of songs arranged by category — national, international, releases, musical genres, etc. —, which improves user experience and makes browsing faster.

In addition, you can view the song and artist present in friends’ videos. This way, their followers can also have access and are free to produce their own content.

Audio mixes

When you produce the video or upload from the cellphone gallery, the app allows audio edits. With this feature, you can mix the ambient sound with the song, enhancing the audio and correcting noise, for example.

Visual effects

TikTok isn’t only about music. The app includes a large variety of visual effects to be incorporated into the videos, such as face masks, filters, and thematic stickers.

The developers’ idea is for content producers to express themselves and create content that is increasingly more interesting and creative.

How can you earn money on the app?

As you’ve seen earlier, TikTok is a platform focused on the production of short videos. It originated in China and is the result of a merger with Musical.ly in 2018, through an agreement of millions of dollars — specifically, between USD 800 million and USD 1 billion.

It was thanks to this merger that the app experienced its “boom”. This good audio and video experience, along with its user-friendly interface, are part of this successful formula.

But do you know how monetization works on this platform? Although it’s free for users, the developers thought carefully about how to make money with the app.

The classic way is through advertising. Ads and campaigns from several companies can be viewed on the platform. After all, who wouldn’t like to advertise on a network with so many users, right?

But advertising on this social network as its differences. It’s segmented, i.e., it’s presented to users according to their profile and preferences.

Another way to monetize is through follower donations. That’s right! Users can receive money transfers and of course, the app keeps a percentage of the money.

There’s also the possibility of relying on the promotion of “musers” — a sort of YouTuber. They are the digital influencers specialized in the app and help promote the platform and the companies that advertise on it.

Is investing in TikTok worth it?

There’s no question that TikTok is a global sensation. Just look at its numbers!

According to the study conducted by App Annie in December of 2018, it broke download records and is ranked fourth on the Top 10 most downloaded apps in the world — surpassing giants like Instagram and Snapchat.

The app’s growth potential is clear and you can enjoy many benefits by using it. Would you like to know which benefits? Keep reading!

An opportunity to work with viral marketing

We cannot ignore the potential of a social network such as TikTok. It’s simple, fund and extremely attractive, qualities that are useful for those who need to promote a product.

Now, imagine your ad goes viral and acquires huge popularity! By using it, you have the opportunity to produce content with great chances of going viral — without requiring major investments.

Thanks to its format and the number of active users, the chances of your video being viewed and shared with other people, creating a real buzz is much greater.

We emphasize that TikTok engagement is quite striking, because there’s no rolling down the feed. Users have to watch it, which creates more interaction and increases time spent on the platform.

Access to a segmented audience

TikTok’s key audience is made up of teenagers and young adults — inherited from Musical.ly, which had many users in the 13 to 24 age group.

How can this information be useful for you? It’s simple! The app is a direct communication channel with these people, which can be well used by influencers and companies that work with this target audience.

Segmentation is a very interesting marketing strategy and allows you to talk directly with those who consume your content and products, creating great opportunities.

Is TikTok worth the buzz?

After everything you’ve read so far, do you understand the reasons why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to download this app?

In a short time, this social network has gained millions of fans around the world. The success numbers demonstrate its advertising potential, both for companies and for those who wish to expand the reach of their companies.

Therefore, now that you know everything about TikTok, just go to your app store and download it. Don’t waste any more time!

But first, how about learning how to make an impacting video? Check out the best tips to master this media!