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Hotmart Affiliate Commissioning: Understand How Commissions Are Attributed to Affiliates

The five levels of Affiliate commissioning easily explained. Check it out!

Ada Gomes

07/08/2022 | By Ada Gomes

Affiliates are those who promote someone else’s digital product and earn a commission in exchange. Each affiliate program has its own rules and special benefits, and at Hotmart, the main concern is to make the affiliates’ work as simple as possible. 

Therefore, there are many ways of attributing commissions to affiliates promoting products on the platform. 

In this article, you’ll understand how we identifies a Hotmart affiliate sales, how they work and what the commission allocation levels are, and how creators and affiliates manage sales information. 

Commission attribution to the Hotmart affiliate

Hotmart has a few tools that affiliates can use strategically so that they can promote products and have the security of receiving their commissions for each sale made. How about learning about how commissioning tracking works? 

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Through Cookies

A Hotmart affiliate can receive their commission through Cookie tracking. This is how this tracking works: when the lead clicks the Hotlink used to promote a product, a cookie is installed in the browser. 

The affiliate receives commission for these sales, if the customer completes the purchase within the duration of the Cookie. It’s important to know that Hotmart cookies can last up to 60, 90, 180 days or indefinitely, depending on the creator’s choice.  

There are three rules related to clicks for this type of commissioning. They are, in the following order: 

Last Click

This is Hotmart’s standard rule, the most common in affiliate programs, which allocates the commission to the affiliate who most recently referred the customer, i.e., the last affiliate link that the customer clicked. This rule allows affiliates to offer special bonuses to their customers, who can choose from whom to buy. 

First Click

This rule isn’t as common as the other attribution alternatives, since it privileges the affiliate who first brings the customer to the producer’s website. However, this strategy is widely used for products being launched. 

In this case, customers who come back through the link of another affiliate, this second affiliate won’t receive a commission. The first affiliate will receive the commission for this sale.

Multi clicks

In this multi-click rule, a sales commission can be shared with more than one Hotmart affiliate

This can occur when the same buyer has clicked on more than one Hotmrt affiliate’s HotLink, and in this case, the commission will be split between the first and last affiliate who promoted the product. Remembering that, once you select the Multi Click option, it cannot be undone.


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By Lead

Affiliates can receive their commission for sales linked to the leads they generated through the HotLeads tool. This is a Hotmart exclusive tool, which links the capturing of leads to the affiliate’s commissioning. 

This tool is important to ensure that the commission goes to the right Hotmart affiliate. This is how it works: the affiliate who promotes a capture page with HotLeads enabled, and leads register their emails on this page, will receive the commission. It’s important to remember that HotLeads guarantees a commission in cases where the Cookie hasn’t been identified, such as in anonymous tabs, access on different browsers or devices. This is one more level of security for the Affiliate’s commission allocation. 

By Global Affiliation

Global affiliation is a system that allocates commissions to affiliates that, by sending traffic to a creator – and this creator has more than one product on their sales website – receive an amount for the sales, regardless of which product is purchased by the buyer. 

In order for the Global affiliation to work, the product has to belong to the same creator and the Affiliate Program has to be enabled. Remembering that the Global affiliation is a system rule and it cannot be enabled or disabled, and it allocates commissions based on cookies and leads. 

By Sales History

Commissioning by Sales History is one more way to ensure that affiliates will receive commissions by lead referral. It’s possible to use tracking in cases where the affiliate’s code isn’t identified in a sale and it works in parallel to commissioning tracking via Cookies and HotLeads.

Commissioning by Sales History works as follows: a buyer purchases a product through the creator’s HotLink and the affiliate’s participation in this sale isn’t found, via either Cookies or HotLeads

In this case, the Sales History is checked if the buyer has attempted to purchase from this same creator, with the following status: Cancelled, Started, Payment Slip Printed, Approved or Completed

If this is confirmed, the buyer is associated with the Affiliate, if it is within the affiliate Cookie’s duration. 

By coupon

An Affiliate can receive commissions through a coupon. The creator comes up with a coupon, which is exclusive for the affiliate, who in turn promotes this coupon to their audience. 

The commission is allocated to the Hotmart affiliate through the tracking of this coupon and, if a sale is made, the commission is allocated.  

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Receive commissions as a Hotmart affiliat promoting through Sparkle!

Sparkle is Hotmart’s community application, where you can also create strategies to promote digital products, promotions, discussion groups and unlimited content. 

For Hotmart affiliates, the app is a great way of getting closer to their target audience and better promoting the products to which they are affiliated. 

By creating a profile with images and promotion links of the product to which they are affiliated, if the leads are impacted through Sparkle and they complete the purchase of the product through this link, affiliates obtain a priority in the attribution of commissions. 

In other words, if two affiliates impact the same lead, but one of them was impacted through Hotmart Sparkle, this one will be commissioned and the other one won’t. 

Now that you know the commission attribution rules of Hotmart’s Affiliate Program, you can promote your products certain that you’ll receive the sales commission.

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